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Take time to respond to PTC service needs survey

This week, 1,200 Peachtree City residents, randomly selected, will receive our letter requesting that they take an on-line survey seeking their opinion on city services and the cost to provide those services.

We ask that if you are one of those households, you take the time to complete this important survey.

In September 2012, Mayor [Don] Haddix formed the Peachtree City Needs Assessment Committee to gather citizen input on the Peachtree City budget.

Made up of city residents who volunteer their time, we’ve been meeting weekly since September, learning the details of how the city is organized, how the city departments and divisions provide services to residents, the sources and amount of all revenue, and the costs to provide these services to residents.

This considerable effort was essential to develop the survey that will help us determine citizen priorities for city services, and for our committee to make a recommendation to the mayor and City Council on the millage rate as they develop the 2014 city budget.

We were fortunate to have a retired statistics professor provide advice to us on the survey methodology process to help us create an objective and comprehensive survey that accurately represents the citizens’ opinions and views on how their city collects and spends their tax dollars.

Once we have tabulated the results of the survey, we will present them to the mayor and City Council at a City Council meeting.

As with all our meetings, anyone can sit in and observe our committee meetings as we continue our work on collecting and analyzing the results, and prepare to present our findings to the mayor and City Council.

We greatly value your participation, and appreciate you taking a few minutes to give the mayor and City Council your input on how your tax dollars are spent.

You can find information about the committee at our website:

Robert S. Black, vice chairman

Peachtree City Needs Assessment Committee

Peachtree City, Ga.


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