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3 injured in 2-car collision in PTC

A two-car collision Friday afternoon on Ga. Highway 54 in Peachtree City across from the Publix supermarket resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to all three people traveling in the vehicles.

The Toyota Avalon driven by Peachtree City resident William Brackin, 64, was traveling west on Hwy. 54 at approximately 4:12 p.m. when it collided with a vehicle driven by Peachtree City resident Madelyn Hodgin, 71, at the intersection at Broken Bow Drive near the Publix and CVS stores, according to Sgt. Mitch Howard with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Howard said it is believed that Brackin ran the red light and struck the passenger side of Hodgin’s Toyota Avalon as it crossed the intersection traveling northbound. The impact of the collision pushed Hodgin’s vehicle onto the grass where it came to rest near the CVS monument sign situated a short distance from the roadway.

Peachtree City resident Therese Ocheltree, 76, the passenger in Hodgin’s vehicle, was entrapped and had to be extricated by public safety personnel, Howard said.  

All three individuals in the accident were conscious and alert at the scene and no one sustained life-threatening injuries, Howard said. Hodgin and Brackin were transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital while Ocheltree was transported to Atlanta Medical Center, said Howard.

Charges in the accident pertaining to running the traffic signal are pending, Howard said.

The large number of officers, fire and EMS personnel at the scene was a result of the accident occurring on the county line, Howard said.



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Theres an old joke that goes something like..This 80 yr old man goes into the the doctors office and complains that he can't urinate no matter what he does. Been goin on for days. the Doctors asks "Well,how old are you?" the man replies, ""I'm 80" The doctor goes.."You pee'd enough"
Call me a Ageist or whatever but we need a arbitrary age in which driving privileges are terminated. Be it 70..72 I don't care and I don't care if you are proven to be alert, pass every test..sorry thats it, you are DONE! you have driven enough
I also realize that most infractions and accidents are done buy the younger demographics, esp males. while we are at it raise the driving age as well, say 19...Its good to be da king(who would probably be assassinated or over thrown in a coup lol)

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Here's an interesting ABC news clip about the subject:

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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"Call me a Ageist or whatever but we need a arbitrary age in which driving privileges are terminated. Be it 70..72 I don't care and I don't care if you are proven to be alert, pass every test..sorry thats it, you are DONE!"

I agree with you that we need an arbitrary age to take the keys away. I vote for whatever age you are. Seems arbitrary nuff to me. :) LOL

I've treated injuries for well over a thousand auto accidents cases since the '80's. If you bloggers think for one second that seniors are the group making the roads more dangerous, then you are ignorant. People who follow too closely, text, chat on cell phones, and drink, are the ones to avoid. Next time you are drinking too much, please avoid driving AND stay off the computer. One day your kids might see what idiots you made of yourselves by making light of injured people.

John Giovanelli DC

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whenever we see a tragedy the natural reaction is to take steps to prevent it from happening again with illogical and draconian measures that often make matters worse with unintended consequences.

Regardless of who was at fault in the accident from the article, there are drivers of every age and stripe that need their licenses revoked for various reasons. You should still consider that just as youthful drivers are scrutinized and allowed to drive after being tested due to a lack of experience and maturity, senior citizens should be scrutinized in the same manner due to the natural deterioration of motor skills, reaction time, vision, mobility, flexibility, etc. Someone in your profession should be aware of these factors and their effects on the ability to drive. As an example, just the other day I witnessed an elderly female driver with three elderly passengers pull out into heavy traffic onto a center restricted double-yellow striped zone and freeze while another driver politely stopped traffic to allow them to enter the legal lane. She was so indecisive it was painful to watch and after about 20 seconds of waiting the other driver finally had to continue on to allow traffic to flow. She had clear visibility but just sat and looked in her rearview mirror with a lost look on her face, not turning to check her surroundings and assess the situation. I hope she stops driving soon for everyone's sake. My grandfather chose on his own to stop driving after his third minor accident. If only all seniors would put safety ahead of personal freedom of travel. Many elderly drivers are able to continue driving safely well into their golden years. Many cannot, yet they continue to do drive anyway and they are just as dangerous to themselves and others as anyone making the poor choices you spoke of.

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