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Community should support Gathering Place

Peachtree City’s website stresses that it is a “planned community” and people are encouraged to “plan to stay.” After all, Peachtree City has been voted one of the “Ten Top Places in the Nation to Retire.”

Right now, if you are an older adult in Peachtree City, you might not agree that the city stands behind all that.

The main recreational facility for older adults, The Gathering Place, is overcrowded and it is only expected to get more crowded because of the rise in the senior population.

The city recognized that need in 2007 when it allowed a question for expansion to be placed on the November ballot. It was defeated by a narrow margin.

Plans have been reviewed and revised and there is a new option that will allow an expansion of the Gathering Place for a one-time tax increase of $35 for an average household.

Our City Council has put that question on their annual survey which is available only during the month of February.

Please let the city know that you support this expansion. The seniors in our community need a place to meet and engage in activities designed for them. Families also use the facility for party and event rentals, for civic group meetings and for weekend classes.

We should support the expansion of this recreational facility for all citizens. We are all a part of this community.

If you have not completed a survey, please do so today. The survey is available online at the Peachtree City website or on paper at City Hall, the library and the Gathering Place. It can be returned to any of those sites.

One can complete the entire survey or part #1 General Information and then part #6 Leisure Services if they only want to express their opinion on those issues. We, the seniors, need your help.

Bonnie Mullikin

Peachtree City, Ga.



It all adds up.

to pay for your expatiations of a fine and dandy retirement.

All things being equal, my kids come before you. Hell, my kids come before me.

That the retired among us don't have a place to play bingo isn't my fault.

I'll be dammed if I won't dive into a financial hole for my kids before I support you.

Perhaps it’s time for those that still contribute to the current tax system to consider their children before themselves.

If and when I ever reach a time to retire I'll make damn sure that my kids never have to pay for it.

I'm sure they won't--don't worry!

TinCan's picture

I'll have to admit that I agree with you about the Gathering place, but following your logic I guess I need a rebate of the school taxes I've paid in Fayette county over the last 22+ years. Since I only had a child in school here for two year I think I've overpaid. I do get a kick out of the generally prevailing idea that if taxes go for me it's fine and to hell with everyone else.

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This is the essential problem with government's role as a social planning tool. It should not be the role of government to provide services for the few (special interests) at the expense of the many.

Government should get out of the education business, they have failed. They continue to fail and throwing more money at it will not change these results.

The only role for government should be the protection of our life, liberty, and property. Central to this idea is to protect us from the power of the government itself. For this limited role, I would gladly pay even more than I pay today.

They have those kind of schools in much of Africa, Haiti, and numerous other small places.

Voluntary attendance.

They produce ability to write name and count to 10 only.

They also were places of punishment in the old days in the USA!

I apologize for practically duplicating you comment to GYM. I hadn't seen yours until now.

Bad, got a hot flash for you--you may retire but your kids never disappear, regardless of whether it's physically or financially, they'll be around in some capacity. Re the place where retirees gather to to play bingo or whatever--since I don't live there, no effect on me either way. I've been retired more than 10 yrs and my wife and I seem to be able to amuse ourselves without such a facility. Perhaps the fact that we're not very social makes it easier.

Sounds as if something doesn't directly benefit you, you don't want it for others who need it also.

You must be against just about everything!

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How many seniors are part of our community?

How many seniors actually use the gathering place?

How many voters use the gathering place out of how many total voters?

The answer to these questions will allow us to fill out Mayor Haddox's no political risk survey.

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