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Brown wants term limits for commission

The Fayette County Commission will vote Thursday on a recommendation to apply term limits to existing and future commissioners.

The restrictions would limit commissioners to serving no more than two consecutive four-year terms. Proposed by Commission Chairman Steve Brown, the restrictions would be made retroactive to those holding office since 2011, which would include Brown and fellow commissioner Allen McCarty.

The catch is that the new term limits would require passage of local legislation by the Georgia General Assembly, and there may not be enough time to accomplish that as the legislature is expected to wrap up early this year due to the earlier primarily election.

The discussion will take place at the county’s administrative complex at 7 p.m. in downtown Fayetteville.

In other business, the commission is expected to discuss possible regulations for short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods.

A presentation on the matter will be conducted by County Attorney Dennis Davenport and Kathy Hobbs of the county’s code enforcement department.



Or simply decide not to run again....


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[quote=conditon55]Or simply decide not to run again....[/quote]

First, the voters can decide whether to "term limit" you or not by how they vote. Secondly, no one is forcing you to keep running for office.

Just yet more grandstanding from good ol' Steve.

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as our only district rep on county commission. Surely someone will emerge as a candidate to prevent that, but if not and the choice is Brown and Stumpy - I'm voting for Brown - and I have voted against him at least 4 times, maybe 5.

Live free or die!

Only Haddix is delusional enough to think he has a chance...

I also think other candidates will emerge..

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I overheard said emerging candidate talking to a guy who seems to have some political clout while I was in the line for Mike Rossetti's visitation. Good news is he will beat Haddix and Brown like baby seals.
Bad news is I was in a very long line for the Rossetti's visitation. Don't care about the line, but I sure care about Mike and his family. They are the best. True Peachtree City royalty who never put on airs. God bless them all.

Live free or die!

Having observed the local legislation process in other counties/cities, and noting that Monday is the final cross-over day, there is almost no chance that such legislation will even be considered in the General Assembly this session. Generally, it is a multi-step process through both houses, usually requiring a unanimous vote of the commission and the completed legal verbiage of the legislation has to be submitted to (and accepted by) the entity's local legislators.

Typical SB, needed his picture in the paper again!


For any local office, two sounds good to me. Your past that.

agree Grandstanding. He is up for re-election so he MUST keep his name and picture in the paper for March 7th....Don't have my vote


Why don't you mudslingers just quit. The biggest problem we have in this country is term limits. How many John Dingles should we endure? How many Kennedys? And now... How Many Clintons?

Whether you like Mr. Brown or not... he is saying the right things. So forget the source and listen to the message.

I wasn't around at the time... But I feel sure the founders of our nation had no visions of career politicians. We need a constant stream of people off the street from our offices, factories, farms, and households to give of themselves and their experience on a LIMITED BASIS... to govern our nation, states, and cities. We have built such an incestuous, impenetrable political machine at all levels that it forces the behavior "go along... to get along".

How many of our politicians give because it's the right thing to do to make a difference? Now... How many of our politicians leave office in a far better financial situation than when they went into office?

Hope you see my point.

Good Job Steve Brown.


And I would add Lynn Westmoreland to that list. Time for him to leave and get new ideas in!!!!


His term limits could be up now. One caveat, if he only has Haddix for competition, he will win handily...even I will vote for him.

Trader, while I agree to your discussion regarding the value of term limits, it is necessary to consider the source of the article. Based on his past history, this is simply a PR posting by Steve. If he were really concerned about this, he would have broached the subject months ago and gotten this in the loop for this session of the General Assembly. As it is, probably just another round of hot air or of misdirection. Never know what his real agenda is, but you can bet it is somehow in his best interest, not the citizens of Fayette County.


If we didn't have apathetic or ill informed voters to get rid of those not performing their duties for the people.

I'm in PTC but on the other end that got stuck in another district who is mostly unincorporated.

I voted for SB at the time because his competition was a cowboy boot wearing pompous ass who thought too highly of himself. It was the best of two evils at the time. This past year, SB has done a good job and if it's just shorty and SB, well SB will win. I think he has matured since his mayoral days, but some in PTC have memories like elephants and hold grudges.

The term limits was a campaign promise from SB. I've been wondering when this would be brought up and now see the timing could be suspicious. Why not a year ago?

I am really interested to see what SB and crew are doing with the county's comprehensive plan. It's due in June and I am waiting for someone honest to step forth and admit that the Vision group is actually preparing this plan for the county. This will tell us that when push comes to shove, this group of commissioners isn't as transparent as they claim to be and really no different from their predecessors they mailigned to get elected. Maybe our old chairman was right all along.

I guess I have 3 years to find someone better than Ognio and Baccallao. Shouldn't be difficult to find someone that an complete a sentence and another that doesn't pander to parents emotions.

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