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Stover, Crymes weigh-in on gun issues in election

The Georgia Gun Owners organization recently published the results of a survey of candidates for elected office, noting that District 71 candidate David Stover completed the organization’s survey while Tom Crymes, the other Dist. 71 candidate in the March 5 runoff election, did not respond.

But there may be a bit more to the story as Crymes said he did not receive the survey, adding that he supports 2nd Amendment rights though he is in favor of requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Contacted Wednesday, Georgia Gun Executive Director Patrick Parsons said the survey contained nine questions that dealt with various aspects of gun ownership, such as support for the right to carry a gun, the locations guns can be carried, circumstances under which guns can be sold and whether a permit should be required to carry a concealed weapon.

Parsons said Stover returned the candidate’s survey that he was “100 percent in favor of your right to keep and bear arms” which included a position that no permit should be required to carry a concealed weapon. Parsons also noted that Crymes had not responded to the survey that was mailed to candidates.

Also contacted Wednesday, Crymes said he did not receive the survey said to have been mailed to him. That said, Crymes noted that he is a lifelong advocate of the 2nd Amendment, an avid gun enthusiast and gun owner since he was young.

“I’m 100 percent in favor of the 2nd Amendment. I have the National Rifle Association, Georgia Carry and the Ga. Hunting and Fishing Federation’s highest ratings,” Crymes said.

Pertaining to another facet of gun ownership, Crymes in opposition to the Georgia Gun Owners position said he believes a permit to carry a concealed weapon is an appropriate requirement, adding that he has possessed a concealed carry permit for a decade.

The runoff election for the District 71 seat in the Ga. House of Representatives will be held on Tuesday.

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