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Driver unhurt after detour into the swamp

A Fayette County deputy sheriff assists a woman whose car went off the road into a swampy area next to Hood Avenue Tuesday morning. She said she veered off the roadway, over-corrected and ran off the steep embankment on the north side of the road into the wetlands. Passers-by waited with the woman, who was unharmed, and directed traffic until police and rescue personnel arrived. Photo/Ben Nelms.


Either texting or on the internet!! Way to go!! BTW,I am glad she wasn't hurt!


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Most "over-corrective" jerking of the steering wheel results in rollover crashes and death, especially with young drivers. Don't know her age but glad she survived this.

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According to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2009, there were 16,265 fatal roadway departure crashes resulting in 18,087 fatalities, which was 53 percent of the fatal crashes in the United States.

Last month a young man ran off Brooks Woolsey Road overcorrected and rolled his car and ended up demolishing a rail fence. One of the three occupants, one was thrown out of the vehicle. They were all very lucky.

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I am disappointed not to see any coverage & reporting by the Citizen of the Stormwater Town Hall Meeting on Feb 13th. I found the Pat Cooper article in that other paper lacking & poorly written. Would also like to see some comments from commissioners on future actions: LIKE REPEAL OF THE ORDINANCE establishing the tax for property owners in unincorporated Fayette County. They have already wasted many dollars in postal fees and administrative efforts on this issue. Want to know why existing SPLOST dollars can't be reallocated to current needs projects as the Legislature has authorized County commissions to do.

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AHG-There were about 60-80 people... I would say it was standing room only but there wasn't.. it was packed with people even outside trying to listen.

The "speakers" that gave presentations pretty much told us what we already knew.. There IS a problem that needs to be fixed. Mr. Chase told us creeks are drying up...and alluded it was due to development..but I would maybe think it was the drought...but what the heck do I know...

Here are some of the issues that were brought up:

1. A 6 person bureaucracy was developed separate from the County Government other departments to oversee the issue.

<cite>Why? Why did they create a separate committee? Wasn't there enough County Government personnel that could have handled this instead of creating, hiring, running and funding a whole new department?</cite>

2. The total collected IF everyone paid would be $615,000.00.

<cite>We were told this is a $15 Million dollar problem... Now I don't know about you but $600k is not $15 Million... Additionally with the salaries, funding and "other" expenses from the Stormwater board coming out of the the "NEW TAXES" then even the $600k is reduced to somewhere around or below $300k... So the only thing they can do is increase the tax this June by 200% or more just to get enough funds to start the project. If you noted PTC just up theirs 137%... There is no Cap on this tax either</cite>.

3. The Tax was setup with no real data..

<cite> Basically they used Google Earth to look at property... They made dirt roads impervious.. new sod as impervious... tents with dirt floors as impervious... You get the picture. Taxes ranged from $20.00 to over $2,000.00 it appears they applied the tax with no rhyme or reason. Additionally Google Earth is in some cases 2 years old or older... so using this as their yardstick is hardly current.</cite>

4. Exemptions are in place:

<cite> Yep... you can get an exemption, however, again this is not standard. There were people who have designed their property to catch stormwater and return the water to their property so no "damage" to streams is being done... but they are paying the tax. They where told to get a "Rain Barrel" and they would be exempt.??? So is the Tax for repair of the Storm Sewer system or is it for pollution to streams???</cite>

5. 66% of the County has already paid the Tax..

<cite> They wanted to use that stat as a hammer that said it was approved by MOST of the County so we were the MINORITY...BUT... they had no data on how many of the 66% paid the bill thinking it was a Water bill, nor did they have any stats on people that paid the bill because of the THREAT of a lien on their property if they did not pay. So we sort of blew that one out too. </cite>

So here we are.. Right now the Tax is on hold. We have two more meetings to discuss the issue.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

None of what you wrote surprises me. What frosts my pistachios is (unless I misread) that the Road Dept of Public Works has a stated function of Stormwater Infrastructure Repair and last year, that same Road Dept had a budget of Four million, two hundred one thousand, five hundred seventy three DOLLARS---so just how much of that went to stormwater infrastructure repair? Who knows? Now the new Stormwater Dept of Public Utilities had a 2012 budget of $329,845.00----was that just for salaries? Again, who knows? And here's a good queston: What does the Stormwater System in unincorporated FC consist of and where is it? How can I be a user of a system that doesn't exist? Is it that one piece of Corrugated Steel Pipe under my driveway entrance (that I suspect is right-of-way property anyway? Whatever water ever enters that pipe never enters my property and never flows into a stream anywhere! Whatever Stormwater falls on my property STAYS HERE!Question: Can elevation be determined from GoogleEarth? I doubt it has that capability and even if so, would require the svcs of a skilled Imagery Interpreter. I don't question the need for infrastructure repair--just like anything else that deteriorates over time. But that's why you plan and budget for those repairs!And another thing--"get a rain barrel'? You mean a mosquito breed farm? prefer to have the rain from my roof feed the aquifer for my well!

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Is a good description of the Tax... and the way it was implemented.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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