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Sharpsburg man arrested in PTC domestic incident

A Sharpsburg man faces felony assault charges after a Feb. 24 incident involving a woman and her minor son in their Peachtree City home. No significant injuries were reported.

Samuel Edward Whitlock, 36, was charged by Peachtree City Police with aggravated assault-family violence and simple battery-family violence, according to police reports.

Officers responding to a 911 call in the Twiggs Corner area at approximately 11 p.m. located a woman and her minor son being followed by Whitlock, reports said. The woman during a subsequent interview told officers Whitlock had come over to talk with her though the conversation turned into an argument. The woman told officers that Whitlock began to get physical with her and that her son attempted to jump between them on several occasions. On one of those occasions Whitlock pushed her son into a wall and onto a table, the woman told officers.

Reports indicate that at one point during the argument and altercation the son pulled out a knife in defense of his mother and Whitlock pulled a knife in response. Whitlock was reported to have waved the knife in the face of the juvenile saying, “You wanna play with knives, we’ll play with knives.”

The woman told officers that she felt threatened for her safety and that of her son and attempted to call 911 but Whitlock tackled the child, followed by the son kicking Whitlock in self-defense, according to reports.

Upon questioning the son officers were told that he heard Whitlock and his mother arguing. He said Whitlock pushed his mother and he got between them, basically reiterating what his mother told officers. The boy said he and his mother attempted to go upstairs to get away but Whitlock pushed one of them down the stairs, reports said.

Whitlock told officers he knew he was going to jail because the judge told him not to come back to the woman’s residence as a condition of his bond.

An officer at the scene noticed the woman with an alcoholic beverage and asked if she had been drinking, the report said. The woman explained that Whitlock had brought some beer for the two of them. The officer then inquired about a previous event that brought officers to her home, asking if the jail had notified her that Whitlock was getting out of jail. The woman said she knew when Whitlock got out, but stated later that she had not been notified by the jail.

Police reports did not indicate any significant injuries in the incident.


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