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MHS & anthem: Critic should apologize

With regard to the ongoing “spirited” discussion centering around the national anthem as performed at the McIntosh/Starr’s Mill basketball game on Feb. 2, 2010, I was intrigued with the recent comments offered by Glen Allen.

It seems Mr. Allen is in a position to recommend the removal of the president of the McIntosh High School Parent/Teacher/Student Organization for offering her opinion on this subject while also bashing the parenting skills of other letter writers (including their parents) who don’t happen to agree with him on this matter. He refers to them as “The Defenders.”

In his infinite wisdom, Mr. Allen also directs the principal of McIntosh High School to censure the offending students for their enthusiasm, demanding that such behavior never be repeated and that these brave and noble actions be confirmed in writing via The Citizen. Remarkable!

It is interesting to note that the same McIntosh High School students who allegedly “dissed” the anthem were also the same kids who stood and applauded a Starr’s Mill Down syndrome senior for his notable achievements during SM’s “Senior Night” award ceremony. I wonder if Carol Jenson-Linton and/or Glen Allen even recognize this fact?

It is sad that Mr. Allen chooses to attack others for opinions that don’t line up with his own. Perhaps he should consider writing a letter of apology to the students at McIntosh. It would be well received and certainly warranted.

J.D. Murphy
Peachtree City, Ga.



doright's picture

Mr. J.D. Murphy you have thrown us a red herring. Supporting a down syndrome child and mocking the national anthem are not one in the same or inclusive.

We should support our special needs community because they help us become a better society.

We should teach our young people the honor of living in the greatest country on earth and that when the anthem plays the most respect should be shown and they should stand up and be proud.

Censuring children is a bit much, I do agree with you there. They just need to be told the proper behavior and that there is a place to cheer and yell and show pride and spirit but it is not in changing the words of our American anthem where brave men shed their blood and continue to do so, so that we might be free.

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