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Fayette commissioners to meet with department heads

The Fayette County Commission will host a day-long meeting with various county department heads Thursday in an effort to “get to know” their internal leaders and how each department functions.

The morning will start at 7:50 a.m. with presentations of approximately half an hour from the Emergency 911 center, the library, buildings and grounds and public works departments. Following a short break, the schedule resumes at 10:25 for the parks and recreation, fire and EMS departments along with the county’s water system.

After another break for a working lunch, the schedule will resume at 1:15 with presentations from the county’s human resources, permits and inspections, tax assessor and health departments, followed by the Marshal’s Office, and the information systems and planning and zoning departments.

Each department has been asked to give a presentation on its top three goals and top challenge for the coming year, what it is doing well and what is holding it back, along with examples of working with other departments on projects beneficial to the county.

Commissioner Allen McCarty said he thinks the day-long session would be beneficial for county residents interested in learning how local government works.

“In order for local residents to become involved, they have to know what we are doing, and the department outreach program gives them the knowledge they need,” McCarty said.

The meeting will be conducted in the commission’s large meeting chamber and will be open to the public.

Not included are the departments headed by so-called constitutional officers, those officials who are elected by the public like sheriff, clerk of court, tax commissioner and all judicial offices.



highflyer2's picture

that the sheriff, clerk of court, tax commissioner and all judicial offices aren't included. I know that the first thing that they are going to say is that "they don't get involved in those matters", but guess what?
They do!

maybe, just maybe those will come later.

NUK_1's picture

Since none of those elected officials answer to FC County Commission, they can't really be "compelled" to attend a meeting or give a presentation if they don't feel like it.

Besides retirees, who has time to spend at a day long "get to know you" meeting? The first time I read about this, was the evening before the scheduled event. Seems the newspaper or the commission would have announced this weeks ago. Did I miss something?

I think its good that the commissioners want to learn more about county government and meet with the department heads. It will sure make it easier for them to circumvent the county administrator in the future when they need a favor such as toilet paper in a restroom.

Let the county administrator do his job by reviewing the goals and challenges within each department. Then he can present this to the commissioners once he evaluates each department.


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