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Injuries avoided when car crashes into store

No one was injured when a Sharpsburg man accidentally drove through the front door of the Lenscrafters at The Avenue shopping center in Peachtree City early Thursday afternoon, police said.

There were people inside the business at the time, but they escaped injury when the vehicle crashed through the front, police said.

The driver was identified as B.J. Curry, 73, of Sharpsburg. The investigation into the crash is ongoing, police said in a news release late Thursday.



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Glasses in about an hour...Drive on in...

if its got tits or wheels its gonna give ya trouble!!

What is going on at the Avenues? This is what, the third time in roughly a 12 month period a vehicle has been driven through the front of a store in the same shopping center?

Nothing to do with the Avenues.....

I understand that it does not literally have anything to do with the avenues. Its just odd that while no other shopping centers in town have had vehicles driven threw them the avenues has had three?

How do you drive "threw" something..?????????

Playing off the grammar police above. :)

I might need to start reading thing before I hit save.

How many shopping centers do we have that have curbside parking? A few spaces at the remodeled Braelinn Village. A few at Aberdeen (but more difficult to drive straight into the store, due to the design.) So why exactly do you think that this is more likely to happen at The Avenues than elsewhere?

The Avenue, don't you?

Way to go buddy, you were the first person to notice and comment on my grammatical error! Where would you like me to mail your gold star to?

and judging from the rest of your posts here you don't have enough gold stars to give me. Instead of spending your money on gold stars and postage, I suggest you invest in a dictionary. Have a great weekend and go spend some more of your money at The Avenue.

Looks like the grammar police is felling a little testy today. Did you remember to eat a good breakfast this morning?

I rest my case.


Two gold stars for you.

If this guy needs a driver, let's see if we can't get Seabaugh a new job--no move required!


At least he wasn't trying to rob the place.

I've noticed that no one gets a ticket, that I have seen, for not having the vehicle under control and doing property damage!

Are the cops (I mean their supervisors) afraid they will be sued due to so many vehicles "running" away with people due to computers, floor mats, etc."

I thought crossing a white line temporarily got one a ticket! Or a burned out tag bulb.

Find the law that the police should have used to write the citation. There isn't one. The accident happened in a parking lot, not on the road, so the guy didn't do anything illegal.

So, these fellows who drive through the front door and rob the place are only guilty of what they robbed?

You mean I can drive all over parking lots without a license at 55MPH and not get a ticket?

As for the people who drove through the Peachmac, yes. That and the property damage. Can you drive through the parking lot without a license? Yes. Can you do it going 55 mph? Not if a case can be made that you're driving recklessly. Otherwise it's ok.

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Regarding the Peachmac incident... there is a smash and grab law. Also they would be charged with criminal damage to property, which is a felony, because they had INTENT to cause damage.

Drive through a parking lot doing 55mph and I can almost guarantee that you will be going to jail.

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I wonder if the gentleman's automobile insurance carrier will place him into a higher risk or elect to simply drop him?

Back in 2003, an 86 year old plowed his Buick into a crowded street market in Santa Monica, CA. He killed 10 before his Buick finally could no longer keep going. He too had mistaken the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal.

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One of the reasons why I am for mandatory road testing of elderly drivers. I recently had to take the car away from my father because he simply isn't able to drive safely.

It was an accident. He was at fault but did nothing illegal unless you can prove negligence or intent. There will be an accident report filed.. the business can make a claim against the driver, the driver can pay out of pocket, or the business can put it against their insurance.

GA has a specific law for 'smash and grabs'.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

It is indicative of our education system that America suffers from illiteracy in all areas regardless of socio-economic or cultural differences. Not enough emphasis is put on education as it suffers at the hands of governmental control. Our so-called representatives in Washington are doing an abysmal job at best in controlling spending, balancing a budget, creating jobs, protecting our borders and the "blind are literally leading the blind" because our President is not an effective leader.
So, is it any wonder that we expect so little of ourselves when it comes to attempting to express a thought. And with little or no regard to attempting to possess an assemblance of mastering control of the English language.

(Tongue in cheek)
All grammar errors aside, shouldn't we allow everyone to express their view and opinion without fear of ridicule. The fact that they felt compelled to say something at all says a lot.

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Every time a politician uses this phrase he should be fired. It usually means he's up to no good.


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