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Historic ice storm hits Coweta-Fayette EMC service area

Palmetto, Ga. Feb. 12, 2014 — Coweta-Fayette EMC line crews are working around the clock to restore power to around 12,000 cooperative members in Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, Fulton, Heard, Meriwether, Spalding and Troup Counties affected by freezing rain, ice and winds from the winter storm.

According to cooperative officials, linemen responded to the first outages before daybreak Wednesday morning. While crews outside worked diligently to restore power as quickly and as safely as possible, many other employees worked indoors, answering phones and responding to member inquiries and concerns.

“We anticipated a significant weather event, and Mother Nature certainly delivered,” said EMC CEO Anthony “Tony” Sinclair. “We want to thank all of our members for their exceptional patience and understanding during this storm and the resulting outages. We have the best linemen in the business, and they are working non-stop to get power restored.”

Coweta-Fayette utilized a variety of contingency plans to address problems associated with this significant weather event, from mobilizing employees and contract crews to preparing trucks with emergency equipment.

For additional support, three two-man lineman crews and four four-man right-of-way crews from around the state, as well as three five-man lineman crews from Indiana, were called in to assist.

Consumers should contact Coweta-Fayette at 770-502-0226 to report power outages. Up-to-date outage information and storm tips may be obtained through the EMC's Facebook and Twitter pages or on the website Storm Center at

Coweta-Fayette EMC is consumer-owned cooperative providing electricity and related services to over 74,000 member accounts in Coweta, Fayette, Heard, South Fulton, Clayton, Spalding, Troup and Meriwether Counties.


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Well it's been 48 hours for us in Fayetteville. There's a twenty foot section of pole hanging over the road in front of my house on Ebenezer Church Road, and nothing from EMC yet. A dangerous situation and yet the road is not closed. My patience is wearing thin.

Marcus Valdes
Fayetteville, GA

electric company?

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Coweta-Fayette EMC. Yesterday, the Fayette County crew cut the tree off of the line. What they didn't think about was that I was several hundred yards away in my yard. When the tree came off of the line, the portion of the pole that was hanging acted as a large counterweight. The lines that were on the ground flew up into the air with LOTS of energy. If I had been 10 feet closer to them, I probably wouldn't be typing this right now. Lots of dangerous situations with these downed lines.

Marcus Valdes
Fayetteville, GA

if you haven't already. (I hope this is ok with Cal) The Newnan online paper (google it, if you are not familiar with it) has a story titled, "Ice gone, but...". Not that it will give you power back sooner, but it outlines issues they are facing.
Here is a screenshot of their Facebook page:

I noticed when this all started, and Citizen blogger ps0kmm was kind enough to post the link to, that there were many more outages in Coweta than Fayette. Now, it looks like it has evened out more, with about 50-50 in each county. EMC is showing Fayette with 1805 customers out, and Coweta with 1993 out. About 5% of their customers in each county. I see two areas on Ebenezer Church Rd. with 11 to 100 out at each location. Maybe they have to keep the peace and make sure both counties are addressed equally. If you read the article, it gives you an idea of what they are faced with. Sounds like they hope to have you and others up no later than tomorrow. Do you have heat? Hot water? We have gas for both. For this Valentine's Day, I send you a big hug.

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I don't mean to sound unappreciative. I know the crews are working at capacity. I think the utilities need to look at a web based way for customers to report outages, report special needs (eg. elderly, medical patients, etc), report dangerous situations, see where crews are, and get estimates for repair times. With satellite tracking of trucks, company databases, and internet mapping I'm sure all of this is possible and would not cost that much to implement. The main concern at my location is the hanging pole. Hundreds of pounds dangling over a fairly busy county road is risky to say the least. They had the road closed and for some inexplicable reason, reopened it. I did just get a phone call saying they were on the way!

Hats off also to the fire and police crews. I was listening to the dispatch frequency for Fayette County during the storm (I used to volunteer with them) and they were as busy as I've ever heard them with transformer fires, downed wires, accidents, and the usual medical patients. We are blessed in this county with Emergency Services that are second to none.

Marcus Valdes
Fayetteville, GA

on the way to you. Yes, we do have wonderful public servants and volunteers and faith based help in Fayette.

Now, if we can just get you some underground utilities....:) Take care.

Where the telephone pole is being replaced. Big job, 2 bucket trucks working and the broken off pole is still in the ground.


core, however, the rest of me is a struggle sometimes.

Thanks have a great V-Day, too!

Yeah it would be loud, but you could power some things...

Just saw them in Peachtree City

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