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Citizen challenges mayor's treatment of Imker

Peachtree City resident Steve Thaxton had hoped to provoke a response from Mayor Don Haddix at Thursday night’s council meeting.

Thaxton approached the microphone during the public comment portion of the meeting, challenging Haddix to halt his attacks on Councilman Eric Imker.

Thaxton said that Haddix had recently used his state of the city address and letters to the editor to criticize Imker.

“I’m not going to comment on public comment,” Haddix said.

“So there’s no response?” Thaxton replied.

“I’m not allowed to comment on public comment,” Haddix answered.

Councilman George Dienhart asked for clarification on the matter, and City Attorney Ted Meeker, after a few minutes of research, noted that city policy dictates that council will not “engage in dialog” with persons who are making public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

“I just don’t want any misunderstanding of evasion versus sticking with our policy rules,” Haddix said.

Although the dialog during public comment is prohibited by policy, Haddix declined to offer to speak with Thaxton later about the issue. And Thaxton chose not to seek out the mayor for a reply after the meeting had concluded.

The public comment portion of the meeting is considered separate from the normal comments typically allowed from citizens when council is either conducting a public hearing or considering any agenda item.

After the meeting, Thaxton said he felt the city policy would allow Haddix to address his concern, and he was upset that Haddix failed to do so.



mouth shut! Perhaps he IS capable of learning!

Mike King's picture

...In print concerning an embarrassment to the city our esteemed mayor has caused.

Does anyone wonder why it is he doesn't do the city a favor and resign?

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So Mr.Imker can dish it out but Heaven forbid he should have to take any flak himself.

It is becoming increasing evident to me that the entire Council is beyond hope. Haddix continues to demonstrate his inherent lack of leadership and thus his blogs, letters and public antics/comments are no longer surprising. He has become largely ineffective. Imker's public rebukes of the Mayor and Mr Dienhart demonstrate that he too lacks the ability and apparently now the intent to be an effective council member. The chronic backstabbing (that is what this event appears to be, as well as the censure) by the ladies demonstrates how far they have fallen in their ability to be effective leaders. Despite Mr Dienhart's early and highly inappropriate pre-election attacks, he is currently the only example of a suitable council member - although I fear dysfunctionality will infect him in time. Yes, the Mayor should resign, but at this point, there should be at least three to follow. With the exception of Haddix, I voted for all, but I would not do that today with at least three of the four.

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Steve Thaxton-- will do or say anything, no matter how stupid, for his Boss Man Imker.

Sorry - You can not blame this on Imker.
There are plenty of PTC citizens who are sick of what's happening in PTC.

Remember, when a fish stinks it stinks from the head down. Haddix is the mayor so he is the head.

You and others can try to change the conversation, but an ethics charge was filed by a citizen and now an ethics committee will make the final determination.

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