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New PTC light may get 'free' solar panel

When it comes to Peachtree City projects, the word “free” isn’t often bandied about.

In this case, however, Peachtree City could be saving $16,000 if the Georgia Department of Transportation is able to pitch in with some help.

The $16,000 represents the cost it would take for utility companies to route a power line to the location of a brand-new flashing yellow caution light that will be built at the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex on Ga. Highway 74 south.

But there is a possibility that the DOT will be able to provide a solar panel accessory for the light that will negate the need to spend the $16,000 in utility costs, City Manager Nikki Vrana told the City Council last week.

Yes, go ahead and say it. For free.

“Wow,” said Councilmember Kim Learnard.

“Outstanding,” added Mayor Don Haddix.

The flashing light is being added at the request of council due to concerns that the highway widening to four lanes will significantly increase the potential for a serious auto crash. City staff have noted that many of the cars leaving BSC go northbound on Ga. Highway 74, and to do so they will have to “shoot across” the two southbound lanes which will have traffic going at high speed.

Council wanted DOT permission to install a full signal at the intersection, but those requests have been rebuffed in large part due to the lack of traffic volume at the intersection.



Mayor & Council, speak up and tell us the cost to install the light. The cost to maintain the light. Where are the funds for this install coming from and the upkeep costs?

No one cares about a flashing yellow light. The idiots ignore it. Dont waste the 16000 on this. Save up for a real stop light. Yes the same dumb bells will run it also but most will stop.

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Yet another gridlocking light on 74. Just like the one at Ardenlee, Crosstown, Dogwood, and Milam didn't eliminate accidents, this one won't either. Reduce them? Sure. But people who think a light will prevent someone from being killed are simply foolish.

The best solution is simply to make cars exiting the BSC turn right only- southbound on 74. That also wouldn't solve someone pulling out in front of another car, but it will cost a lot less and involve interrupting only one direction of traffic- slightly safer proposition. The reason this suggestion will be dismissed is simply that it's inconvenient to force everyone to turn south only. Build it and they will come. If you increase lanes of travel on a road that has heavy traffic, the best way to take a step back is to gridlock it with lights. See also: Riverdale, Fayetteville, Jonesboro.

Lets take the police officer that sits in the turn lane on hwy 74 where the speed goes from 40 to 50 and is running his or her radar and have him or her direct traffic at the end of soccer games. Problem solved no light needed. No additional funding required.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

You have got to be kidding---direct traffic where needed! Siberia.

I have a great feeling of well-being, knowing that he is parked there every Sunday, keeping me safe from people driving over 40mph on a divided 6 lane highway. The best part is the free lecture he gives that you dare to drive at that unsafe speed... on a divided 6 lane highway.

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