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Dr. Jeremiah Wright to speak at Olivet Church this Sunday

Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Emeritus, Trinity Unity Church of Christ in Chicago, will be the guest speaker at The Olivet Church for its Annual Heritage Sunday, Feb. 16. Worship begins at 8 and 11 a.m.

The Olivet Church was founded in 1991 and is located in the heart of North Fayetteville, 877 Ga. Hwy. 314 North between Ga. Hwy. 138 and Ga. Hwy. 85.

Servant/pastor/teacher is Dr. William Holmes Robinson.

Contact The Olivet Church via or call the office, 770-460-6656.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

So cool the Obama's 20-year idol is coming here. How cool is that?

Zowie. A home run for Fayette County.
God D**m America.

Live free or die!

Can't believe that this God Dxxx person is coming to Fayette County. Is someone from The Citizen going to hear him speak? If so, make sure you wear your 'African or Vintage Attire' as stated on the church's website.

Last I checked, the "African or Vintage Attire" of The Citizen staff is at the dry cleaners. Twas dropped off this afternoon. Mine, well, I got mine in yesterday. However, with the upcoming Fayette ice palace express coming thru, I got an email about an hour ago and seems none of ours will be cleaned and pressed till at least Monday now.

Alas, none of us would even think of showing up nekked or in soiled "African or Vintage Attire", so we shall forgo this way less than monumental occasion. Actually, I think our Vegas charter leaves Friday with Cy's boss esposa on board, too. Wanna join us? Robert W. Morgan is going to be our sole flight attendant, he just doesn't know it yet. The Citizen staff are going along as our tour guides extraordinaire. They will publish a special Citizen edition about what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas when we all get back. On second thought, probably not. Our esteemed publisher has agreed to let the "have your say" motto at the top of the page be altered to "have your play" for a few days and really allow what goes on in Vegas...well, we all know the rest.

darrylwd's picture

Who wants to join me in welcoming the racist pastor to our wonderful community? I think I just may print some wonderful signs to say hello to our favorite man of the cloth. Good grief !

G35 Dude's picture

Welcoming Mr. G.D. Wright to Fayette with a few signs to let him know how we feel sounds like a good idea to me!!!! Notice that I will not call him Reverend, Pastor, etc as a real man of God would never utter those words under any circumstances.

PTC Observer's picture

Are you going to hear his "sermon"?

I'll be in attendance at my own church. Hope you, Rush and Glen enjoy the picket line. Geez. We are hitting a new low.

PTC Observer's picture

What do you mean? It was a yes or no question.

I answered your question. Are you joining those who care to restrict free speech/freedom of religion? Some religious leaders in this country have done worse than criticize actions by stating GD. They have sanctioned burning churches. Not all interpreted Rev Wrights sermon as some here did. If they listened to the entire sermon and not the Fox version they may have formed a different conclusion, maybe not. Words are often comprehended based on the listeners perspective. All Americans do not view 'history' from the same perspective. A 'low' Is reached when educated Americans have difficulty understanding this and often adopt a 'my way or the highway' attitude.

PTC Observer's picture

Touchy don't you think?

Just a question, it would seem that by your explicit support for Mr. Obama you just might have decided to go. You answered my question, but it seems to have touched a nerve. Now I wonder why you don't support Rev. Wright and go hear his sermon.

Care to tell us why you don't?

You have made up your mind to what my answer may be. Like many here, I have a commitment to my own church congregation this Sunday. Did you go hear Herman Cain? Did you go hear MLK when he spoke in Georgia? Did you go tune into Rush Limbaugh? No need to answer, because most people reading this, including me, don't really care. That's the beauty of freedom of choice. Stay warm! 60 degrees on the way!

secret squirrel's picture

Too bad we can't get Bush's coke dealer to come speak at McIntosh. The Citizen could sponsor it as a seminar in marketing, sales, and supply-chain integration.

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