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County balks at funding Crosstown-Parkway roundabout

There are several options under consideration to make improvements to the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Road in Peachtree City.

But without a firm one selected by the Peachtree City Council, the Fayette County Commission decided to wait a bit on whether it will fund the project through remaining proceeds from the county’s 2003 transportation sales tax.

The most radical option would turn the intersection into a two-lane roundabout, at an estimated cost of $685,000. Another significant change would add a host of turn lanes and a traffic light, the latter of which is not supported in the least by the City Council, and the cost of which is tabbed at $1.2 million.

Commissioner Lee Hearn was critical of the fact that the project was eligible for $444,000 in grant funding that was withdrawn later because the project never progressed.

“As tight and as hard as funds are to come by, we don’t need to let $444,000 slip through our fingers on that,” Hearn said.

Hearn asked about the potential the city could get the project re-funded by a grant, and Haddix replied that the outlook wasn’t good.

Hearn also said he wanted to see the breakdown of the cost estimates because he was concerned that the overall cost “sounded high” based on his experience.

Commissioner Robert Horgan also was critical of the project since the intersection only develops traffic problems two times a day, adding that the project is “a lot of money” to resolve the issues.

Horgan said he could support the addition of right hand turn lanes, but he also wanted input from the Peachtree City Council on how it wanted to handle the matter.

“I don’t want to make the decision,” Horgan said.

The county paid $25,000 to accomplish a study of options for the intersection, with the money coming from the transportation SPLOST.

Commissioner Steve Brown, the former mayor of Peachtree City, said he drives the area frequently in the mornings and thinks that turn lanes won’t solve the traffic backups.

Commissioner Allen McCarty said he particularly does not favor roundabouts as he has found them difficult to navigate.

The commission took no action on the project, and will be awaiting a decision from the city council. Meanwhile at its retreat this weekend, the commission will get an update on how much SPLOST money is available for such projects.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Isn't Government great? The mindset is "We let $444,000 slip through our fingers." Hey, I have an idea. The intersection is fine. Leave it alone. Don't need a big$$$$ fix for something that is not broken.

I don't know what my share of the $444,000 or the $1.2million is, but I would rather keep it and deal with the 4-way stop sign twice a month. My God, what is wrong with these people?

Live free or die!

TinCan's picture

Several days ago, during rush hour, I pulled out of Crosstown Court going east on Crosstown. I was immediately stopped by a line of traffic that went up to the stop sign. Within two minutes I was through the intersection. Even without the extra lane most drivers steer to the left or right which keeps traffic moving. Don't know which is a bigger boondoggle in waiting, this intersection or the "gateway bridge".

Now that I see that Planterra residents are cutting through my neighborhod I think we need "speed bumps" all around that intersection.

It may not change your mind anyway but the desired improvement to Crosstown and Peachtree is for two reasons:

One: The money may be available now and not later.
Two: Eventually much traffic from TDK extension into Crosstown will flood it when the road to Coweta is opened!

It is mostly a long-term plan.

Can't really build road any other way.

You may not remember the fiasco when the Interstates were built in the 50s and 60s in all directions across the USA.

Every congressman got an exit by their business at home! Many Motel chains, etc. And of course influential people!

TinCan's picture

If the TDK extension comes to pass, you're absolutely right (whew, never thought I'd be typing those words). However I wouldn't bet on that one, and in the meantime there is really not a big problem at the intersection. I guess if you "important" and just can't waste a couple of minutes of your time it's an issue. Re. your item one... aren't we now begging for county money to change it? What's more. the "gateway" bridge is a bigger joke. I guess on the plus side they can use it to drop grenades on fleeing criminals.

Just got my council agenda e-mail and both items are on it. Sheesh.

Bonk? You talkin to me?

It is not a bad problem right now, but that is not the point, is it?

The money we ask for from the county is supplied state or federal money to the county. It will be spent somewhere! We don't have it in our pocket this moment but if we did it would already be spent! I suppose most of it came from gas taxes.

What the conserves ought to be doing is asking for a reduction in gas taxes, not saying "don't spend it!" On the other hand, it should be used to repair infrastructure, maybe not for new roads right now!

I'm afraid we don't all get the whole picture listening to politicians who tell only their side! Some research must be done to know what is really going on.

TinCan's picture

Yep, talking to you. I find it easier to type Bonk rather than the half dozen identies you've used on here over the past year. That plus the fact that I can't remember all of them. If you really want to fake us out you should develop different writing styles with each new ID. Glad to see you've dumped the hillbilly dialect though.

Since I already agreed with you that it will be a problem if the extension goes in and the 3000 or so houses are built on the other end. However I'm guessing the extension won't happen, well at least shouldn't, so the intersection becomes a moot point.

OK, don't take it--Clayton County will---it must be spent, it has been allotted!
You won't get your share back---you didn't send it! Someone else did! Or some fee, or SPLOST.

You see, Georgia won't tax their people and do anything---the feds have to do that so that conserves here can get elected! They never vote for a tax!

TinCan's picture

If you haven't seen it yet today's AJC has a picture of the traffic overload at the Crosstown / Pkwy intersection. There are three (3) cars total at the intersection. They do appear to be struggling to get through. Don't know why PCPD wasn't there directing traffic.

Just remember, the twentyone thousand tax dollars this council just wasted on this "new" study based on almost 4 year old traffic information must be more accurate than the photo you saw today.
When you see the three thousand dollar a page (yup, all 7 pages) report, you will be bowled over with gratitude that this intersection will be spiffed up with no less than 4 (count them, FOUR) spanking new pedestrian crossing signals and......sidewalks to nowhere. And who would want to keep those ugly berms and trees and setbacks there now? Certainly not the drivers in those 3 cars.

I thought this wasteful idea left town with Steve Brown. It took forever to kill it at Walt Banks Road and N. Peachtree Parkway but we finally did. Memo to city council.
WE DON"T NEED A MILLION DOLLAR ROUNDABOUT ANYWHERE IN THIS CITY. A million dollars to replace 4 stop signs. Unbelievable!

But we hate all of them stop signs and speed bumps!

Also, stop signs turn off visitors! Roundabouts impress! (and cart bridges). Makes our houses worth more (some day).

All things have reasons for happening.

"City Council and Mayor Not Only Balk and Say No In Historic 5-0 Vote,

but also apologize to taxpayers for waste of city engineer time, city management time and 21 thousand dollar needless expense for the most flawed report in recent history. All based on an obsolete traffic study from 2007, which was done in anticipation of TDK Blvd. extension that has a snowball's chance of happening in the next 3-5 years. Further,Council reiterated what we all know, that the city portion (20% of total?) of ANY improvements at this intersection would have to come out of city money not budgeted for yet. Finally, the most profound statement made by this 14 month old Council...if it ain't broke, don't fix it, if you can't afford it, don't spend it, and we are all in 100% agreement on saying no to this item."

Postscript to the above headline in The Citizen---"EMT's had to be summoned to City Hall chambers and to multiple residences that were tuned in to live podccast of meeting to perform resuscitation efforts on various apoplectic residents. Happily, all survived this shocking Council announcement."

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Except the 5-0 vote of course. I can see the three ladies doing this and Haddix and Doug digging in their heels for yet another 3-2.

Live free or die!

the turn left from Northbound Parkway onto Crosstown backs up in morning for less than an hour. When I see 10-12-15 cars waiting to turn, I go straight down to McIntosh Trail and turn left past the amphitheater. Might not save any time, but keeps you moving and does not waste gas.

The ONLY trouble spot is from Crosstown in the afternoon 4-5:30 pm... WIDEN IT SO THAT A CAR CAN GET BY ON THE RIGHT of traffic stopping at the stop sign. Maybe 33% of the cars idling in that line are turning right at the Yield sign to go South on Parkway.

The cost of a couple of minutes being $400K- $600K or a Million, is WASTEFUL spending.

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