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Gunman robs Fayetteville Lane Bryant

Fayetteville police are investigating the armed robbery of the Lane Bryant store at the Fayette Pavilion early Sunday evening.

The assailant apparently posed as a customer, placing clothing on the counter before pulling out a gun and demanding money along with the employees’ cellphones, police said.

The gunman was described as a black male approximately 5’6” and 130 pounds wearing a khaki jacket and bluejeans with dark clothes underneath, police said.

He left the area with another woman who previously had entered the store with him: a black female described as being about 5’4” wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie, police said.

The gunman left with an undisclosed amount of money and the employees’ cellphones, police said.

The employees were forced to go behind the counter as the duo left the store, police said.



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I know that this is horrible and once again looks like imported crime, but a Lane Bryant? Really?
There seems to be a joke here somewhere, but it escapes me right now.

Maybe it has to do with "Fat Wallets!"

He just planned a wilderness camping trip with 10 of his best friends. Sports Authority doesn't stock large tents.

Just like Waffle House says, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service", if I owned or managed a retail store, I would not allow "Hoodies" to be worn past the doorway.

"Hoodies Must Be Removed Before Entering"

This would apply 7x24x365.

How about we just have border control on the Fayette/Clayton County border, and not allow non-residents in??? EVERYONE knows the majority of these crimes are not committed by people who live in Fayette County...and what a surprise, all these crimes are committed by one certain race. Seriously, Clayton County residents, please just continue to ruin your own county and leave Fayette alone!

Be careful about that one race comment. We have a perp who stole cars arrested in PTC, PTC Post office robbery and the guy in Walgreens that needed to be shot before arrested. They were not of the same race as the Lane Bryant perp. Crime is crime and we will miss something if we just look at race as the indicator.

Does anybody feel safe at the Fayette Pavilion anymore???

I have the opportunity to shop there during the week in the afternoon - and have not experienced a problem. There is a police station in the Pavilion - is it manned? I don't understand any proprietor not investing in store security personnel in these economic times. A good part of the 'customers' in the Lennox/Phipps shopping areas are 'undercover' security personnel. I'm saddened to see the empty storefronts - all over Fayetteville. The Avenues, Newton, even Shannon Mall provide interim-shopping sprees when one doesn't want to go all the way to Atlanta. This weekend, Sunday, the Pavilion was very similar in 'feel' to the way it was years ago. Cars in the parking lot, people in the restaurants, stores, etc. In California, one felt safe in Beverly Hills because every store had a uniformed security guard in view. It's a sad commentary on the times, but sometimes one just has to deal with reality. To the poster who had to mention 'race'. . . most here have acknowledged that criminals come in all colors. I support the idea of 'no hoodies' inside business establishments - but you need security personnel to enforce that . .

<strong>. . .and if the suspects are still at large, it is necessary for identification.</strong>


"He left the area with another woman"

If John is implying that 'he' and 'another woman' are of the same gender; perhaps Cal needs to have a talk with John.

I would hope Fayette County isn't that far gone yet.

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