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Making way for Walgreens on one PTC corner, while . . .

A fixture on the southwest corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway for many years, Ruby Tuesday restaurant is being demolished to make way for a Walgreens drugstore three times the size of the eatery. Local resident Mary Giles saw this Feb. 16 and notified Peachtree City Public Information Officer Betsy Tyler, who shot the photo and made it available to The Citizen. While one building is being gutted to make way for another . . .



I still say this is better than if the Lutheran Church was the one being Steve Brown's way.

I have nothing against "Walgreen's" or any healthy competition in regards to commerce but do we really need another drug store right next door to a "Rite Aid" drug store? And I don't mean in "the area of" another drug store. I mean right smack dab adjoining properties to each other. Peachtree City COULD use another restaurant in that area. How did the Walgreen's choose this location and why?

Most of us think it's stupid, but it is what it is. See my comment below for more thoughts.

I guess there are some very important people in town who feel that the restrictive barriers and "cart path closed signs" do not apply to them, just to save themselves a few minutes in detouring. Moving the barriers and signs just for you. You just can't fix stupid.

but I saw no logical reason for the path to be closed off. Plenty of room on the backside of the property for carts to pass through.

I did not move them either spyglass but I agree with you. I just thought it was another way for PTC to create revenue from the G rides that went around them , IE ticket time. I will still not go around them. The little man on the Big Motorcycle is watching and waiting to spring LOL.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

This really cuts down on their access & makes it really hard to go N. on the Parkway crossing 2 lanes of traffic. Southbound Parkway has to merge out to make the right hand turn. The cart detour I guess would take you up by MickeyD's thru the tunnel, back west to the conference center, under the bridge & back up.

That's what Walgreens paid for the lot in 2008. I'm amazed at how badly they wanted to be on this corner.

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Walgreens is on my bad list. I will never go into that store and I hope all you who oppose the RT teardown will boycott it as well.

Live free or die!

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Rite Aid is bleeding money and not long for this world. Their stores suck in comparison to CVS or Wal-Green's and they are dying as a chain, burdened by way too much debt and inability to compete.

The landowner sold the property at a nice price to Walgreens....good for him and good for Walgreens that wanted to be in PTC. He decided that he'd rather sell the property and make serious $$$ than have RT paying rent on it.

No worries...that Rite Aid store will be gone soon enough and people will no longer wonder about why there are two drug stores right next to each other.

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sadly correct on this and we will be stuck with the empty building next to Walgreens.

Didn't know you owned the Rite-Aid building!
It will be a Walgreens parking lot or garden area!

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Looks like a good location for a Krispy Kreme franchise :)

I second that. I've always wished someone would open a Krispy Kreme in our area.

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Anything you can get in Walgreens, you can get in Kroger. No extra trip if ypu combo it with food shopping on Wednesday. Free coffee too.

Yes Rite Aid is on the way out, but they had a chance to sell to Walgreens - which would have saved Ruby Tuesday - but Rite Aid said no. Empty building in less than a year? Probably so but it will make a great restaurant site if and when the economy recovers. Maybe a Morrison's cafeteria style.

Live free or die!

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I remember when it was there and it wasn't a big success. I believe the chain felt that the lack of alcohol sales(which isn't part of Morrison's concept anyway) made the restaurant not profitable enough to bother with.

What I forget is what succeeded Morrison's that was another biz from the Morrison's chain that DID sell alcohol and obviously didn't last long. What restaurant was that?

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or the other way around. Nevertheless, they were both part of the same group. I do think Morrison's was rented to a local operator for about a year, but don't remember who.

Live free or die!

In 1982, Morrison's acquired the 15-unit Ruby Tuesday chain, and used this acquisition as the launching pad for several other restaurants concepts such as L&N Seafood Grill, Silver Spoon Café, Mozzarella's and Tia's Tex-Mex. It also acquired three other food-contract firms. By the mid-1990s, the new restaurant concepts — particularly Ruby Tuesday — were doing far better than the original cafeteria chain. Because of this, Morrison's decided to split the company into three new firms: Morrison's Fresh Cooking, the cafeteria chain; Ruby Tuesday, Inc., which also included the other casual dining concepts; and Morrison Health Care, which took over the food contracts for hospitals (the educational and business contracts had been previously sold to a competitor).
In 1996, Morrison's Fresh Cooking — unable to withstand the loss in popularity of cafeterias in general — sold out to Piccadilly Cafeterias. A large number of the former Morrison's locations outside of Florida and Georgia have since been closed by Piccadilly.

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I will always remember the Morrison's by the Airport and I believe the guitar logo they had there. I had wondered before now what happened to the chain itself.

Has been tried several times. If it is small, only a few locals will eat there mainly due to it being small and the selection will also be small.
Takes a lot of customers to even make a small one pay the bills.

A large one similar to Morrison's or Golden, something or other, requires even more customers at lunch and dinner. The overhead is so high that the meals also cost 20% or more above small diner types.
PTC can not support them. They don't have liquor.

The only lunch crowds in PTC are local offices and they want a drink.
We have no industrial lunch crowds, and what we have want hamburgers and Pizza.

Kroger and the like carry more stuff for cheaper in my book. That said posted the above number because it would blow a few folks mind. They are going to have BIG money in that lot when they are finished.

On another thought, why would the county have the parcel only valued at 1.6 million and change? Walgreens paid 2.2 million for it and they should have been taxed on that FULL amount since Jan 1 of the first full year they owned it. The County left a decent amount of tax monies on the table IMHO. After the teardown etc..they should be taxed on an even HIGHER amount.

Rite-Aid sold and re-sold itself so much that their employees and Druggists and managers got tired of losing their pension investments and have run the stores terribly.

I used them for Rx until it dawned on me that they hardly ever had what I needed or at least some of the medicine---two trips necessary.

That is a dead outfit---can't sell out again for any significant money.

Walgreen's are smart---they know that!

Can't imagine why you prefer Rite-Aid.

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