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Fayette, Coweta schools to hold classes Tuesday

Schools in Fayette and Coweta counties will be open Tuesday. Fayette County has, however, cancelled all after-school and extracurricular activities due to the threat of impending weather.

Fayette County School System spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach on Monday afternoon said plans call for Fayette schools to be open Tuesday.

“Based on the weather information we have we’re planning to have school on Tuesday,” Berry-Dreisbach. “The winter weather is expected to come into the area on Tuesday evening after schools ends.”

Berry-Dreisbach said the school system is in constant contact with Fayette EMA, adding that the school system will err on the side of caution if weather conditions change prior to Tuesday morning.

“We’re sensitive to parents and employees needing to know (about closures) as soon as possible,” said Berry-Dreisbach.

Unless preempted due to changing conditions, the school system will meet again with emergency management officials Tuesday morning.

Coweta County School System spokesman Dean Jackson on Monday afternoon said the Coweta County School System will continue to monitor weather reports and conditions in our county through tonight and tomorrow. There has been no decision made to close or delay schools, based on all information available at this time.

"In the event of Coweta County School System weather-related closings or delays, information will be shared with students, parents and the community through the school system website at, through the local and Atlanta media outlets and through the school system's automated calling system," Jackson said.

While both school systems will be open Tuesday, there some question to be determined later if classes will be held Wednesday or Thursday due to the expected arrival of the winter storm.

The Citizen will report on the closures if or when they are announced.



Guess they didn't learn from what happened last time. Remember parents, better safe than sorry.

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Freezing rain or sleet as the sun goes down. Hopefully the kids will be home from school early. Workers and commuters in Atlanta and north better pay attention. Real Estate Agents, beware! Please stay within Fayette County on Wednesday.

Live free or die!

Dr. Barrow can pretty much guarantee he'll be run out of town if a failure like that happens again (especially when it happens just 2 weeks later).
As of right now, I agree with the decision to hold school tomorrow.

Minton says rain will begin Monday afternoon and evening with temperatures above freezing, but overnight it will turn into a combination of rain, sleet and snow, which is expected to last into Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. She said to get prepared on Monday to not leave where you are for several days.

Releasing the kids early from school last time turned out to be an epic fail.

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They would probably be fine's Wednesday that looks like bad news. Obviously, they aren't going to take another PR hit like the last Snownado, except from parents who reply on ATL schools to be their day-care centers and those people will be griping.

I learned many years ago to do as a parent what I thought best for my kids. I agree school should be open tomorrow, but like two weeks ago mine would have stayed at home. This is another example of people waiting on the government to help them. Come on people use some common sense, if ice is coming down don't leave your house unless it is an emergency. Be prepared, layered clothes, hoodie, carry along a heavy coat, and me there is always a sleeping bag and several bottles of water in the truck. If I must leave as I did last time and pick up one of my unprepared friends I carry a box of cereal and several packs of Lance crackers. I may be cool but not cold, my belly will be full and I will be hydrated. The trip to help a friend was all of 8 miles away, but I prepared for an all nighter, just in case. Stay warm, dry and safe, and Davidsmom please do not comment

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