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Local Tea Party speaks out on transportation, immigration

Approximately 60 people attended the Feb. 22 committee meeting of Fayette County Issues Tea Party. The meeting, also attended by members of the Senoia Tea Party movement, was held at the Peachtree City Library and was geared to update the audience on the ongoing work of the organization’s various committees. Among the issues that apply to Coweta and Fayette counties were the regional 1-cent transportation sales tax referendum coming in 2012 and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011.

Organization coordinator Bob Ross led much of the meeting. Addressing the upcoming 2012 vote on regional transportation projects, Ross noted the organization’s desire to defeat the proposal. Fayette is linked to the referendum with the 10-county Atlanta Regional Commission.

Coweta County is part of the 10-county Three Rivers Commission area. And though the two counties are members of different regional commission groups, Coweta and Fayette are linked in many ways, including geographically.

“We’re reaching out to other counties to defeat it. We plan to educate the voters,” Ross said, adding that transportation initiatives such as a potential rapid rail component do not pay for themselves.

A question posed by former Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon asked if residents would vote for the 1-cent transportation sales tax if commuter rail was taken out of the plan.

“Some people would,” Ross replied.

Logsdon asked that the committee explore that alternative.

It was the potential for commuter rail, a part of the Atlanta region’s Concept 3 plan, that drew Coweta County residents Lee Norman and Joe Cannin to the meeting.

Coordinator of the Senoia Tea Party Patriots, Cannin after the meeting said the Senoia organization has concerns about the Concept 3 proposal because it shows the commuter rail line ending in Senoia after passing through Tyrone and Peachtree City.

Cannin said he, like Senioa Mayor Robert Belisle, does not favor the introduction of commuter rail to the Senoia area.

Commuter rail, like the regional 1-cent sales tax initiative itself and the regional transportation plans that could flow from it, is linked to another concern, Cannin said. It means governance by a region instead of governance by local governments, he said.

Another committee report, presented by organization member Denise Ognio, pertained to House Bill 87 on illegal immigration sponsored by Rep. Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City).

“We want it to pass,” Ognio said, stressing that citizen involvement is required to help ensure the bill’s passage. Ognio is a familiar face in the Tea Party movements in both Coweta and Fayette counties. “We’re paying attention. We see it in the media, but we don’t make the calls to legislators.”
The bill made its way out of committee earlier this week.




Laws found to be constitutional relating to the illegal immigration incursion, will give various other States the impetus to make obligatory more policing provisions. For decades previous administrations have ignored or calculatedly left America open to a free flow of foreign labor. The devastating question can this nation afford to support this illegal occupation anymore. All this time American taxpayers have been confronted with a reverse psychology, but now their eyes are fully open and at last attentive that they have been cheated. Finally numerous State Legislators have woken up to this financial nightmare, and the cost to their welfare States. Those States that have failed to acknowledge this immense cost, hidden in their States General fund and not enacting any restrictive policing laws, are going to catch the illegal alien fallout from such States like Arizona. They are leaving and heading to other places. This is not limited to border jumpers, but illegal persons from other corner of the globe.

Large majorities are disappearing and venturing into the depreciating neighborhoods of the Sanctuary City and State of California and Nevada. However, once these illegal workers and families catch the whisper that Utah is discussing an in-State Guest worker program, the dam will collapse and foreigners in the Southwest and from other States will rush there. This happening, taking place across the US, owing to their flexible system of laws, or simply not even enforcing them. This major problem is what every state faces, if they remain indifferent. Arizona's effective mass evacuation is happening now? So as with Utah--where does—YOUR--State stand on enforcement? All those States that are attacking Arizona's enforcement laws are guaranteed to find thousands looking for a new home in their towns and cities. MILLIONS MAY BE ON YOUR DOORMAT NEXT WEEK OR A MONTH FROM NOW?

You can locate your local government representative in the phone book blue pages. Your indisposed Senator or congressman can be reached at 202-224-312 in Washington. STATE LEGISLATORS MUST MANDATE THE E-VERIFY PROGRAM, TO DETECT ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE WORKPLACE.AND BOTH PREVIOUS AND NEW HIRES MUST BE AUDITED WITH I-9 (Workers Verification forms) THE PEOPLE are so empowered now and are joining a local TEA Party. Use your vote added to millions of other delusional Americans on immigration. Study about the corruption of special interest lobbyists at Judicial Watch and everything you need to know about illegal immigration at NumbersUSA. IT’S YOUR COUNTRY? FIGHT FOR IT. SPEAK UP!

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We in Fayette County may need "regional transit" but it should only go as far north as Hartfield airport and our taxes should support NOTHING more.
We should be coordinating with our neighboring counties that we share borders with for our combined immediate needs and the rest of the metro area should be consulting with us as a separate group. THIS concept is the KEY to the metro Atlanta transit needs. NONE of the metro counties need to be determining what's best for communities they do not even share borders with. There should be NO reason that we could not be members of several regional commissions and therefore coordinate with ALL of them. But hanging on to a group that potentially could stream roll us just for our tax money is ridiculous.


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