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Coweta approves major commercial center, car dealership, on Hwy. 34E

The Coweta County Commission at its Feb. 15 meeting approved the rezoning of nearly 30 acres along Ga. Highway 34 just east of Hollz Parkway for nearly 190,000 square feet of commercial space expected to include a car dealership and mixed use commercial with medical and office space. The proposal passed on a 4-1 vote.

The proposal by JHP Family Investments, LLLP for the Jackson Place development included the rezoning 21.8 acres from Rural Conservation (RC) to Commercial Minor Shopping Center (C-6) and 7.6 acres from RC to Heavy Commercial District (C-8).

The C-6 property includes 136,000 square feet of various businesses. Among those are a 56,000 square-foot medical-dental office building, a 65,000 square-foot shopping center building, a 6,000 square-foot drive-in bank and a 9,000 square-foot restaurant.

The C-8 zoned area at the corner of Hollz Parkway and Hwy. 34 was designated for a 53,000 square-foot Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer.

Pertaining to the number of vehicles expected to access the development, county planners projected a high impact with the traffic flow for the development generating 8,614 weekday trips, 6,808 Saturday trips and 3,661 Sunday trips.

Coweta’s Planning and Zoning Department recommended approval of the proposal with 19 conditions.

Portions of the proposed development are located in the Hwy. 34 Quality Development Corridor.

The proposal’s site plan also noted that JHP Family Investments, LLLP owns a 69.3-acre parcel immediately to the north of the Jackson Place development.

The proposal was approved on a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner Bob Blackburn voting against the measure.

Noted in the county’s Jackson Place information packet were three long-range roadway projects associated with the immediate geographical area. All three have target dates proposed for 2030, though there is no current funding for the three proposals.

Among those are a proposed interchange at I-85 and Amlajack Boulevard, the Hollz Parkway extension and the widening of Hwy. 34.

A part of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Envison 6 Regional Transportation Plan calls for the extension of Amlajack Boulevard and the construction of an interchange at I-85.

A second long-range proposal, included in the Coweta County Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan, calls for extending Hollz Parkway to the proposed Amlajack Boulevard/I-85 interchange.

The third long-range proposal calls for widening Hwy. 34 from the current four lanes to six lanes from I-85 to Ga. Highway 154. This proposal is also included in the Coweta County Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan.



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