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Both sides are lying about global climate change

Our chief executive officer, Barack Obama, has again shown that any leadership he might exercise is based on fear. It’s an ancient ploy: make people afraid of something, and then tell them that you (and only you) can save them.

Like others before him (Al Gore comes to mind), Obama appealed to fear by saying in a Feb. 14, 2014 news conference: “A changing climate means that weather-related disasters like droughts, wildfires, storms, floods are potentially going to be costlier and they’re going to be harsher.”

That is, in my opinion, duplicitous to the point of being a lie.

Here’s what science says: “The frequency and intensity of drought has likely decreased in central North America”; and, looking forward, that there is high confidence in soil surface drying in the southwest USA by the end of the 21st century if conditions remain the same. [Climate Change 2013, IPCC, emphasis added]

Nor is this Obama’s first “climate change lie.” For example, on Nov. 14, 2012 he said, “... the temperature around the globe is increasing. Faster than was predicted even ten years ago ... the Arctic ice cap is melting, faster than predicted even five years ago ... there have been ... an extraordinarily large number of severe weather events here in North America, but also around the globe.”

His two statements, “faster than was predicted,” are lies. They are inconsistent with facts, science, and the truth.

His statement, “extraordinarily large number,” is a lie, unless we allow him to define “extraordinarily large” in his own terms. (Reminds me of one of his predecessors: “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”)

California Representative Devin Nunes, responding to Obama’s Feb. 14 visit to California, said, “Global warming is nonsense.” This, too, is a lie. It is no more accurate than Obama’s lies.

Please, get the facts and lose the bias that may cause you to reject information and science that doesn’t fit your current beliefs or worldview.

Please read at least the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) October 2013 “Summary for Policymakers” at, and their “Special Report on Extreme Events” (nicknamed SREX) at and form your own conclusions. These documents, a consensus of hundreds of scientists from more than 60 countries are not alarmist, unlike people on both the right and the left who have lied, exaggerated, and cherry-picked data.

Do I believe in global warming or global climate change? No, I don’t “believe,” but I have (just) enough knowledge of science and of the sciences of meteorology and climatology to understand the conclusions of science, of the IPCC, and of the hundreds of papers published in legitimate journals and on university websites.

Earth is warming and climate is changing — but not in the way or with the results the politicians and pundits would have us believe.

The only thing extreme about climate change is the lies from the right and the left.

Paul Lentz
Peachtree City, Ga.



Sir Paul, there is a abundance of authoritative information available conserning climate change.

You can attend free on-line coures at that will examine and debate the subject at great length.

When considering whether or not climate change is real and man is responsible, picture yourself standing on the moon looking at the earth.

It is simply a planet in the universe. Nothing more. Aside from that, from the point of view of the universe, there is nothing special about it.

It is governed by the rules of physics. That is why it revolves around the sun and we have the seasons.

The quesiton of the effects of CO2 in the biosphere is a question of physics. The physics that effect the biosphere on plent earth.

The earth does not care about the politics of man. The earth does not care about economics, money or policy.

They simply do not matter in terms of cause and effect on the environment.

Look at 2 possible scenarios and then decide how to proceed.

1) The oil companies are right. There is no global warming, and we are free to use all of the oil and coal with no fear of any consequence. This is the business as usual sceanrio.

2) Climate change scientists are right. Then it gets more interesting. Now the question is what is going to happen when and what can I do about it. Well a realistic worst case scenario is that it is already too late to stop run away global warming and all of the polar ice on the planet will melt causing some folks think, up to 80 meters (250 feet) sea level rise. If that happens the world map will change a lot.

So what. Poeple will just move to higher ground.

But the real concern is that climate change affects the food supply. And in this case the problem is not feeding people in my town, it is feeding every one, every where. I will not go into scenarios, but look what happened with a little ice in Atlanta last month.

Our society is fragile. WE operate on close to a best case scenario where everything goes pretty right most the time.

Lookat Sandy and Katrina. A couple of storms and the recovery took years in New Orleans and is still going on on Jersey.

There was a guy in the 1700s in the UK Malthus who talked about collapse of the ecosystem and the consequence to society.

Some of these coursera courses dicuss this stuff in great detail

There is a curse coming up on sustainability out of the university of illinois Urbana. And there will be a steady stream of other as well.

on thing for sure, this problem is not going away in your lifetime.


Paul. I can understand that you are confused. There is a well financed group out there that has confusing the issue as their mission statement. Please read the following article by the US National Academy of Sciences and the UK Royal Society and you will see why the President is worried.

is confused about a lot of things, as witnessed and discussed at the BOC meeting the other night. Paul, please put the laptop down for a while and take a break.

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