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Name Withheld clueless on cops

I read with interest Mr. Name Withheld’s comments regarding his perceived “softness” of the Peachtree City Police Department. Early on in Mr. Withheld’s diatribe it became painfully evident that he has no clue when it comes to police work.

This past year I was fortunate to have participated in the Peachtree City Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy. I learned (and witnessed) first-hand the challenges and issues facing our policemen (and women) as they perform their duties each and every minute of every day.

There are special challenges in every police jurisdiction and Peachtree City has many of their own. One of those challenges is for police officers to exercise restraint in situations that may prove dangerous to innocent bystanders whether in the middle of the day or late in the evening.

Mr. Withheld seems to be privy to an awful lot of information concerning the instances cited in his letter. He appears to have the inside scoop as to why a police chase was curtailed in the middle of the night. After all, everybody knows that only criminals and policemen are out in the middle of the night.

Name wonders why a suspect on foot was not apprehended when escaping through the woods. Well, Name, give me a 30-second head start and I’d drop you, in or out of the woods, like a rock and I’m 68 years old.

And I am sure, Mr. Withheld, that the police officers publicly admitted to you that they refused to pursue a drunken suspect on foot who had stolen a car because they feared for their lives.

Name, you’ve been watching too much TV. An officer’s responsibility is to protect lives and property and not to put them in jeopardy. Each of the situations cited in your letter is riddled with hearsay and does not reflect one shred of common sense or proof.

Apparently you have been a recent victim of local “police harassment.” You broke the law and had to pay the price (for a tinted window). Well, thank you, Mr. Policeman for enforcing the law, as trivial as Mr. Withheld feels it is.

I won’t waste any more time on your ridiculous allegations, Mr. Withheld, except to say: get a life, obey the law, and respect the people who put their lives on the line every day so that the lifestyle you enjoy in Peachtree City is preserved and protected.

Oh, by the way, Name Withheld, my name is

Roy Robison

Peachtree City, Ga.



Perception is everything when responding to issues related to law enforcement. This is true whether you are a citizen or the law enforcement officer. Certainly things have changed, some for the better since I began my career in law enforcement 35 years ago. The world is more chaotic and aggressive and any response by law enforcement has to be gauged by the immediate threat involved at that given moment. Often times you cannot "second guess" your decision for appropriate action because, unlike TV you cannot rewrite the script just in time for production. And like Mr. Robison indicated, criticism of the actions of officers who dedicate their lives to protecting & serving the public, is usually the result of an undesirable incident having occurred with the police and the person lodging the criticism. It is so easy to criticize but not so easy to step into the shoes of any police officer on any given night in any given situation. I have since retired from the profession that I refer to as a "calling" much like the calling to serve your country. We all need to respect the law and those who dedicate their lives to uphold it and defend us against those who do not.

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