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Armed standoff in PTC ends peacefully in arrest

A Peachtree City man surrendered at a home on Grenoble Road Monday afternoon after refusing to respond to officers attempting to serve a warrant for aggravated assault.

No shots were fired and nobody was hurt.

Lance Rashad Brooks is accused of pulling a gun on a acquaintance during an altercation on Feb. 16 after she confronted him about taking her medication.

Brooks, 26, of 110 Grenoble Road, was charged with aggravated assault-firearm and simple battery, according to police reports. Investigators had been searching for Brooks in relation to a Feb. 16 incident where he produced a handgun during an altercation, according to Peachtree City Police spokesman Mark Brown.

Brown said officers on Feb. 18 arrived at Brooks’ residence at 110 Grenoble Road and also went to 117 Grenoble Road in an effort to locate him. Officers found Brooks several doors down at 117 Grenoble Road but he refused to come out of the house.

Brown said the department’s Special Response Team was activated since officers believed someone else was inside the residence. Negotiators after several hours were able to talk Brooks into surrendering, Brown said.

Officers also arrested 31-year-old Holly Lloyd at 117 Grenoble Road on charges of obstruction, Brown said.

In the incident leading up to the confrontation, officers on Feb. 16 were called to a Pacers Walk residence about a theft.

The woman at the residence told officers she believed that Brooks had taken Xanax pills from her home. The woman told officers the medication was not where she left it, though she found it next to the couch where Brooks was sitting and moved it back to her bedroom. Later in the evening the medication went missing again and it was then that she confronted Brooks.

The woman said Brooks pulled up his shirt to reveal a handgun. The two began to wrestle, with Brooks subsequently pulling the gun and placing it against her chest, reports said.

Though he acted as if he would shoot her, the woman said she had known Brooks for several year and did not believe he would shoot her. She said Brooks left her home after the incident but returned later. His return prompted her call to police, according to reports.

Other witnesses present at the residence said that Brooks “got violent” with the victim and confirmed that Brooks had produced a silver handgun with a wooden handle, reports said. A second witness also substantiated what the others had said, though she appeared to be intoxicated, according to reports.

Another officer on Feb. 16 went to Brooks’ Grenoble Road address but was unable to locate him there, reports said.



Things are not looking too rosey in our community. First, we have the issues with the section 8 apartments and now we have an armed standoff in an area of the city that appears to grow more depressed daily.

The problem with PTC is we have old neighborhoods that are no longer considered middle class. These homes are old and do not have potential for rehab. They tend to be rental units because the folks who can afford to buy a house rather get something larger and in better shape. Since you can get a 2000sf home in Coweta for 140K why buy a piece of crap home in PTC for 100k next to drug dealers and section 8 moms.

One of the worst communities seems to be the housing (and commercial) south of 54 and west of Peachtree Parkway off Stevens entry.

less at night but if you do drive by there at night you will see multiple jalopies parked at one house, some cars without tires or parts--something you would see in some of the worst slum areas of downtown. Makes Wynnemede look like luxury living. Just about as bad as our gift from the last Olympics. Why isn't something being done about this? Where is code enforcement?

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Grenoble Rd....Scatterfoot.....some off of Bridlepath....that area has really declined over the years and it doesn't seem to attract too much attention until someone gets arrested over there but it's been bad for a while.

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Sure, the areas you mention have declined over the past few(if not more) years, but strict enforcement of current code standards would certainly help. The Section 8 issue could possibly use a re look on a case by case basis. We certainly don't wish to punish those residents that maintain a sense of decorum despite some of their neighbors. Yes, there are some long time residents who still take pride in their homes.
Perhaps we need to look at levying fines on landlords to clean up the obvious problem sites.
Just my take.

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The answer of course is don't buy a home here - go to the west and buy one there. Then you can drive in, park at city hall and use our running and biking paths for free - but that is another subject.

For PTC, rehab can be one home at a time or an entire neighborhood. Wynnmeade is a perfect example of a place that should be bought out, torn down and start over. Make it rental if you want, but get the trash out and start over. I'd rather see 400 apartments there (no Section 8 of course) than I would the dregs who are there. Same for the stuff off Steven's Entry - go away and let us redevelop. Snobbish? Yes, but think of the new taxes.

Live free or die!

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