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Fayette Commission retreat has fireworks potential

The annual retreat for the Fayette County Commission will be this Friday and Saturday, starting at 8:30 a.m. each day.

The agenda is wide-ranging, including a host of presentations from the finance department, discussions on transportation projects and remaining transportation SPLOST funding, and an update on the county’s Lake McIntosh reservoir project.

Also on the agenda is an update on negotiations between the county and municipalities on a new intergovernmental agreement for operating the emergency 911 center.

Another topic of note will kick off the festivities with a bang, as Commissioner Steve Brown wants to address what is being phrased on the agenda as “the chairman’s role.”

Brown took great issue with Chairman Herb Frady at the Jan. 27 meeting after Frady would not allow him to address the West Fayetteville Bypass during a portion of the meeting reserved for “reports.”

After a motion from Brown to add the item to the agenda failed on a 2-2 tie, Brown voiced objection over the continual gavel-banging of Frady, who threatened to have him removed from the meeting if he didn’t get back “in order.”

Brown is slated to speak about the bypass at the upcoming regular meeting of the commission Thursday night, according to the published agenda of the meeting.



This is a like a WWE commercial.

An announcement about a workshop where 40% of the article is about Commissioner Brown of the county and Herb Frady, the Chairman.

Is this a sly way of saying let's stir up some stuff?

All that meeting needs to discuss is how are we to cut 10-15% out of our budget for next year!

There won't be much if any from federal or state budgets!
It is a lack of diligence on the elected officials to ignore this!

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