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GSBA to lead search for new Fayette school superintendent

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) has been hired by the Fayette County School Board to lead the search for a replacement for Superintendent John DeCotis who is retiring at the end of June.

The measure was approved by unanimous vote Tuesday night after a presentation by GSBA consultant Dr. Don Rooks. GSBA will charge $8,000 to conduct the search and consult with the school board and school system in the many facets of the search process and hire of the new superintendent.

Board members Tuesday were insistent, and Rooks agreed, that the community have the means to offer input on the characteristics they deem important in selecting a new superintendent.

Rooks in his presentation outlined a 17-step process that involves the school board, school system and the community.

A GSBA consultant at the outset will work with the school board to establish recruitment criteria and timelines. GSBA will use its database to post the vacancy. The database includes the school board associations of all 50 states.

GSBA will also receive, review and screen applications and will conduct reference checks on the top candidates. The consultant will meet with the school board to review applications and prepare board members for the interview process.

Among other functions GSBA will also moderate the interviews of top candidates. Subsequent to the interviews, the names and biographical information on as many as three finalists, the customary number of applicants deemed potentially acceptable for hire, will be released 14 days before any final decision to make the appointment.



Please do not pick someone from Fayette County - no locals needed! Get someone without all the local connections.

So we are going to use funds ($8000.00 to be exact)from our already in jeopardy budget, to pay the GSBA to pick a superintendent that has already been picked? Why? It is common knowledge that the "board" has already picked the superintendent, these are just politically correct steps to make it look otherwise. I really hope this organization is doing it and not the
"good ole' boys(and girls)". The one who's rumored to have been chosen is not worth a flip!

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