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Senoia Marathon station busted for video gambling

It was a matter of paying cash for credits on “slot machine” style video games that led to the Feb. 26 seizure of cash and equipment at the Marathon convenience store on Ga. Highway 85 at Ga. Highway 16 in Senoia.

Warrants have been filed for three individuals pertaining to the illegal gambling.

“The Senoia Police Department had been receiving anonymous complaints indicating that individuals were receiving cash payment for credits earned while playing the ‘Slot Machine’ style games located inside the business, which is a clear violation of law,” said Senioa Police Chief Jason Edens.

Edens said that while conducting the investigation the police requested the assistance of the Coweta County Crime Suppression Unit to conduct an undercover operation inside the business.

“The undercover agent was paid in cash for the winnings on several occasions,” Edens said. “Based on this information Lt. Michael Resmondo of the Senoia Police Department did obtain a search warrant for the business for the purposes of locating and seizing any evidence directly related to the gaming machines.”

A group of Senoia officers and Coweta Sheriff’s Crime Suppression Unit arrived at the Marathon station at approximately 10 a.m. The manager was served with papers for the search warrant after patrons completed their purchases, Resmondo said.

Officers seized four video machines and cash from the register, safe and the ATM machine that was stocked by the store, Resmondo said.
Resmondo said warrants for three individuals have been issued in the case.

“The Senoia Police along with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office recognize that gambling is an addiction and for this purpose we take this type of illegal activity very seriously. We are now and will continue to monitor this type of activity here in Senoia as well as within Coweta County,” Edens said.



probably came from gamblers who didn't win! Now I'm pretty much a Law & Order guy but I've come to believe that most gambling laws are just an extension of the nanny state people control issue. Gambling addicts will find a way to gamble.

Gambling is OK as long as the profits only benefit India.

Made in the USA. F**k it. Who cares?

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People who criticize the Senoia police force for enforcing the law need to get a clue. Unregistered gaming is certainly not new-the numbers, the neighborhood lottery, even high stakes bingo--what is new is the ease to set up gaming now. This was illegal because it circumvented state and local authorities and circumvented our tax laws. There was no posted payout rate as mandated by law by these video machines.
If you want to gamble, then work to change the laws or visit a state or locale that allows unfettered gaming. Let's have the police enforce all of the laws and not pick and choose what they can enforce each day based upon your whims and whimsy.

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It's illegal to pay cash for winning on these machines... you can post whatever you want, you still can't pay cash. These machines operated under the same law the games at Chuck E Cheese do... if you win, you're only supposed to receive a non cash prize (cant get gas, alcohol, or smokes either).

The only form of gambling allowed in GA is the state run lottery.

The officers are only doing their job... can't blame them one bit.

I would have no problem making gambling legal at the smaller level.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

Sure hope we have one of those in Fayette!

Marathon's new motto: "Get Gas and Poker (oops, pokie) All in One Stop!"

And what abouth their other crime...the exorbitant price they charge for a candy bar???

Its sad that the Police of Hooterville don't have anything better to do than raid stores and set SPEED TRAPS. I'm not much of a gambler , but is really any different than PLAYING the LOTTERY. I guess they should also shut down Scottrade in PTC , isn't the Stock Market just leagalized Gambling ?

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Hey, has anyone played the lotto today? The state just can't get a handle on how to tax these machines yet. If they could it would be legal.

I'm just say'n

Bring in the conventions and cash. We are broke and need it. Do it before the other states jump on board. Sure you have some idiots who cant stop and will lose everything. Lifes a bitch isnt it. I would rather you all go to a casino and bet than to go smoke your medical dope or get drugged up on alcohol with the losers at the Y knot. Better yet let the Indian tribes open casinos here. Make them hire locals though to help the unemployment problem. And for those of you who dont care for gambling, stay home and keep quiet, and stay off the citizen. Its so easy if you think about it.

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Don't count on that happening. Georgians elected for 2 terms Perdue who is too much of a nanny-state lover to even allow a statewide referendum which only permitted local jurisdictions to decide for themselves on Sunday alcohol sales. Some of the would-be successors to Perdue like sleazy John Oxendine put Perdue to shame when it comes to outright catering to the hard right fundies.

Until such time that enlightenment is reached, I see no reason for law enforcement to simply ignore businesses flagrantly violating the existing laws. Part of what brings about change is when people notice these arrests and start to question whether these are laws that are truly necessary and exactly what the purpose of these laws are.

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