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PTC loses $518K grant for gateway bridge

The price tag for Peachtree City’s proposed “gateway” cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West has become even more expensive. The city has lost a $518,000 grant for the project, so an estimated $1.5 million is needed for the project to become a reality.

That news was broken to the Fayette County Commission last week, as city officials made their pitch for the project to be funded by the county. Specifically, the city wants the funds to come from the “countywide” revenues from the 2003 transportation sales tax.

City Engineer David Borkowski noted that the grant funding was withdrawn due to a lack of progress on the project. The project has been stalled for several reasons, including the highway widening several years ago, a lack of funding and also stormwater design issues that had to be addressed.

According to city data, the bridge would serve 1,376 single family homes and 399 apartments in the area, providing a connection between a cart path along MacDuff Parkway and the Shoppes at the Village Piazza shopping center, in addition to the Line Creek Nature Area.

The area is already served by the new cart path bridge spanning the CSX railroad tracks, which provides access to both sides of Hwy. 54. The proposed “gateway” path bridge would allow for a more direct connection between the shopping center and nearby residents, Borkowski said.

Currently, residents using the cart path to travel from MacDuff Parkway have to go about a mile each way using the CSX bridge to reach the shopping center, Borkowski noted.

Some people are instead taking the shortest distance and crossing Hwy 54 to reach the shopping center, he added.

The city also provided data from a recent survey of cart path use in the area, as a study on a recent Friday and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. tallied 259 people using the cart path bridge over the railroad tracks, 131 users at the Huddleston path tunnel underneath that bridge and 20 people crossing the highway at Hwy. 54 and MacDuff Parkway.

New County Commissioner Steve Brown, a former Peachtree City Mayor, indicated he very much favored the gateway bridge project, in large part because it will encourage residents to shop here.

“One thing that makes us very special is that we do things very differently,” Brown said, pointing to occasions when about 50 golf carts are parked at the city’s Walmart. “... The value you get from putting in path infrastructure is amazing and one thing we need to recognize is that corridor ... is the premiere shopping area in all of Fayette County.”

Brown also referred to the new shopping center being developed just across the border in Coweta County which features a Sam’s Club and a nearly-completed movie theater.

Brown said he knows of out-of-town shoppers who will rent a golf cart in Peachtree City to go shopping here.

“We’ve got to start thinking about what makes us special, what brings money in and what brings people into our town and makes them spend money,” Brown said.

Brown noted that spending in Peachtree City is important to the county because sales tax revenue is distributed throughout the entire county, meaning that Fayette County government’s coffers will benefit from additional shopping dollars spent in the city.

The commission took no vote on the funding request, but is expected to make a decision at an upcoming meeting.

It was a Brown-led City Council in June 2002 that purchased the 5.1 acre tract upon which the northern portion of the bridge would land. At the time, city officials said they were purchasing the land for $840,000 in large part to prevent a proposed gas station/convenience store concept that was floated for the site, which was zoned for residential development.

There was also talk of also making a portion of the site a passive recreation area, officials said at the time of the purchase.

The land purchase was criticized by former mayor Bob Lenox, who argued that council should have debated the land purchase in public instead of buying the land “before the public even knew anything about it.”



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Or maybe the Logic O Meter.

"Brown said he knows of out-of-town shoppers who will rent a golf cart in Peachtree City to go shopping here."

Really, Mr. Brown. Really?

And at the end of the article a bonus - a reminder of how we wasted $840,000 buying the land on one side of the bridge to nowhere.
Edited after a call from a city employee:
It actually costs much more than $840,000 since the purchase was financed at 8% interest over 15 years which means the actual cost to the taxpayers is about $1.5 million. Thanks Steve. Cool move.

Live free or die!

That is true about the rental.

All both of them happened last year, I think.

Ah, we need al of the 1-2,ooo,ooo dollar bridges we can build! I even see a cart on some of them once in a while. (except for the one on 74 going North toward Kedron!)

I still think we should have developers build these bridges and the cart paths.

birdman's picture

Brown wanting his gateway bridge. This bridge to nowhere has been on the docket for years. It is a total waste of money. Brown has pushed since his first day as Mayor to build it. When they bought the property, they announced it the day before, discussed it, held public discussion, and voted to buy it in about 1 hour. And this is the guy who is going after the other three commissioners for bad fiscal management. Then it turned out the property wasn't right for a bridge. Didn't have enough space for a ramp up it. Brown tried to blame our former City Attorney and file a malpractice suit, but it turned out the record showed that the City Attorney had actually pointed this out. Boy did that make Brown's blood boil.
Anyway, bridges are expensive to build and maintain. It is totally unneeded. And does anyone really think that building this will encourage golf cart rental? What an idiot.
Oh well, going to be a really REALLY LONG four years.

Perhaps this would alleviate the cart traffic on MACDUFF Pkwy from Camden Apartments.

Ellis-Dee's picture

Could'nt they just drive their cars?...On the roads that already exist?

if its got tits or wheels its gonna give ya trouble!!

will be ok, but it will have a Gas Cart Detection Device (GCDD) installed at each end and once a gas cart passes, it will not be allowed to return!
Now this will open up the opportunity for another Taxi Co. so all those stranded with their Gas carts will have a way to get home!

You mean there is a regulation (in Fayette?) about how many taxi companies can be here?
When were the democrats ever in office here?

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When did we buy that land? I ask, because that is almost the same amount of money that the city says that we SAVED by firing the 27 employees and outsourcing the landscaping. The city has never looked this shabby since they were let go. (Just my opinion)

mudcat's picture

Looks like a camping trip to me, but he won't be taking his computer I think.
But I can answer the $840,000 question. It was 2003 and it was pushed through rather quietly by Brown and was a real bad idea. I think they bought the land on the northside of 54 without buying the land on the southside which was pretty stupid.

The actual reason for the purchase was to prevent the landowner from developing a convenience store. I may be wrong, but I think Mike Hyde was involved.

I think birdman is a better historian than I. Maybe he will pitch in here.

I think we should allow someone in the private sector to install a "ferry" there instead of an expensive bridge!

One dollar fee each way would pay for the thing soon.
It would be strung between telephone poles,, one for just people, one for golf carts and people, powered by large pulleys, ropes, and manual labor.
(not Manuel Labore)
It would operate 12 hours a day. Then it would need to be greased and inspected for rope frizzing, etc.

I have seen those in the movies across rivers.

birdman's picture

and there was very little public notice of the purchase. Interesting since Brown is on a tirade with Hearn, Horgan, and Frady regarding public notice of major purchases. But I digress. I wrote a post on this link lower in the "post column." As I remember it, and I was at the meeting, it was surprisingly presented, although I think it was publicly posted a day or so before. But it caught most of us off guard. The real intent was, as you said, to stop development. Brown's plan was to use city funds to buy as much property as possible to stop any development along the corridor. This at at time when our city coffers were running dry. They proposed the purchase, discussed the purchase, opened it for public input, and voted and passed it in about 1 hour at a regularly scheduled meeting. Legal? Sure. But in the spirit of "openness and public input" that Brown likes to tout, not much there.
Anyway, they used discretionary funds to buy the property for something like $1.2 million after interest payments over 14 years or so (I think around $80,000 per year for 14 years). But they never actually budgeted the money. It did run the discretionary funds dangerously low with still a considerable amount of the fiscal year remaining. About $170,000 per acre plus interest. Not bad (for the seller). And this didn't occur with any cuts to the city budget. In fact Brown actually gave pay raises, benefit increases, and hired an assistant city manager, and some other positions, all during times that the economy was down and citizens were taking massive pay cuts, especially Delta. But again, I digress.
But the fun part (and this wasn't publicized but related by individuals present), apparently Brown found out that the property would not support a run up to the bridge. He had a vendetta out for the City Attorney, so he wanted to file malpractice charges against him for not advising them of this issue. Turns out that the former City Attorney DID point that out and it was in the minutes of the session where they talked about this purchase. Brown was irate that he couldn't file the lawsuit against the City Attorney.
Another ironic aspect was that at the time the "bridge to nowhere" was slated to connect Wynmeade and Line Creek. Not a lot of demand for a golf cart bridge in this area. But, they NEVER bought the property on the other side. Brown also justified the purchase by saying he wanted to build a tot park for Wynmeade. Didn't seem too smart to build a park that abutted a major highway and exit point. A little to easy for an accident, or some kid being grabbed on the way out of town. But you know Steve, he's an expert on everything, including city planning.
Anyway, thankfully the bridge was never built (nor any park). I think the land is sitting there idle. Too bad we lost the money, but we DO NOT NEED that bridge.

mudcat's picture

I had forgotten the part about the city attorney. I always thought he deliberately sandbagged Brown on that, but of course you can't slip one by the smartest person in the room, can you?

Speaking of malpractice, Spending over $1 million on something worthless is governmental malpractice and we should be able to sue the 3 that voted for it to get our money back. Or maybe Haddix or Imker can take that on as a crusade. Names are Brown, Rapson and Weed - the BRAWN gang - remember that?

birdman's picture

is indelibly etched into my memory. But then again do you remember BUM: Brown Unfit Mayor? Oh the simple joys of the past. I must admit they did add some ironic humor to our meager lives. Remember Murray Weed being angry at his opponents for "stealing" his re-election signs? The slogan was "Win With Weed". He just couldn't fathom the idea that high schoolers and college kids saw a "different" meaning to the slogan and were putting them in their rooms. Poor Murray "I'm an attorney" Weed just never got it. They also wondered why the "Speed Hump" signs were stolen from Golfview. LOL!
I called Rapson out in the paper once and he actually called me at home to ask me not to write letters to the editor without clearing them with him first. I told him to stop saying and doing such stupid stuff and I wouldn't have anything to write. He didn't get it either.
Yeah, those were the days, the DARK days.

mudcat's picture

BUM - Brown Unfit Mayor. Hubby still has one of those T-shirts- sweated through and has some holes, but looks great on him. John DuFresne had some real courage back then and still does being active duty in the sandbox. Can you imagine the brown clown in the military? Rapson was actually a Marine. Don't know about Weed. "Win with Weed" Are you kidding? I don't remember that.

Then he dissed the late Tom Farr, of all people, then went on to disfigure the Friends of Tom poster they delivered after the 200+ people rally they had outside city hall. That's what made him unpopular with the city employees. Or maybe it was the baby sitting scandal. Or maybe it was the expensive redecoration of the mayor's office. Or the spat with Lindsey (city attorney). Or maybe it was the illegal construction moratorium at his first meeting. Or maybe it was firing Jim Basinger. Or Jim Williams. Or maybe just being a brown clown.

Thank God that he is gone. All he can do now is provide comedy on the county commission.

birdman's picture

memory lane. I didn't hear about his disfiguring of the Friends of Tom Farr poster. What a scum! You know after he canned Jim Williams, Jim became city engineer for Fairburn. Needless to say they were certainly "informed" of our "Savior the Mayor." May have some impact of the whole freeway on ramp issue.
The thing I loved about the whole baby sitting ethics violation was how Brown filed an official complaint against himself then demanded a full Ethics Board hearing. City attorney, $175 per hour, City staff $$ overtime, Use of City Hall after hours, $$ for electrics, etc. Brown's 45 minute rant and dissertation, PRICELESS. Don't know if you were there, but he attacked many people including Lenox, Carol Fritz, and others. When he made an outrageous statement about Carol, she demanded an opportunity to respond. The Ethics board immediately notified all that only those on the witness list could speak. Guess who made up the entire witness list? Yeah, only 2 people. Steve Brown, accused and Steve Brown, prosecutor. So he used his time to publicly attack and denigrate a number of our citizens. And this is the guy who wined about the big 3 commissioners not allowing him to speak. What a hypocrite.
And then there was the time that Brown went after Jim Basinger because Basinger's wife was "sitting by Lenox' wife" during Rapson's ethics hearing. Basinger told Brown he was nuts because his wife wasn't even there. But Brown insisted he saw her and berated him in front of City employees. Turned out that someone else (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) was sitting with Lenox' wife. When Brown found out he simply huffed out. No apology to anyone.
Remember the Dog Park? Brown stated that the Rotary Club had agreed to keep it clean. The VP of the Rotary Club stood up at the meeting and said "no way." Brown insisted he had talked to the Pres. of the Club and they would clean it. The VP then made it very clear that that was not the case and under no circumstances would the Rotary Club be cleaning dog poop at the "Weed Memorial Dog Park."
Gosh those meetings were entertaining! Long, expensive, but you can't write comedy like that.
Guess I need to start attending Commission meetings.

mudcat's picture

Brown ordered that all photos of previous mayors be removed. Of course he only cared about removing the one of Lenox but was told that would be inappropriate, so instead he dissed all of those fine men who have served our city by taking down their photos in city hall. Notice I said "served" not "ruled". And then he managed not only to draw 6 opponents in the election that would have been his second term, but all the previous mayors (who were all alive and all lived here in the city) came out against him in a "anybody but Brown" movement.

I think this was the beginning of the trouble with Lindsey.

"all of those fine men!"


Mayors have that power, don't they---office decoration--why didn't the council put them up in their offices?

Is there a picture of Lenox Disney Square at 54/74?

What trouble with Lindsey? I remember he used to run the introductions and hang flags at the Amphitheater! Got them a lot of business, I suppose.

I thought he owned the place!

mudcat's picture

The public area where council meets. They are there now. They have been there since the building was built - except for the 2 or 3 weeks Brown took them down.

NUK_1's picture

I think it started when Webb-Stuckey-Lindsey sued Steve Brown and The Citizen for libel before Brown ever ran for any office:

If I recall, this lawsuit was later dropped after everyone got lawyers and prepared to defend themselves against the suit. I believe Brown said he was out about 30K or so over it.

mudcat's picture

Monroe Roark, of all people. Brings back the good old days. I do remember some of that. I hope Webb changed his mind about being a bank director. Not a good thing to be right now.

Funny that something so mild could cause a libel suit. It is certainly irritating to hear Brown pontificate, but compared to what he and others say nowadays - that was small potatoes. And it was good to see Dan "the man" Tenant speaking up for his little buddy.

I remember that lawsuit...citizen Steve Brown opined in a letter to the editor that then-city attorney Jimmy Webb would have a conflict of interest if he accepted a directorship with the Bank of Georgia, and Webb Lindsey blew a collective gasket, suing Brown, Cal Beverly and the Citizen.

Rick Lindsey nattered on about the need to protect his "excellent reputation"...

Ironically, a few short years later Lindsey was given the legal equivalent of a thundering bitchslap across the face when the "special master" they brought in ruled that Lindsey's legal slight-of-hand (slipping verbiage into legal documents which was the exact opposite of what the PTC council asked for) was unprofessional and one step short of legal sanction by the Georgia Bar.

MajorMike's picture

You must be one of those old senior citizens for your (accurate) recollections to go that far back.

Jim Webb was not out of line for that bank directorship for the simple reason that he has/had a boat load of money in that bank. A goodly portion was inherited but that is another story. Webb did not exactly "go away" after his fall from grace and surfaced during the last campaign using neighbors to spread lies and venom. He got caught in it too.

I always thought a lot of Rick Lindsey (because he is an adoptive parent)until he fell in with Webb and that crowd. Note that Susan Brown of Judge Johnny Caldwell fame started her legal career at that law firm.

Happy hump day.

mudcat's picture

Don't ya think that he may have thought about the potential conflict when he was asked to join the board of that bank? He sure knew about the PCDC and Rosetti lawsuits and he had an entire office full of attorneys to ask about potential conflicts and I guess none popped up so he went ahead and joined the board. So what? Is he going to discuss lawsuits during a monthly bank board meeting? Even if Black or Rosetti were dumb enough to approach him at a board meeting (and they are not stupid either) Webb would just say - as he has many times "I can't discuss that right now, have your attorney call me."

I think it would be a different matter if Webb were an elected official - like mayor, but he was not. As an attorney for the city (or defendant) he probably played golf or had drinks with the plaintiff's attorney on occasion. I see a conflict there, but apparently no one else does since it is a daily occurrence.

So he goes ahead and joins the bank board and a nobody like Brown calls him out? Sure he sued. Naming Cal and the newspaper was overreaching, but it probably made everyone more cautious for a little while. Obviously the caution period has expired.

birdman's picture

actually there would be a lot of debate as to when this whole thing started. It is true that Webb filed a suit against Brown and the Citizen. It was finally withdrawn to the great gloating of Brown. But truthfully a libel suit is hard to win. But the history of Brown is that he moved here around 1996 and decided that he was well more educated, experienced, innovative, intelligent, etc. than ANYONE ELSE. That only he could save us from the corruption and horrible life we were living in PTC. He set his sights on the Mayorship and used a couple of big button items to run on. But his first opponent was not Gary Rower, but Fred Wellman. Then 9/11 hit and Fred went back onto active duty and dropped out. Obviously he couldn't run so Gary Rower ran. But when Brown won he made a point to eliminate all the former city workers. He forced out Williams, Basinger, and everyone else who worked for previous Mayors. He began an unbelievable vendetta against Lindsey. He and Weed actually announced at a meeting, in public, for the record, that Lindsey could not be trusted. Now here is a longtime resident who does business as an attorney in PTC having the mayor announce he is untrustworthy. So when we had issues like Ethics violations, Brown would not allow Lindsey to represent the City (his responsibility), but hired an attorney at the urging of Weed (also an attorney, leading to potential conflict) to work for $175 per hour as an advisor, even though the city was also paying the city attorney. Good use of taxpayer
Then Brown hired a special prosecutor who Weed also recommended (another colleague) at the low....low cost of a mere $50,000. The prosecutor found NO VIOLATIONS WHATSOEVER. Boy, somebody got their money's worth (I'm thinking Weeds law firm).
But the real bottom line with Brown, and this still holds true today, is that he is very VERY good at allegations, accusations, guilt by association. But he has never, NEVER not even ONCE filed charges against anyone for anything, nor proven any allegations, nor provided ANY evidence of such.
So, just like I have "pointed out" the relationship between Weed and outside hired attorneys, and given the relationship between Brown and Weed, how do we know that Brown didn't get some kind of "kick back" from Weed's law firm for sending them tens of thousands of city funds? How do we know that Brown wasn't getting some form of payment for silently, behind the scenes, during an annexation moratorium, negotiating the annexation of Wieland's property behind Wal Mart? Why else would the "anti-annexation" candidate work so hard, without telling anyone, to negotiate an annexation? And why didn't he have the moratorium lifted so city officials could participate? And why didn't he include the City Council? What was in it for him? Hmm....if it walks like a duck.....and quacks like a duck.....hmmm.
Maybe it's Brown who should really be investigated. And why is it HE demands to be our representative to the talks regarding the I-85 interchange? Does he own property that could be involved? Does he have a friend or associate that could benefit? And what about the bridge? Why has he so aggressively pushed a bridge that no one wanted? And why is he pushing it now? Could it be something to do with land ownership? Or an agreement with the local businesses to get the bridge built?
Again, maybe HE should be the one investigated. After all, we know he is more than willing to violate Ethics Laws.

NUK_1's picture

I don't know how many times I have read this utter fabrication here and it's simply BS, yet it keeps getting repeated over and over and over.

Totally NOT a fan whatsoever of Brown, but he didn't fire Jim Williams as Williams left on his own for a big promotion to City Manager of Fairburn. Is that clear now?
If there is any doubt, why don't you go ask Jim Williams himself about it?

mudcat's picture

He did resign to become city manager of Fairburn. But he did this after Brown fired Nancy Faulkner and Jim Basinger. Brown then told Williams he would not be considered for PTC city manager and made it clear that there was a new sheriff in town. Then Nancy Faulkner wound up being city clerk in Fairburn, during which time she sued Brown and PTC for some discrimination thing. Nancy knew there would be a new city manager in Fairburn and Williams was by far the most qualified candidate.

So yes NUK, he did resign, but he was also being pushed out just like the other 2. And if you want to ask Williams something, ask why he would not consider applying for the now open PTC city manager job. It is an entertaining, laced with profanity, funny, funny response.

Speaking of repeating things that are false - Brown did not run against Bob Lenox and defeat him. Lenox would have beaten him like a drum. Instead, Brown's main opponent for an open seat was Gary Rower and Delta pilot. Very low turnout in that election. Very bad results too.

NUK_1's picture

Brown didn't have anything to do with Faulkner resigning/leaving as that was when Lenox was Mayor and Basinger was still city manager :) No lawsuits...the City and Faulkner negotiated a deal.

Now I understand the hatred!

mudcat's picture

Yes I think Brown sees himself as a clique-buster. Since a clique is by definition a group of like-minded people being somewhat exclusive (a great definition of Peachtree City, BTW) that would make Brown's actions as mayor a kind of wealth-envy - tearing down the walls of the castle, so to speak. Can't see how that's helpful unless he and others want the city to get off it's pedestal and be like every other suburb of Atlanta. Maybe that is the way unsuccessful and unproductive people look at things.

I think that is it. Every time Brown or other success-envy politicians or individuals rail about the "old guard" or "good old boys" I'm going to chalk that up to their own insecurities and their inability to make something of themselves in one of the most forgiving business and cultural environments in the entire country. I'll use the term "Immature loser" as shortcut code.

Never liked the term, "like-minded."

Sounds too Orwellian!

Also, promotes polarization of one against another.

A group can not always be right on every subject! Will not listen.

Click---I never liked them thar franch wurds! clique--sounds like a franch girdle snap!

mudcat's picture

You are Bonkers and the constant critique of anything and everything is tiring. Get a life or get a set of principles or maybe even a point once in a while.

It seems that you have no interest in events other than maybe the "driving Club," or anti-bellum BS. (which is dead at the moment).

I think maybe I "contribute" more here about real problems than you can even imagine.

I would love to bust some of the "clicks" you discuss!

What do you mean "Tom Farr, of all people?" Didn't he approve the illegal Tennis Center millions while on it's board? I knew Tom fairly well also, but he screwed up. A very nice cordial gentleman however.

That board was a real "click."

I will hereby make up for you a lot of false positive blurbs only writing about the good stuff, which of course is the norm and expected, and not say a thing about faults or improvements (negative)!

Our wonderful deficit of the USA has done so much good over the years ilizing ever since Ronnie started it and Georgie added more wonderful happenings utilizing debt--a wonderful thing---no one could own a house without it.

Dropping by the Fayette food pantry and finding that the shelves were empty can only mean that numerous hungry people have now been fed well and aren't in danger of starving. And just think of all of those rich people who gave them thousands to fill the shelves to start with! How lucky can we be to have such generous people who aren't always complaining about stupid dumb poor people who won't work at non-available jobs for $7 per hour.

Just think about 150 years ago black people were slaves mostly but they were happy and sang all of the time.
Now a black man is President of the United States of America, and a brilliant one at that, who handles all problems in ways that make all happy. He is Superman---runs like an atomic clock all of the time---on the East Coast yesterday, West Coast today, and probably Asia or Africa Tomorrow. Just full of energy helping us.
Don't even know where Crawford, TX or Maine or Houston is!
Doesn't own a cigar boat nor parachute jump. Has a wonderful cabinet and hasn't started one war in two years.

I always thought pilot's unions were the most ridiculous thing (at exorbitant salaries, mostly) but yesterday I learned that that is a wonderful thing--it can actually break an airline over the years which is a good thing. Keeps them on their toes. Also, yesterday I learned that school teachers, the instructors of our children in readin, ritin, and rithmatic, the basic 3 r's, can actually strike from work and not teach and still get paid for being sick of it all! Wonderful news. The darn fool state of Wisconsin bargained themselves into oblivion over the years with huge teacher's salaries (which means the bosses get 3-times that much) and magnificent pensions which they aren't going to ever be able to pay.
The kids are glad to be at home playing in the snow and with temporary baby-sitters--just wonderful.
The Police and Firemen are going to see what good they can get next. Best of luck to their endeavors!

I simply couldn't think of anything snippy to say to you today, so I think I will go to the driving club today in the old anti-belle club and wonder what the poor are doing today!
Will have magnificent Prawns with garlic, Pheasant under glass, and Napoleon brandy between nines!
Everything is so grand with everything and everybody!

TinCan's picture

Why did you have to poke the anthill with a stick? Just look what you unleashed below with that post.

What do people like her discuss at tea parties, wonder how the poor and ignorant are eating just cake?
Or maybe "Brown."

I don't need a set of rules or specific principles--never changing--or a stupid political party, or a hero, or a "click," to "get a life!"

Sometimes people like Ronnie Reagan were right and sometimes they weren't.
George Bush 1 & 2
President Barack Obama
King Solomon
Bill O'Reilly
Sean Hannity
Bob Dole
Nancy Pelosi
Leader Reid
and Mud!

There are those who go out of their way to always be wrong:

Sarah Palin
Bishop Long
Glen Beck

Frankly, the moron is not worth the time of day.

Moronic, stupid, idiot---words used by some who use such short-sighted tactics to avoid agreeing with truthful comments.
These kind of people are convinced that the only way they can have friends or avoid criticism is to write-off everyone who can understand both sides of matters when either one is correct.

There is no way that something in the current administration isn't worthy of support. There are more there than Obama!
However I do understand your fear of retribution from others like you who wouldn't dare take the chance and say out-loud: The George Bush administration has set this country back 25 years at least and made many people suffer unnecessarily!

It is OK to say that school teachers, policemen and firemen shouldn't strike and refuse to work! They get paid as much as the taxpayers will pay!
On the other hand, these same people can be praised when they do their job well.

Try to judge for a change each proposition rather than always take the party "line!"

highflyer2's picture

If there was a "special tax" just in Peachtree City to fund the bridge? I think it's unfair to have the whole county pay for something that just PTC would benefit from. Maybe it could be part of their property taxes?

You don't understand where this money comes from! It is either federal or regional money and is split up among those in the region as to their needs!
It comes from SPLOST taxes mostly.

birdman's picture

I am pretty sure that the money for this bridge was LCI money. I believe it came from the Federal Govt. a long time ago. But it only supplied a portion of the money. I don't believe that this bridge was ever SPLOST money. Back when Brown was mayor there was considerable discussion regarding the "bridge to nowhere." Most of us considered it an unworthy cost. Even with the LCI money it was still going to be very expensive to the City plus the upkeep over the years is very high. Witness the upkeep for the bridge over hwy 54 near Partners Pizza. Around the time that this bridge was being discussed the repair bill for the existing bridge was quite high.
Brown always wanted his "gateway " bridge. None of us could actually figure out why. We half-jokingly figured Steve assumed it would be named the "Steve Brown Bridge." Most of us were glad when he was kicked out of office before the bridge was built. I, for one, am glad the project has died. When Brown was Mayor he used to always point out that if we didn't build the bridge we would lose the LCI money. Well, I, as U.S. Taxpayer, am happy that we don't build an unnecessary project simply to spend money or lose it. The money will be turned back and hopefully used for a more necessary project. But "fiscally responsible" Brown kept pushing and pushing to spend the money before we lose it. Problem, in addition to wasteful Federal spending, was that our portion was going to be in the hundreds of thousands.
So the failure to build the bridge was actually an odd success of the Logsdon administration. Funny how things work out.

highflyer2's picture

and my bush hog can't make it across.........IT REALLY DOESN'T DO ME ANY GOOD.
Do they make bush hogs for golf carts????

It is still money that is not from Peachtree City. This country needs to stop taking money from one individual to pay another. However I must say if you have a true disability and can not fend for yourself we should help. I will donate the first $10 as long as that is where it will go.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

It is federal tax money. I think PTC pays taxes!

You just don't get it do ya, hence the problem with spending. What federal tax does PTC pay. Please tell me. I eagerly await your answer.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

You may not pay your federal income tax and ss tax, I do.

You made my point. Peachtree City does not pay federal taxes you and I do. Why should a federal taxpayer in Kansas pay for my bridge in Peachtree City. Glad to see you are coming around to correct thinking.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

You said the money was NOT from PTC!

Asa fuzzy as you think please be careful walking.

Admit you are wrong and forget it.

Here is your post

"it is federal tax money. I think PTC pays taxes!"

PTC does not pay federal taxes its citizens do.

enough said

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

and see how many out of County tags are there...most all of them running/jogging/walking on the cart paths. We even have to direct them to try and park out of the way during City Court hours.

All that said, a tunnel when they were widening the road a few years back would have been the ones they put on each side of the railroad tracks and the one that is at Paschal and 74 South.


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