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One dead, one injured in wreck at Hwy. 74/Aberdeen Pkwy.

Update: 5 p.m., Feb. 9 — Preliminary information supplied by the Peachtree City Police Dept. indicates that an East Point man, 37-year-old Thomas McGhee, was killed in the traffic accident that occurred Wednesday at approximately 8:10 a.m. at the intersection of Ga. Highway 74 and Aberdeen Parkway.

Department spokesperson Mark Brown said McGhee at the time of the accident was traveling southbound on Ga. Highway 74. McGhee was pronounced dead at the scene, Brown said.

Brown said 38-year-old Michelle Lewis, of Forest Park, was transported to Atlanta Medical Center and is listed in stable condition. Lewis was traveling southbound in her vehicle at the time of the accident, Brown said.

Additional preliminary information pertaining to the accident indicated that two other vehicles were somehow involved. Brown said that, at the time of the accident, 52-year-old Tyrone resident Arthur Davison was traveling southbound on Hwy. 74 and was preparing to turn left onto Aberdeen Parkway.

Brown said 40-year-old Dawsonville resident Gene Samples was also traveling northbound on Hwy. 74.

The ongoing investigation is being conducted by the department’s Community Response Team, who specializes in collision reconstruction, said Brown.

Reports of very lengthy traffic back-ups by area residents continued through much of the day as law enforcement officers and others worked to continue the investigation.


Update: 4:30 p.m. - Very preliminary information supplied by Peachtree City Police indicate that three or more vehicles were involved in the Thursday morning crash at Aberdeen Parkway and Ga. Highway 74. It is believed that one person died as a result of the crash.

Additional details are expected later today.

Information is not yet available on a Thursday morning wreck in Peachtree City on Ga. Highway 74 at Aberdeen Parkway involving a truck and two vehicles. The traffic accident effectively shut down northbound and southbound traffic on Hwy. 74 for several hours.



Can we get an update? I understand that one person is deceased, another badly injured.

What intersection was that at?

Hwy 74 and Aberdeen Pkwy.

Hwy 74 and Aberdeen Pkwy.

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I went by about 9:30 and the cars were demolished and even the large truck was destroyed. Must have been some speed involved. Looked like someone was making a left turn out of Aberdeen Parkway and got hit by the southbound truck.

Never make left hand turns unless you have a light helping you. Avoiding those left hand turns adds about 2 minutes to your trip and keeps you out of accidents. Even if you just turn right and make a u-turn at the first median cut, you are safer and can see better and can reaact more quickly.

Live free or die!

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Very common motorist mistake----- to cut across one direction of traffic and then take the other direction in the opposite direction. Morgan is right--- finding the nearest light costs you several minutes. It is horrendously dangerous to stop in the median cut waiting (apparently in this case) before proceeding southbound. If you have room (example--- Dixieland on 85) where there is more than a car length in the median cut---fine you can sit there. Otherwise there is a chance your number will come up just like it did today. It is tragic.

I was told by local business owner who was there that two bodies were pulled out of the wreckage and one lady was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims in this horrible accident. How many people will have to die at that intersection before it is changed?

I agree with Robert. I go out of my way to find a light to cross busy intersections. It saves lives. Prayers with he family.

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Truck traveling northbound crossed median and struck car head on. No one turning left.

Now a big truck crossed the median!
two dead, now one dead.
Need a light there--light was not the problem. etc.

What is wrong with saing: "bad looking wreck, ambulances taking people away, no detailed facts yet by police?"

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Trust me, if I post something it is a fact.

Two people died in a wreck there last year. The solution is not more lights. Left turns out of Westpark at this location plus the other two locations ought to be outlawed. You can use Aberdeen Parkway to get to 54 and eventually 74.


You know how stupid drivers are. they will turn anyway. Thats why 911 was established. For the stupid

Wonder if anyone got a ticket or any updates. You hear about these things & then no one follows up with info.

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It just doesn’t make any sense. But then again, a lot of things in this world don’t make sense to me.


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