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PTC Mayor Haddix wants new interchange in Coweta to help traffic at Hwy. 54-74

In addition to a major improvement at Ga. Highway 74 and Interstate 85, Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix wants the Georgia Department of Transportation to add a new interchange in Coweta County at Palmetto-Tyrone Road to provide a way for Coweta commuters to avoid the glut of traffic at Ga. Highways 54 and 74 during drive time.

The problem, according to Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, is that Coweta County is not interested in pursuing such a project yet, especially considering that the county already has two active interchange projects in the pipeline.

“If they’re not interested in pursuing it, I am probably not going to pursue that option,” said Brown, who is pushing for the Hwy. 74/I-85 improvements to include a partial cloverleaf design to handle a significant amount of traffic at one of the main chokepoints for Peachtree City and Coweta commuters, particularly during early morning drive time.

Haddix said Thursday that he was upset that Brown hadn’t spoken to him about the interchange improvements. Brown told The Citizen Friday that he was aware of Haddix’s wish for the new interchange in Coweta as well.

“I am always very open to anything anyone has to say,” Brown said.

Haddix insists that adding a new interchange at Palmetto-Tyrone Road and I-85 would be easy because there is an existing bridge over the interstate there currently.

Brown, for his part, says it’s not a bad idea, but if Coweta doesn’t want to pursue it now, “I am definitely not going to insist that they do it.”

“Fairburn is very willing for us to work with them on their interchange and I am doing everything in my power to help them,” Brown said. “... Coweta County has two major interchange projects on I-85 as we speak. Those are their priorities and I respect that.”



We dont need a new interchange in Cowetta,when traveling from PTC during rush hour I use Collingsworth Rd and all goes well. If you add an interchange do it in Fulton north of 74 to exit on Oakley Industrial for large trucks only. Then ban large trucks from useing the Hwy 74 interchange during rush hour.

No one cares anymore what you think, and the snub is very telling. Concentrate on finishing out your duties till the end of the year with no more attention seeking controversy.

Might be smart to resign now, or at the very least come up with an excuse to drop out of the mayoral race.

Smart move! Pick a fight with Steve Brown now by calling him out in the newspaper. Great way to influence and make friends. Well at least it's not a Letter to the Editor.

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That makes no sense and I agree with Steve Brown. If Coweta isn't interested as they do in fact have 2 other interstate projects on the table already and this ain't one of them, so why should Brown pursue it at all?

Haddix....get real, already.

There are quite a lot of Coweta tags getting on/off the Interstate at the 74 ramp. The mayor is only looking out for us by wanting them to use thier own ramps further south and stop using the Fayette/South Fulton ramp. After all, the Coweta people are the ones jumping in line at the last minute or clogging up the intersections, lol.

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John Munford did not report everything said. Very disappointing.

Four GDOT representatives met with me at City Hall and thinks it is a very viable project and has a good chance of happening next after 74/85. The ARC has been brought in on this proposal as well. They do not think the 138 and 92 projects Chairman Brown is pushing are or will.

They were also shocked Chairman Brown had not met with me since PTC is so affected by 74 and is about 1/3 of the County in and of itself. They stated I should have been included and would be included in the future in meetings and communications.

Last week I did discuss this with some elected and other officials from Coweta. They liked it and said it would help their constituents.

This gives traffic relief at 74/85, 74/54, Collinsworth/85 and Palmetto road in Tyrone. There is also general traffic relief on 74 from 85 to 54. The 74/85 interchange alone does nothing for anything south on on 74.

The comment from theprez illustrates the point exactly, meaning let PTC and Tyrone take the traffic hit, just get it out of Coweta as fast as possible. Remember the old pushes for TDK and a road and bridge from the MacDuff extension into Coweta? All the additional traffic would have come into PTC and ended up on 74/85 or through Tyrone.

This does not end because Chairman Brown does not support it.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

If its so important to you, pick up the dang phone and call the man. Why wait for him to call you?

Guess you win more friends by calling them out in the paper though. Typical

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You love to jump to conclusions.

First of all, before talking about such projects every Mayor in the County should be contacted, not just me.

Second, in January I sent an email to all the commissioners congratulating them. I also stated Chairman Brown and I needed to sit down and talk about a few things. He never responded.

GDOT also assumed he would have met with me first since this 74/85 impacts PTC more than anyone else.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Always returns my emails. Even when I don't agree with him.

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Haddix won't.

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With these comments we have a new list----

PTC: "Not Eligible for Rehire"

1 = Ed
2 = Peki
3 = Donnie

About other elected officials...

These comments on this forum are totally uncalled for, unprofessional and very unbecoming of the Mayor of Peachtree City.

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[quote=Don Haddix]
GDOT also assumed he would have met with me first since this 74/85 impacts PTC more than anyone else.[/quote]

I think it affects FAIRBURN more than anyone else since that is where it is.

Mayor Haddix
No one is jumping to any conclusions because your track record speaks for itself!
You consistently do stupid things over and over.
That's the conclusion, not jumping at all!

Meanwhile, today you posted 3 responses, can you space your comments out over a 3 or 4 day period, we can only handle so much on any given day....its more fun spread over a few days!

I agree. Every mayor should be in touch with the county commission and the chairman.

However, we do not see the Brooks, Tyrone, or Fayetteville mayors being quoted in the papers as upset that the commission has not contacted them. Only you. The other leaders know how to handle things quietly behind closed doors.

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Since I own a house in Coweta also, I'm getting in touch with my elected reps there to see what they have to say about all of this because I've never heard of this idea being anything close to a priority when everything else has been about the fact that Coweta is looking for interstate access at Poplar/85 and further south near Moreland. They also included these two projects right at the top in the failed T-SPLOST for the Three Rivers Region as priorities.

I have no doubt that Coweta would indeed welcome any transportation projects that give them even more interstate access, but I don't think they give a damn about this one and it's way down on the list of road projects they'd like to have done.

We'll see what the fine folks in Coweta elected office have to say about this.

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It was at the Georgia Power meeting for annual franchise fees. No county elected were there, just municipal.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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As usual our esteemed mayor has once again demonstrated his lack of comprehension when it comes to transportation issues. First, should a really viable solution be offered for the commuters on Hwy74 it would include upgrades to Exits 64, 61, and 57. Allowing better access to I-85 from north Coweta,(Exit 57)and north Fayette(Exit 64) would do much more than simply adding a couple lanes at Exit 61.

Now, would the mayor care to divulge the real reason the two DOT folks were in Peachtree City? All of us realize it wasn't to meet with him concerning the Hwy 74 intersection.

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The DOT guys were landscapers were looking at the shrubs on the Hwy 74 wall telling Haddix their jobs were in jeopardy because of the Sequester. Haddix asked them about things above their pay grade and they were "shocked" Why was he out there schmoozing with the Hispanics?

Does that seem plausible and something like he would do? Huh? Answer me.

My city hall source Rocks!

Live free or die!

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He realizes that he needs the votes!

Why am I not surprised. Doubt we will find out who these DOT executives were that met with him and why.

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