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Developer wants re-do on Kedron senior apartments

Thursday night, the Peachtree City Council will consider a rezoning for a 5.6-acre site next to the Kedron Village shopping center that would allow an age-restricted senior apartment complex. NorSouth Companies of Georgia wants to build a 100-unit development on the site, which is located on Newgate Road.

The rezoning was denied on a 4-1 council vote last June, but apparently the matter has been in negotiation for some period of time, according to a staff memo released earlier this week.

The site is currently zoned limited use residential for a 21-unit “luxury townhome” development that never came to fruition.

NorSouth has pledged to restrict the independent living apartments to persons aged 62 and older.

Last year, the planning commission recommended approval of the rezoning and an associated development agreement.

NorSouth also agreed to a number of conditions including:

• A requirement for NorSouth and all future property owners to follow federal age restriction and verification policies, which include the use of a photo ID listing each residents’ date of birth.

• NorSouth will notify the city of any ownership or management change for the property;

• Provide covered parking for golf carts; and

• Screening of mechanical units.

The apartments are targeting seniors who earn no more than about $30,000 a year, and some have questioned what would happen if the company is unable to fill the complex.

The income limit is set due to a requirement of tax credits allowed for the project that are granted on the construction end to keep rents affordable. Anyone earning more than the income limit can rent one of the apartments at full market price, NorSouth officials have said.

NorSouth representatives have said they have never had a problem finding tenants for its similar properties. The company also has provided a tour of its Atlanta area developments for council members, planning commission members, city staff and the public.

The development would be surrounded on Newgate Road by an existing hotel, car wash, convenience store and gas station, officials said.

The property is owned by Peachtree City Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of Pathway Communities, which is the successor company of the original developer of Peachtree City.



"Been in negotiations for some time"...Laurel Henderson is the attorney representing PTC in this, according to the agenda packet. A new attorney? No Ted Meeker?

The same attorney who is helping Morrow design an ordinance to that sets up a procedure to remove public officials from office?

There is a story here that has yet to be told.

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Something is starting to smell bad here.

John Munford needs to dig deeper.

Live free or die!

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I hate to tell you this, well not really, but your boy Haddix posted yesterday, I believe it was a week he lasted.

I yam what I yam

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That was a well-written and supportive response praising Sany, state officials and Harold Logsdon. There was not one hint of bufoonery in that post. It was professional and dignified. It was pro-business.

Clearly someone at the city hijacked the Haddix avitar and posted politically correct thoughts. So that wasn't him. Doesn't count. It has been about 2 weeks. We are halfway there.

Live free or die!

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I know the fact he agreed with you threw you off, but like you said, last post? Guess it wasn't. Besides, even as a joke, would you post under that picture?

I yam what I yam

So...have you finally learned your lesson about shooting your mouth off!

pot calling the proverbial kettle black. Thanks, Cal.

for, have at it.

I would not ever be in favor of the Council approving a HUNDRED units on this parcel.

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Council made the right decision last year and what has changed since then? 21 "luxury units" not enough? Too bad! Norsouth bought it under those conditions and I see no reason to give them any break whatsoever.

I have a real problem with any development or business being able to legally get away with discrimination based upon age in the first place. Why even have discrimination laws when you carve out exemption after exemption and make allowances for a certain group on the sole reason of their age, skin color, ethnic group, etc, and say "well, it's OK to discriminate in THIS case, but all others, WRONG!"

I can totally understand older people wanting to live with older people. They will allow black old people, white old people, Indian old people, French old people, Spanish old people, the list can go on and on. This is not about discrimination it is about quality of life, I learned that after my father moved to such a place. Let them have it. Let them enjoy their last years. They just do not want kids around 24/7. They make noise are obnoxious and not fun to be around if they are not yours. I am getting older. I now understand that. Having said that. I am opposed to the new development as we have a senior complex on Crosstown that is not full. Fill it up then look at another location.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

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You know, those other non-whites are definitely "obnoxious" and also affect my "quality of life" and all, so why can't I move into a complex where it's white's only? While we're at it, how about only white people with an IQ above room that in some way "wrong" too? Oh yeah, they had better not have kids either! Can I get a "white's only" discount while I am it and also some good parking spots?

Have you looked at the town club. Its is beautiful. BUT, A small 2 bedroom starts at 3200. and goes up to 4900 per month. Yes that rent. Thats why its only 20 percent full. So the rent is a joke. You do get to eat 2 times a day there. That sounds great. Eating down stairs every day for the rest of your life. If you skip a meal you dont get any money back, its in the rent. So build the new one that regular good folks can afford.

Seems rumor has it they're going to offer assisted living as an option, too.

No, say it isn't so, Joe!

No developer would have that in the back of his mind would he?

Why, I can not believe it!

Do business and banks collude on such devious things? No!

Why, I even heard of an executive once who stole billions from his own race with a Ponzi scheme!
He didn't even use credit-swaps to do it--nor packaged garbage loans!

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Don't know if it is rumor, new management or what, but someone told me prices were going down under $2,000 per month and they had a program where they would help you sell your house or in some cases even buy it. Also heard about assisted living, but I can't believe that since that requires expensive equipment and a nursing staff - too much expense under current conditions.

If the $1900 is true, that is a great deal and a smart idea. Fill the place up and then gradually increase rents over a period of time. Better than being 80% empty.

Live free or die!

It's a very nice facility...

You may have "heard about all that, but I don't think it is true!

So a person making $30,000 can pay $23,000 for rent alone! BS

Sell my house? For how much, when?

Yeah, assisted living alone costs half that much! Just hype.

It is to be subsidized and is not for someone with a house already.

Many people would want one of those in which to retire providing we weren't in a recession. The gimmicks are the only way they can sell them.

The banks would own them in 2-3 years!

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At least from normal - above on down a few comments, we are discussing Towne Club. Certainly no maximum income requirement in that place. And it is a wonderful first-class facility. And I did confirm that $1990 will get you the smallest apartment there. Very fuzzy on the house sale thing. No comment from them on the assisted living idea, although I think I was talking to the wrong person. I'm having lunch tomorrow with one of the residents (which is the same as having lunch with all of the residents) and they will know.

Now onto the other place in Kedron - the one with an income requirement that enables them to get subsidized financing. I don't believe that will be seriously enforced, nor do I think they will enforce the age requirement either. I mean why would they? What trouble can they get into and with whom? City code enforcement? What are they going to do? Have a midnight inspection making people produce proof of age and income? I can see it now "Roust! Roust! produce your papers!"

Live free or die!

I'd be interested to hear what your resident friends say. Although, they might not be aware of any new "programs" to get more residents. I have a dear friend who owns her own home and is considering selling. She wants assisted living with eventually moving into a nursing home. When she told me she is considering TC, I was shocked because she had always said it's just moving into an apt., and you have to make another move eventually into a nursing home. She had been waiting for Somerby, but that seems to be taking forever. It seems just recently, someone over there has been selling her on the assisted living concept, but I agree with you, they are not equipped for that. I don't want her taken advantage of and hope she isn't being given empty promises just to get her money. I do agree this a beautiful facilty.

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As long as your friend is able to care for herself (bathing, dressing, etc.) Towne Club is perfect. It is pricey, but you get what you pay for. The staff is exceptional and the level of service, quality of food - everything is top notch. And I don't see that slipping as they fill up with more residents. Sure they will have to hire a few more staff, but the infrastructure and leadership is all in place.

Apartments they are, but everyone tends to view it as a cruise ship where the cabins may be small, but the ship is huge and there is a lot more going on outside your cabin than inside it.

And I can't be sure of this, so be sure she gets a straight answer from the manager at Towne Club, but I think it is acceptable to have a personal care giver come in and provide some services should she need that later which may be a bridge between independent living and assisted living. Senior Helpers is one good company that does this. And it may be entirely possible that they are considering an assisted living component. Might know more tomorrow.

Live free or die!

Hey Robert, I was told at the town club they are going to have one entire floor for assisted living only with a nursing staff. Thats only one floor the rest will be as it is now. Maybe then they can get it up to about half full.

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If they do that - meaning put an assisted living unit in there, I would be thrilled. Chris Matthews thrilled. Something skinny and slinky running up and down my leg, but I digress.

Assisted Living in Towne Club would be a big thing and really help fill the place up. I would do anything I can to support that and I would get my depressed, living alone parent-in-law in there as soon as possible. Maybe me too in 20 years.

Live free or die!

Does the 30k include investment earnings and Social Security income?

It can not!

No one can afford one of those apartments on 30k per year!

The current ones near Braelin average costing that much for rent, and some utilities, only!

Since SS doesn't cover all medical costs or medicines, they wouldn't be able to pay for that either.

I suppose they could keep from starving on the two minuscule meals provided a day.

Hope they don't need eyeglasses or dental work!

There will be a way to obtain much more rent than the income level indicates.

Is there a proposal somewhere to supply Peachtree Development Corporation, the founder of PTC, a government subsidy? Is that the real reason some don't want these?

Otherwise, why do we hate old folks? I'm one of them!

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and then we see " but apparently the matter has been in negotiation for some period of time, according to a staff memo released earlier this week" UHHHH, excuse me, but am I just plain stupid or do they expect me to be? What in the name of Sam Hill is going on here?

Whoever/Whomever (never could figure that choice out) is talking about this again and again and again needs to be brought up on charges of violating the rules. Unless of course it is landowner Doug Mitchell who has always thought he was exempt from tedious things like rules. Maybe Jim Pace who would build their building is exempt from the rules. Or is it the Water and Sewer Authority who desperately needs to expand their customer base? Or the nameless broker at Group VI who is trying to make a land sale. Of course if it is someone at the City - let's find out who and charge them with a crime.

I doubt it is the mayor, but I do remember a previous mayor who thought he knew better than everyone, declared himself exempt from the rules, and then negotiated illegally (IMHO) with John Wieland about the West Village annexation. Hope we are not seeing a repeat of that abuse of power. Of course if it is anyone on staff or council or planning commission, he or she needs to be fired immediately.

Live free or die!

does not apply to this property.


Last year it looked good but after looking at the ones in Fairburn when calling around for my great Aunt I found they were not kept in good order. I think it will be a big big mistake.


Get the facts!

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First I heard there was a lawsuit filed on this was at the city council meeting last night. These things appear in the public records somewhere don't they?

I would think that the existence of a lawsuit would be an important fact to include in the reporting on these so-called senior apartments.

Live free or die!

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St. George's Court in Griffin, GA is what this project made me think of. They always have a waiting list.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

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