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Bonnell plans Newnan expansion

Bonnell Aluminum has long provided a business presence in Newnan. And now the company is set to expand its operations by investing $17 million to add an aluminum extrusion line to serve the automotive and light truck industries.

Bonnell Marketing Manager Guy Charpentier said the company will be investing $17 million over the next 12 months to fund an expansion project that will include the purchase of a new state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion line dedicated to serve the growing demand from automotive and light truck original equipment manufacturers. The designated site for this expansion project will be the company’s manufacturing facility in Newnan. Charpentier said the planned startup is early 2014.

“We know automotive and light truck manufacturers are facing more stringent fuel-efficiency requirements imposed by recently revised CAFE Standards,” said Bonnell Director of Sales and Marketing Ira Endres. “New fleets must be capable of meeting 54.5 miles per gallon in efficiency by 2025. In order to meet this requirement, in addition to powertrain enhancements, automobile manufacturers are also looking at reducing the overall weight of their vehicles. Aluminum extrusions have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among all materials and offer almost endless design flexibility characteristics to engineers who are challenged to push their ingenuity to meet new and ever stringent standards.”

According to Ducker Worldwide LLC, demand for extrusions in automotive applications is expected to increase at an annual rate beyond the forecasted Gross National Product. As a consequence, the aluminum extrusion industry needs additional qualified manufacturers capable of meeting automotive quality requirements.

“We are on schedule to complete our certification in the second quarter of 2013,” added Endres. “With that, our company will be very well positioned to become a strategic supplier to these manufacturers. We have it all - technical skills, design and engineering support, capacity and company size. And with Tredegar as our parent corporation, we also have the financial strength and backing to successfully grow our position in the automotive market. We are very excited about the future.”

Bonnell Aluminum is a company with deep roots in Georgia,” said Ga. Department of Economic Development Commissioner Chris Cummiskey. “We congratulate them on their success, and are delighted to see their continued expansion and investment in Newnan. Georgia’s skilled workforce, superior logistics infrastructure and pro-business climate create an environment for growth for Georgia manufacturers.”

Coweta County Development Authority Chairman Terry Daviston agreed, saying the announcement is great news for Newnan and Coweta County, adding that Bonnell is a great company and a great corporate citizen in Coweta County.

“The City of Newnan is proud and excited that Bonnell Aluminum, a well-respected and enduring corporate citizen, has elected to enhance its investment in the community. Bonnell’s sixty year history as a leading manufacturer has provided countless Newnanites with employment opportunities and their recent announcement reinforces that confidence and commitment for future generations,” said Newnan Mayor Keith Brady.

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