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PTC set to OK borrowing $9.5 million in stormwater bonds

Property owners’ bills will increase 137 percent to cover new projects

The Peachtree City Council is poised to approve the issuance of $9.48 million in bonds Thursday night to fund several large-scale stormwater projects while also refinancing the 2007 stormwater bonds at a lower interest rate.

To cover the financing payments on the bonds, all city property owners will see an average 137 percent increase in their annual stormwater bills. Because the increase is so significant, the city plans to implement a billing system that will bill residents twice a year instead of once; the rate increase was approved by council Feb. 7.

The increased stormwater bill includes a shifting of the “street surcharge” from the city’s general fund in the amount of $355,000. Because property owners now will be paying that amount as part of their stormwater bill, there was some discussion by council earlier this month of the need to reduce property taxes by a commensurate amount to make sure residents are not double-charged by paying both taxes and fees for the same thing.

Council will vote on the bond issuance measure at its regular meeting Thursday night at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The city’s capital stormwater plan includes $7.45 million for the capital projects, which range from:

• $1.5 million to line stormwater pipes that run beneath city streets and roads, along with other miscellaneous projects;

• $1.8 million to replace the drain system in the Harbor Loop area;

• $1.3 million to replace the drain system in the Golfview Drive area;

• $1.2 million to rehabilitate the two Kedron ponds;

• $911,000 for rehabilitation of the Rockspray pond;

• $450,000 for pipe lining in the area of Woodsdale and Lenox Road; and

• $120,000 for repairs to the stilling basin at the BCS Pond.

The Kedron and Rockspray ponds are significant because they impound a large amount of stormwater, and if their dams were breached it could result in the loss of life and property downstream, according to city staff.

The city projects these to be the only remaining significant capital projects, with no others anticipated in the future.

The lower interest rate from the refinancing of the 2007 stormwater bonds will save the city about $40,000 per year, according to city staff.

That savings is little solace to city property owners who will face the drastic increase on their stormwater bills.

The city groups homeowners into four tiers for billing purposes. Those in Tier I will see their bill rise from $32.28 to $76.68; Tier II rises from $47.40 to $112.69 and Tier III would rise from $72 to $171.24 a year. The fourth tier, for attached residential (AR) would rise from $22.20 to $52.68 a year.

The same 137 percent increase will be applied to businesses, schools and churches, many of whom will pay far more than the average homeowner because parking lots are included in the calculation of impervious space that ultimately determines the final bill charged to a given parcel.

In other business Thursday, council is expected to approve the brand name, sole source purchase of a new traffic counter system for up to $7,200.



Stormwater fees are not deductible on your taxes like property taxes are. An increase to our property taxes would at least increase our tax deduction at the end of year. I understand the money has to come from somewhere, but it's a tough pill to swallow as income continues to drop, social security taxes are up 2%, health insurance premiums skyrocket, ad valorem taxes for vehicles in Georgia are now paid in full when you tag your vehicle. Yes, I sound like a broken record, but gasoline prices have risen every day since mid-January. We can't survive at this rate, because the consumer always pays in the end. Facebook made $200 million in profits, yet paid $0 in tax. Come on man!

you live in the unincorporated county on acreage;there is no identifiable stormwater system;NO STORMWATER LEAVES YOUR PROPERTY but you get a stormwater bill! Whammy that!

S. Lindsey's picture

aka Rain barrel and viola you are exempt... Just go buy one at Lowes... add in a drain that is not visible and problem solved... never mind one 55 gall barrel will over flow after one rain event of over 4/10ths of rain... but you got a barrel so....... viola again you are not a polluter.

That's how moronic the Stormwater Committee is.

You can have a retention pond on-site...but that's not exempt.. but a Rain Barrel is.

Dirt drive ways are considered impervious... New Sod is impervious... Dirt floored tents are impervious... get the picture?

I thought this was supposed to fix old storm drains and not really about run-off and pollution.

But the best thing about this tax that is not a tax is? There is no over-site and no cap... The Money collected IS STILL GOING INTO THE GENERAL FUND the exact same problem they claim created the shortfall to begin with and it can go up every year by whatever percentage they want and we don't have a say in it...

Think PTC 137% increase was rough... If everyone in FC paid it would have collected around $600,000... we were told it was a $15 Million dollar program... So do you think it's was scheduled for an increase in June... You bet your sweet bippy it was....and by more then 137% I bet.

That's why this has to go and they have to start over...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

I bet it will be a 4 to 1 vote. Haddix will vote no because he doesn't want to be associated with "the cost" to citizens aka potential voters for him.

Then he'lll hide behind the need for a comprehensive plan but is unable to do 4 year budget forecast claiming it can be done or it's illegal!

As for budget cuts, cut rec then more rec and top it off with alittle more rec because he personally thinks its unfair for him to pay for rec since he's kid all grown up!

Nothing like dodging every bullet, then finger point at the 4 others!
Leadership at its finest.

Fasten your seat belts, Letter to The Editor to follow about those tax and spend council members!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I've asked many times for council to just conduct the city's business and not get distracted by that silly little manchild who happens to be mayor. Just ignore him, don't respond to him, raise our taxes and fees, but provide services (including recreation) and just move along. I was as happy as anyone they docked his salary over the misappropriated funds, but that's playing his game his way and I see that as being a waste of time. He's sort of like Obama - campaigning instead of governing. Let him, but ignore him. Only a few months to go.

George and the ladies - just govern! That's your job. We'll take care of insulting the neutered dog that sits in the 5th chair. After all, that's our job.

Live free or die!

I hope you may know this young girl "Sam" or her family. Maybe you will follow her articles in the upcoming issues and try to find a way to comment to her with nice, clean, supportive words. Or if you must take another side or opinion and you reply to her concerns, you do it as an adult, you do it with respect and you clean the hate up. Our young people do read the paper, young people do see your hate and absorb and understand it.

Since neither of you either read or commented on this young girls worries I came into this venue to ask you this.

Thank you and please pass this request along to Mike.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I do not know Samantha, I have commented on her wisdom, maturity and communication skills. I said she would be a good PR person for that sour old Scarborough fellow who said he was going to move his business to Coweta if his favorite school closed = not sure if it did or if he moved.

Not sure what Samantha has to with this particular discussion, but if you are preaching wisdom and maturity in a discussion that even lightly touches upon da mayor - give it up. No interest from me after what that man has put the city through. You seem supportive of him as if he is a poor little innocent scholboy who is being bullied by the mean old city council. Believe me, he has worked very hard to earn the contempt that most thinking citizens have for him and his actions. I say ignore him, vote as if he were not in the room and replace him ASAP. That's not hate, pumpkin. That's a common sense reaction to someone who is supposed to represent all of the people, but only sees fit to represent himself.

See you at Fresh Market - it is 2 for 1 wine day. Stock up.

Live free or die!

I supported our Mayor on some issues.
What I dont support and have reacted to is your and a handful, bellowing out hate and losing the content of the messages you are trying to send. Why you choose to be so nasty and mean, I do not understand, as you seem to be somewhat intelligent; nothing wrong with a debate but certainly not the way it is handled here.
As far as my comment why I brought the subject here, if during your reading of my comment you will attempt to comprehend. I said since I did not see you or any of the other bashers comment on Sam's editorial I was contacting you in the ones I knew you would probably be bellowing in.
Nope wont see me stocking up, or at any of the local bottle houses in this city; i dont really know how many there are but seems like one on every corner. PTC citizens definitely need their golf and liquor.

NUK_1's picture

What's your point? You're obviously semi-literate at best and can't get across anything besides "LOVE DON! LOVE DON!" Do yourself a favor and step away for a while if the comments here make you so miserable.

Here's another clue: no one gives a damn about your worship and defense of the Mayor. He's a big boy(well, OK, no he's not)who can speak for himself without your BS. You have never stated once why you agree with Haddix on just troll this place with your LOVE DON! LOVE DON! crap.

Tell us why you think Haddix is whatever instead of just the same old crap of defending him with no reasoning at all. The critics point-out constantly what they don't like about the Mayor and all you say is haters and other mindless tripe.

No one stated there had been anything written other than praise for Sam.

That was part of my point, to read other and Sam's articles and postings. Hopefully observe you can make a point without the type words you just blew out.

As predicted, 4 to 1.....

The lies and BS during the campaign will be "I never voted for a tax increase or a bond issue" . Followed by the finger pointing with lies!

Lets hope that PTC citizens turn out this November plus take the time to learn the facts so we elect a real leader, not a Machiavellian politician that we currently have.

Too much is a stake to continue with this nonsense!

I ask you and your mouth twin take a minute to read a young 7th graders comments about school closings. Take a minute to let that absorb in your brain. Take a deep breath and try to visualize that young person reading some of the hateful, and I mean filled with hate, words that come out of your mouth and Mikes.

Putting to print your opinion is one thing, please just take more time before you spout it out. Thank you.

I read every article and also meet with many of our elected officials and upcoming candidates during the week.

What I pray for is that you engage and find out what's happening in Peachtree City and learn to realize that what is being said is truthful and only harmful to the image you hold and, more importantly to Peachtree City and it's citizens.

I also pray that all of the facts will come out and citizens in this mayoral election will elect a qualified leader to move the city forward.

The truth always sets one free.

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