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PTC to hear pitch for senior apartments

A company wanting to build an age-restricted apartment complex in Peachtree City will make a pitch to the City Council Tuesday night in a workshop meeting.

NorSouth Companies initially targeted an undeveloped 8-acre tract in the Lexington Circle mixed-use development off Ga. Highway 54 West, behind the Zaxby’s restaurant. But the company last week withdrew its formal application to lift the city’s multifamily rezoning moratorium for that site.

A NorSouth representative told The Citizen that the company planned to look at other potential sites in the city before moving forward.

NorSouth is expected to present information on the type of housing being proposed and examples of similar projects in Atlanta. A company overview and financing options are also expected to be covered in the meeting.

The meeting will convene at 6:30 Tuesday night at City Hall. Because it is a workshop meeting no formal decision is expected from council.



Council and Planning, I hope you are paying attention and doing your homework.

Why is Norsouth advertising they own Orchard Springs in Fulton County on Oakley Blvd. when they don't own it? Who currently owns Orchard Springs? And why?

Did Norsouth build Norman Berry Village in East Point, or do they just manage it?

Will Lexington Park project be financed with Georgia Low Income Housing Tax Credits? If so, what incentives are there to Norsouth to place ONLY low income tenants there?

How many properties has Norsouth BUILT in tha Atlanta area AND continued to manage after they are built? How many that have been built by Norsouth are still owned by them after 5 years?

What is Norsouth's connection to Peabody Properties out of Massachusetts?

What additional steps are involved in evicting a Section 8 tenant over and above a non-section 8 tenant? How do these steps delay an eviction of an unwanted problem tenant?

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They don't have a chance in the world to come in here and build another Peachtree Station. They only want to lift the moratorium so they can sell their idea to staff (no chance), Planning Commission (no by a 4-1 vote) and council (can you see a 5-0 coming?)

Let them go through the process. If someone in the city's food chain bites on this - they are history. Haddix knows exactly what he is doing to protect the city's legal position.

your comments are so uninformed and wrong. When you get to a point (if ever) that you know of what you speak then come back on here.

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All that stuff you are throwing around about Norsouth and Section 8 is what is irrelevant - at least now.

What is actually happening is that for some unknown and unprecedented reason, city council has given them a free presentation before council votes to lift the moratorium. Oddly, this accomplishes exactly the developer-friendly enviornment that most of the council campaigned against.

The decision is simply whether or not to lift the moratorium. Instead council will get a bunch of fluff from Norsouth that can't be confirmed because staff is not free to work on the project by doing research until after council votes to lift the moratorium! Odd isn't it? The stuff about helping seniors attain affordable housing may even tug at enough heartstrings to get the moratorium lifted.

But then, and only then, do the questions you raise come into play and most of those are irrelevant to the project's approval or disapproval. Section 8 is not part of this. The rents are not subsidized. The tenants have to qualify at the full rental amount and show sufficient assets to be a long-term renter. (See how informed I actually am, goil?)

Now, if the moratorium is lifted and it goes through the process, some of your other questions will be answered, but they are minor issues compared to what the impact is on PTC to have 150 or so more rental units created across from the high school. At least we know that convicted sex offenders won't be able to live there.

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