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'Angles Among Us' dinner dance a great success

There were plenty of angels in attendance at the Fayette Youth Protection Homes “Angels Among Us” Dinner-Dance which was held at Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree on Saturday, Feb. 12. The angel theme fit right in with the Valentine’s Day weekend event.  Local artist, and art teacher at Starr’s Mill High School, Todd Little, created a beautiful angel painting during the dinner hour, and the patrons who bid and purchased over a hundred live, and silent auction items, were angelic in doing so. 

Fayette Youth Protection Homes is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment and supportive services to children and youth who have been the victims of abuse, neglect or other tragic family circumstances.  The group sponsors a community-based foster care program called Grace for Children which arranges placement of children ages birth through 21 into loving private foster care homes. The group owns and supervises the operation of the Friday-Johnson Home; a residential group home located in Brooks, Ga., The home provides school-age children protection and healing through a structured and homelike environment, comprehensive services, and most importantly, lots of hugs. At Gracie’s Closet, children living in foster care on the south side of metro Atlanta shop for clothing, baby gear, books, and school supplies all at the low, low price of nothing!

 The funds raised at the dinner dance will be used to support the efforts of the Fayette Youth Protection Homes, Inc.  Efforts are already underway for next year’s event.  If you would like to contribute, or volunteer to support FYPH, please contact Becky Davenport, Executive Director, at 770-461-7020 or via the groups’ website at



I'm not trying to be <strong>acute</strong> here, but I don't think your headline is <strong>right</strong>.

The angles were not acute, they were isosceles angles. Also, the angle of the dangle is pi over 1/2mm! The answer is infinite.

The best joke on here for a long time was the one today about the Auburn guys killing all those trees at the Alabama stadium in retaliation. That is a smart bunch at Auburn to outwit Alabama-- of all witless ones.

You seem like a good candidate to ask something about the Atlanta school testing and teaching problems.

As I understand it: The 8-9 year tenure Superintendent of schools there doesn't think anything untoward has happened that wasn't deserving to happen! She and her Deputy Super who came with her from somewhere to Atlanta.
When ordered to stop investigating the situation, the Superintendent said they were not "investigating," but just "auditing" the situation.

Now a judge has told them to stop or show cause why they should not go to jail.

But the "thing", cheating, has been happening since at least as far back as 2004 and no one, simply no one knew about it.
The 10,000 pounds of erasers hauled off were ignored.

Now the Super is leaving (resigned) soon with a huge pension and all kinds of national awards for excellence, and the likelihood of a million dollar buy off to avoid a lawsuit for accusing her, and all others will be excused for having great fear of their jobs.
Some will be allowed to resign and retire with honor, of course.

Then there is the board of education who are either totally stupid or don't care about all this, but are shuffling for cover. I understand these jobs pay them enough to live anyway. They would kill to keep the jobs.

The only thing I ever heard Oxendine say about Atlanta that made sense was that Atlanta will never run correctly until the state takes over the Atlanta schools and rehires everyone and changes all the systems and rules. There will also be 12 years of students who for the most part have been graded too highly to decide what to do with.
What do you think?

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