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Sometimes truth hurts

When Bill Webster sought an explanation to his question about black voters and the Democratic Party, my response to him was neither a diatribe, as described by Stephen Allen and Alan Felts, nor was it mean-spirited, and hardly racist.

Based on their responses, it’s clear — they read from an alternate universe.

Angry? Hate? Extreme? Cult? Racist? They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Acquaintances across the racial spectrum would find those assertions as laughable and ridiculous as their ramblings.

The responses on this opinion page, as well as those online, reflect the reason many people, and not all of them black, shun the political party that embraces those very voices.

Both Felts and Allen personified the very characteristics they attempted to project on this writer: mean-spirited, nasty, venomous, ignorant, insulting, and TOTALLY off base.

What they’ve revealed speaks volumes about themselves. Fortunately, not everyone agrees with them.

While a factual opinion piece will have its detractors, accepting the truth is not easy for some people. Rather than attacking the messenger, some soul-searching would be a better use of time and energy.

The genesis of this topic began with Mr. Webster, who suggested The Citizen as a forum for discussion. I was doubtful when I read it, yet hopeful that perhaps there could be a positive outcome. Given the feedback here, that doubt remains. There can be no productive discourse without open-minded, willing and reasonable participants.

This country has some serious issues to be resolved. I suggest the Stephen Allens and Alan Felts of the world not spend time attacking those they don’t agree with. Instead, channel that energy toward their elected officials.

It’s way past time for them to earn their taxpayer salaries and benefits. And it’s also way past time to get rid of ugly divisiveness.

Deborah Lum

Fayetteville, Ga.



Citizen_Steve's picture

Gee Ms. Lum, set aside your passions and perform an honest read of your own work. Is it possible you may have overstated or exaggerated, even maybe to the extent that you misrepresented the truth on some issues in the article?

Could the article have benefited our community more if the tone was less one of advocacy and more one of personal experience?


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