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Logsdon becomes first candidate to qualify

Steve Brown will face at least two challengers for his Post 3 seat on the county commission in the May primary.

Former Peachtree City mayors Harold Logsdon and Don Haddix have announced they would also seek election to the seat currently held by Brown, who was re-elected as chairman by his fellow commissioners earlier this year.

Logsdon, Haddix and Brown have already qualified for office to run as Republicans as of 4:30 p.m. The local Democratic Party has not qualified any candidates as of 4:30 p.m. but expects to do so this evening and tomorrow morning.

Also up for grabs in the May primary and November general election is the Post 5 seat on the county commission currently held by Allen McCarty, who has said he will seek re-election.

Voters will also fill two seats on the Fayette County Board of Education. The Post 4 seat is currently held by Bob Todd, who has said he will not run for office again, and the Post 5 seat is currently held by Leonard Presberg, who has said he will run for re-election.

Among Fayette’s current state representatives, Democrats Virgil Fludd (Dist. 64) and Ronnie Mabra (Dist. 63) qualified for office as of Monday, along with Republicans Matt Ramsey (Dist. 72) and John Yates (Dist. 73).

Fayette’s Dist. 16 State Senate seat currently held by Ronnie Chance of Tyrone is up for grabs as Chance has said he will not seek re-election. As of midday Monday, insurance agent M.H. “Marty” Harbin was the only candidate to have qualified for that seat, though three others have announced they too will seek election including Fayetteville attorney David Studdard.



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I sure hope the Rotary Club has Haddix, Brown and Logsdon on stage this year for a debate. Remember one of these could easily be PTC's only representative on county commission, so it is pretty important.

Live free or die!

I hope there's another dark horse that files. Even though I am in PTC, I won't get the opportunity to vote since Oak Grove seems to have more in common with Brooks, Inman and unincorporated FC. Dopes.

I think SB is doing a good job as commissioner and chair, but most of his votes came from those folks that didn't want the road to know where and they can't vote for him. PTC folks have memories like elephants, so he will have to win them over. H doesn't have a chance and L will have to run a smart campaign (better than the mayoral race) if he wants to win.

This will be fun to observe.

Is Ms. Bacallao still planning exit the school board to run for governor? And if so, would her spot become an elected position or would it be filled by the BOE selection guidelines? Personally, I would prefer to vote to fill her spot.

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...not gov as far as I know.

Haddix, Brown, Logsdon.......what an awful field of candidates. Looks like another vote for Cyclist from me. I thought Brown vs. Jack Smith was bad, but this is worse.

Watching Brown and Haddix tear each other to pieces will at least be somewhat entertaining.

Got confused for a moment

She is running for State School Superintendent. That is if she raises the funds to qualify.

If she were to run, she would need to resign her seat and there would be someone appointed who lives in that post.

Take Care & See you Wendesday


Don't know why I said governor. Guess I was thinking about the present state school supt.

Yes Neil, I will be there Wednesday. May be a few minutes late, depending on traffic.

Hum. Three former Mayors of Peachtree City qualify or will qualify for County Commission seat. Should be interesting. Who is going to start the negative ball rolling first? At least they all three have a past record as to the way they govern.


Where all washed up former mayors of PTC attempt to resurrect their political careers. This should be fun to watch.

1 flip flop artist.

1 candidate ran very recently as an incumbent and pulled in a whopping the same basic area no less. This entry baffles the mind.

I see one candidate so far worthy of my vote. And in this field, that isn't saying much.

At least none of them will have a say on the PTC Council.

I hope Mickey Mouse runs...........or Jimmy Carter.....even he could win this one. Gosh we really are in the race with river-crime-dale to the sad.

Let's see now, so far we have a "half drunk" ex-mayor, a "pathological liar and thieve of citizens funds" ex-mayor and a "Rino" ex-mayor running for the Post 3 seat on the county commission. So my questions is where's the "Black Knight in shinning Black Armour riding on a Black horse" that is being sent to save us from our selves. Hummmmmmmmm..........

next week. Or is it being moved in..

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