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County gives green light to East Fayetteville Bypass

The East Fayetteville Bypass was officially resurrected as a viable project by unanimous vote of the Fayette County Commission last week.

The $39.4 million project would construct a road that would begin north of Fayetteville at Hwy. 85, but end well short of either Ga. Highway 92 or Ga. Highway 85 south of Fayetteville.

Instead, the southern section of the road is proposed to end at the intersection of County Line Road, south Jeff Davis Road and Inman Road. The northern terminus would be at Hwy. 85 and Corinth Road. The road also will intersect with Ga. Highway 54 east of Fayetteville.

Because of its location, one resident criticized the plan as a road that would only benefit residents of Clayton County.

The bypass had been put on the backburner because of concerns that there would not be sufficient state and federal funds to complete it. However, those concerns have fallen by the wayside, as county staff is anticipating that $21.1 million in state and federal funds will be available.

That would leave the remaining $18.3 million to come from the county’s 2003 transportation sales tax revenues.

Although the road path for the East Fayetteville Bypass will be two lanes in many sections, the county will buy enough right of way to upgrade the road to four lanes if such is needed in the future, explained county Public Works Director Phil Mallon.

There will also be sections of the bypass that will have three lanes, particularly at intersections and also along areas of road where there are multiple existing access points for motorists getting onto the road, Mallon explained.

The county approved the funding and a preliminary route for the road, but a final version of the route will be prepared by staff and submitted for a commission vote at a later date.

The project will be complex in part because part of the road lies within Clayton County. Now that the commission has approved the funding and preliminary alignment, staff will meet with officials in Clayton to establish a working relationship on the project.

County officials have said that in the past Clayton County representatives signed off on the project.

The proposal from county staff has the bypass starting at Hwy. 85 and Corinth Road, following the length of Corinth Road to Ga. Highway 54. From Hwy. 54 a new section of road will be built to reach a new intersection at McDonough Road. From there the road will follow the path of the existing County Line Road to the intersection of County Line, south Jeff Davis and Inman roads.



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Thank you Steve Brown and the rest of the commissioners. This is definitely a step in the right direction for residents of the area and north-south commuters.


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Yes, thank you Fayette County, for spending millions of dollars on a bypass that is not needed and taking my yard in the process. Bang up job, you're doing.

<"The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller>

Didn't you get enough for it?

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Not yet. It hasn't been built yet.

<"The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller>

So what is your complaint? Do you have an offer to accept?

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What's the complaint . . .well, run the bypass through your yard and see how you like it!

The east bypass really accomplishes nothing, will cost entirely too much, ruin some beautiful greenspace, probably is infringing on wetlands, not to mention running through backyards.

Those of us who commute long distances, paid higher home prices, taxes, etc. in order to live in an area we thought would never become a bypass, could not possibly be made an offer reasonable enough to relocate and begin again somewhere else.

Those that made the route decisions for the WFB and EFB must have blindly "pinned the bypass" on the map, because neither of these roads make sense. Voice our opinions . . .many of us have and not one inch of the plans have changed.

Seems as if I heard these same complaints about the West by-pass!

I remember when the Interstates were built in the 50s and 60s all over the USA. Talk about shenanigans happening! I knew one fellow--a long term State Trooper--who "knew" where the Interstate was going, and he bought several acres that the Interstate crossed and set a trailer on the land right on the middle of where the road was going!!!
He got them to buy all of the land and the trailer. He retired.
It seems only road commissioners and such in GA can do that.

Nevertheless, the roads will be built--the state paid good money to have that road located and they aren't likely to pay it again to move off your land!

You do realize that even if they did it may still be close or in your front yard?
Also, won't they have to move it onto someone else's land if they take it off yours?

My opinion is that Georgia simply doesn't pay as much as did the federal government for right-a-way.
Not in the case of individuals anyway--some businesses do better---much better.

If your plan is to stop the road please give that up--you will get ulcers and it will still be there.

I doubt a Philadelphia lawyer team for a million dollars could stop it.

Complaining to a county commission is worthless unless you know a couple of them and they owe you. Then I doubt it.

A large percentage of our economy in the USA comes from roads and airports and all kinds of transportation. That won't be stopped!

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Ya know, I've been thinking of a way to put something in the backyard to make my land more valuable, historical, or sacred . . .wonder what I could put out there? (please understand NO disrespect to anyone)been wondering about a grave site or find me some exotic bird who is nesting there or . . .hey I forgot about that #%*@&^$ peacock my neighbor has, wonder if that would work, a peacock colony! LOL!

I am very aware that no one, that my tax dollars pays their salaries, is going to change one thing; just wonder what the reasoning was. The proposed route makes no sense at all . . .well there is some sense to it, as the curve that will put it in my backyard also avoids the property of some higher paying tax citizens, if you catch my drift.

Anyone need to buy some beachfront property in Fayetteville, oops, I mean a house?!? With a big backyard . . .paved . . .

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and posting on the "C". I was beginning to wonder.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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You knew when the EFB conversation got started again that I'd be back and commenting. Say, would you like to purchase this beachfront property I have on my hands?!?

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Nah, I have a little piece in Arizona. I'm waiting for that big "shake" in California.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

If there are any Indian Graves around here and you could secretly re-bury one or two......boy, that works every time!

They might re-bury the re-buried Indians but you would get a fortune for allowing it.

What are they offering for 2o-40 feet of backyard nowadays?
Doesn't it depend whether or not it is close to the home?

I noticed somebody had cows to water across the new road somehow!

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Offer, well I have to re-state Dawn's comment, there have been no offers yet, it is just that we know EFB is coming and will be in our yards. Phooey!

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Sorry about your yard. I hope you can keep your house.


When I travel and see a Bypass I expect it to go around the city and bring me back to the highway I am traveling on. Do our county officials not know what a bypass is supposed to do? Pity the poor traveler who takes one of our bypass routes and ends up in the middle of nowhere. F. Amos

Doen't the WBP come out on 92, on to 85 in the middle of Fayetteville past the 54/85 inersection?

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I regularly take the route of the "new" bypass, and it's not costing a dime or inconveniencing me. It appears that the only short-cut that this road will offer is to cut off the jog along Hwy 54 between Corinth Road and McElroy Road by going through The Links golf course. Instead of wasting the money on this route, use it for something that makes sense or keep the golf course and pay our green fees.

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Cutting off that jog is what is needed. Maybe a Stop sign at each intersecting street along the way will convince you, because that is what comes next along with speed humps in the residential sections of your commute.


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BHH, the only section that you might be referencing is McElroy Road between Hwy 54 and Banks Road. That section had already been turned into a main artery, when the county shifted traffic off of Banks and down Hwy 54 to McElroy, which made sense. I'm sensitive to keeping neighborhoods safe, but almost $40 million(!), of which over $18 million comes from our county, is a little too much and could be used in more productive ways.

Your suggested route in a comment above mentioned using Simpson Road. While that is shorter, I still take Corinth to where it ends at Hwy 54, recognizing that the stopping and starting along Simpson isn't worth it and that it also passes two neighborhoods. If that cut-off could be made safer, then I agree with you.

But, I question the value of this bypass completely -- especially for Fayette residents. Were any economic studies even done on this?!

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"But, I question the value of this bypass completely -- especially for Fayette residents. Were any economic studies even done on this?!"

The ARC(Atlanta Regional Commission) highly recommended the EFB. Contrary to a lot of comments here that all state how terrible and disgusting it would be for Fayette to have anything to do with something that has "Atlanta Regional" in its name, the EFB supporters-who strangely all hate the WFB and the ARC-all point to this ARC recommendation as being golden and that work should begin ASAP.

So...if you think the ARC study is complete BS because you happen to hate the ARC BUT BUT BUT they agree with you here, you have a problem. Otherwise, you can easily be totally against it because of a couple of reasons:

A) the ARC recommended it. That's usually good enough for a rejection by most of the FC loudmouths. Since Savior Steve Brown is actually FOR it though he kills tons of trees whining against the ARC, that creates a problem for some of that crowd.

B) it's unnecessary and duplicates existing, not-heavily-traveled routes already

C) Steve Brown is against it! Wow, that should really make anyone undecided think about the issue since a Brown endorsement means SO MUCH. Look at his tremendous track record as Mayor of PTC and his great accomplishments of alienating everyone possible and his sheer lack of any real-world experience or any accomplishments whatsoever while trying to bury anyone and everyone that stood in his way! WHOOOOOOOOO!

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Speed humps and stop signs are cheap and effective. Let's just go that route.


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If this bypass is so needed, people wanting it won't mind paying tolls for driving along the cut-off section that will be constructed. Then, divide the tolls among the folks who had their land and solitude taken from them for it.

I still don't understand the need or cost/benefits of this. What's next...a high speed rail connecting Brooks with Riverdale?

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Ye ain't from 'round here are ye?
Hey a nice nostalgic steam train from say Griffin to Newnan on the existing abandoned tracks WOULD be s sweet deal for Brooks. Thanks for the idea. We'll have to spend all those funds on something if you guys don't want to spend it where it's been needed for 15 years. The money is already approved for transportation.


However the bus will go through PTC, Newnan, and on to Hartsfield and Atlanta....and back. About 2045.

The train will cone from Senoia to PTC, on to 74/I85 junction. etc.

Most of you fogies won't care!

There will be a new Atlanta airport just south of Newnan. It will be called:

Westmoreland/Gingrich/Obama International (WGO)

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Woody. I run the same route you are talking about and the McElroy corridor is far from being a safe neighborhood. I always wondered why so many Fayette Co Sheriff cars sit in Corinth hiding with their radar guns but none will sit anywhere on McElroy where they could finance the entire county budget. There is nothing like being run down by a Food Lion 18 wheeler flying down McElroy at 50+ mph in a 35 mph zone. We could sure use some speed bumps like the ones on Banks.

This new road will cut right into The Links Golf Club. There goes our golf course. There goes more people out of work. How may other business and jobs will we let them take from us????????

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It is a nice place with limited benefits to the majority of the citizens.
I can identify an alternate route down Simpson Rd across 54 and bearing right along the creek to the power lines and then following that right of way to McEroy Rd at the park after bypassing the the residential section of McEroy Rd. This would accomplish what's needed but to my knowledge it was never considered. Maybe it should be.


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What The ARC Has Planned
For everyone concerned about what the ARC has planned for our future, there are several meetings this week that we all need to attend.

The Association of Fayette County Governments will hold a meeting tonight (Tuesday, March 8) at 7:00 PM. Representatives from all of the municipalities, including our commissioners, will be discussing transportation projects relating to HB 277. We need to be there!

"The Civic League for Regional Atlanta and the Atlanta Regional Commission are hosting five Neighborhood Forums designed to involve the citizens of the region in the plans and decisions shaping the region."

"All Neighborhood Forums are free and open to the public, though registration is requested to ensure that we have enough seating and materials (and snacks!) for everyone. Forums run from 6:45 to 9:00 PM."

March 10 – Wendell Coffee Golf & Events Center
1963 Hwy. 74 N, Fayetteville, 30214
(Fayette, S. Fulton, Coweta and Spalding counties)"

The link for that meeting is:

That is where you will find a highlighted "registration" point.

You will notice that the Neighborhood Forum meeting on Thursday coincides with our Commissioners' Meeting. Unless you have the ability to split yourself in two, it will be impossible to attend both meetings on Thursday. However, we need to pick one of those meetings and participate in what is planned for our future.

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