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Residents ask PTC Council to do nothing: Leave Crosstown Rd. as is

Peachtree City Council seems ready to run a STOP sign as it deals with the question of the Peachtree Parkway-Crosstown Drive intersection. Council appears to have forgotten that the first decision to be made, always, is whether “improvement” is really needed or whether someone is proposing change for the sake of change.

The agenda for the canceled Feb. 17 council meeting (now to be held on March 3) described the proposed action as consideration of and voting on various intersection “improvements,” and then authorizing the mayor to request funding from the Fayette County Commission for the option Council prefers.

A story in The Citizen’s weekend edition — undoubtedly reflecting city officials’ assumptions — listed the options as additional turn lanes, construction of a roundabout, or installation of a traffic light. The option of leaving things as they are seems to have been thrown into a ditch.

Those of us who live in the Brookfield and Glen Clarin subdivisions are understandably concerned about the impact on our properties of a change in the intersection’s configuration.

We implore Mayor Haddix and our council members to involve the public fully in a serious discussion as to whether we need any such project. This is no time for a fast-track decision.

Lois Speaker, Joe Gilliland, Leo McDermott, Karen McDermott, Matty Porter, Bergitta Hallberg and Jon Wallis

Peachtree City, Ga.



As a commuter and local resident who traverses this intersection a minimum of twice daily and many days four or five times in a day, I might add that the only change needed is to have a right turn lane on Crosstown going east and a left turn lane extension on the Parkway going north. Yes, there is some backup of traffic occasionally, but only at peak school/business hours in the AM and the PM. It is certainly not congested enough to warrant anything like a traffic light or a roundabout.

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