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16-year-old McIntosh student found dead in home hot tub

The body of 16-year-old Chase Burnett was found early Sunday morning in the hot tub at his residence near Peachtree City. The death is being investigated by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s spokesman Brent Rowan on Sunday said Burnett was found by his father in the hot tub at their Diamond Point residence at approximately 6 a.m. Rowan said the 16 year-old was unresponsive  when his father found him.

Rowan said Burnett's body has been sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation where an autopsy will be performed to identity any contributing factors which may have led to his drowning death.

Rowan said Burnett attended McIntosh High School in Peachtree City. The school’s resource officer has been notified, Rowan added.

Rowan said the incident is currently under investigation.



Can someone please make "spice" illegal, or could we stop shopping at gas stations that sell this stuff! All kids need to know how deadly this is!

RIP. may your death help others realize how fragile life is! My heart goes out to the parents of this boy.

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Was sign into law by Perdue - 2010.


I feel for the family.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I see nothing in the article about "spice" being the cause of this young boy's death. Are you guessing this is what happened or do you know for sure?

I can't imagine what those poor parents are going through. What a terrible, terrible thing.

Where in the article does it mention drugs of any type? Do you know something that has not yet been reported?

Sincere condolences. May I express gratitude to the family for sharing this with the public in such a dignified manner. Your sharing just may save another young person's life.

Peachtree City and the students of McIntosh High mourn the death of Chase Burnett. I just saw him this weekend bicycling around the cart paths. As always, he had a smile on his face. He was a fine young man. A heartbreaking tragedy.

and Spice but the are many other similar "incense" substances which are smoked by young adolescents. Some are very dangerous and have been putting kids in hospitals BUT the DEA has already used their Emergency Scheduling Authority to criminalize many of these substances prior to congressional approval and prior to any State Legislative or Executive action. So, why now is the Governor taking action when they are already outlawed on the federal level? Seems like Sunny Purdue is a day late and a dollar short to me and any state action is irrelevant and has already been pr-empted by the feds.

Deal is now the governor.

This is not a simple fix they will repackage the item in a new package give it a new name and sale it happens every week.

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Dave and his wife Yvette are good friends of ours. It does appear that "spice" was a contributing factor in the death of their son. This is a horrible tragedy for them. Chase was their middle son and a good kid. A great tennis player and a good student as well. Everyone should realize that no family is immune to this type of tragedy. My heart breaks for them. I know of nothing worse that could happen to any parent. Keep them in your prayers as they are Christians and are going to need the help of our God to get them through this. You can only imagine their grief. -Jim

I'm just say'n

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I just can't imagine this being my child. Hearing about this from a dear friend who had first hand interaction with the family and friends leaves me grieving for this family and the horrible circumstances and consequenes of what happened.

We walk around day to day oblivious as to what those we interact with are dealing with....

God's peace on this young man's parents, family and friends.

Young people..Please wake up. We old people aren't your enemies when we try to prevent and guide you from experiencing some of the $hit life throws at you. Consider our guidance as roadmap as to how to muddle through the temptations and dangers you guys encounter.

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

You hit the nail on the head.

While I have been at opposing views from you previously, we are on the same page with this event. I thought long and hard about this type of event and came to a decision. I spoke with my children and said "I do not condone the use of drugs, but I was a teenager once and know that experimentation is inevitable for a lot of teenagers. If you feel you need to try something and we cannot dissuade you from it, please let us be present to ensure that we don't have to bury you." My middle daughter (who is at McIntosh) called me (crying) to tell me that she knows what I meant by that statement now.

I said that 2 years ago.

My thoughts are with your family and friends they have lost so much.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

I am so sorry for the parents.

I don't care how it happened.

As a parent, this has to be the hardest event in your life.

Christian, Jewish or Athiest, a child lost thier life. It is sad for everyone.

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the originator of the "spice" story also thinks Purdue is still the governor. But nevertheless it gets credence by being discussed.

On another note consider the law of unintended consequences. We criminalize marijuana. Then, Viola, alternatives appear that make weed look like a can of light beer. There really is no end to it.

These synthetic smoke items that people purchase are going to be hard to eliminate reason being the manufacturer will just repackage the item and give it a new name just like the bath salts they are all in the same category. I am not sure what the verbiage in the Law states but the state is going to have to be very descriptive in banning these items. This is going to open many eyes in this community, my heart goes out to his parents we can't be with our children 24/7 they have freedom to makes choices this is so important to learn from this and use this death as an example to teenagers who think this is not harmful because we can see that it is. I admire his parents for using this to educate the teenagers this is how they learn. God help us all over the next few weeks.

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Ditto, exactly my thoughts.

My heart and prayers go out to the family.

I can't imagine.


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So tragic. My deepest of sympathies go out to his family and close friends.

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So tragic. My deepest of sympathies go out to his family and close friends.

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So tragic. My deepest of sympathies go out to his family and close friends.

Kids, this is your community too. Please try to make it a better place. You might as well learn from the experience of those older and wiser than you. They aren't trying to nag you, and they aren't clueless. They made it to a much later stage in life than many of you will, which makes them a lot more clued-in than you.

There's nothing cool or impressive about sitting around getting high or drunk. Anyone can do that. It takes no skill. Recording a song takes skill. Hitting a baseball takes skill. Acting in a play, fixing a car, making a film, writing a novel. These things are very difficult, which is why it impresses people.

Hiding in an abandoned parking lot or house while drinking with friends isn't impressive. The winners of the world aren't doing that right now. They are working, planning, striving, and going against all the trends and obstacles that society puts in our paths.

I feel horrible about what happened to this poor kid, but you teenagers aren't going to just do what you want and not receive consequences.

There are ALWAYS consequences to your actions, even if they appear much, much later. Consequences are inescapable.

And since most of you go to church and, if you aren't lying, believe in God, remember that He actually is watching you at every moment. It is impossible to hide from God. He knows 100% of what you do.

So do what you know is right. Walk in the path the Lord laid for you.

If you want to get high, look to God, and if you find that to be corny or hokey, then you really don't mean what you say when you are at church.

Jesus isn't just a few nice songs on Sunday. You're actually supposed to try to live like Him.

I love how all you people want to write about older people being wiser when in fact you are proving yourself to be otherwise. I assume you are all educated in Forensic Science and all performed their own autopsy on this kid seeing as it is you know what killed him already. Word of advise, listen to your own advise and be wiser! Did pre-existing medical condition ever enter your "wise" thoughts?

The boy's dad was on the news & said it was "spice".

This is not the place for right or wrong to be discussed. The Citizen should NOT even allow comments for an article like this. Have some class, your opinion is not as important as you might think. & write your name with your comment. Katie Wingo.


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