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Unused W. Bypass funds should be used to build bicycle lanes

Now that the Road to Nowhere is mostly complete, I have a suggestion for using some of the money that will be saved by not building the full length of this boondoggle.

The recent opening of the road section between Eastin and the traffic circle at Lees Mill Road has resulted in minimal traffic on the road, although that may increase when the section on to Ga. Highway 92 is completed.

My recommendation is to take some of the money that would have been spent on the other sections of the road that will now not be completed and use it to add a bicycle/pedestrian shoulder on each side of the entire length that is completed.

Since the road will not serve any purpose as intended to help traffic from Hwy. 85 south of Fayetteville get more directly to the pathway to Interstate 85 on Hwy 92 north of Fayetteville, this addition would add some value to a component of the Fayette County population that does not have many options in this part of the county.

Despite the clear instructions a few months back from our sheriff that pedestrians should always be on the shoulder of the roads whenever possible, running on road shoulders throughout north Fayette County is virtually impossible as the shoulders are mostly greatly sloped to take water away from the pavement and very uneven ground when not very sloped.

Running on most of the shoulders in this area is an invitation to a twisted or broken ankle.

I hope our commissioners will consider this option to make some lemonade out of the lemon that is this waste of our tax dollars.

David Sexton
Fayetteville, Ga.



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The residents in this area have given up their lifestyle so that politicians could build their precious "road to nowhere."

Those citizens should at least have sidewalks.

I know for a fact that the residents along the last phase of the W. Bypass used the woods for walking trails. I was one of those citizens. All of my neighbors between Lee's Mill Rd. and Hwy. 92 North walked on trails in the woods on my property. That property is now the last leg of the W. Bypass/Veteran's Pkwy. That is the section that hasn't been finished.

Will it ever be finished?

The folks in that area not only were forced to give their land for the W. Bypass, they also gave up a very valuable source of recreation and exercise.

What short-sighted comments. The West Fayetteville By-Pass provided infrastructure that attracted Pinewood Studios. Their physical plant is on this new road. On what planet are you living to disparage such an important economic addition to our county. Even the sitting County commissioners who couldn't quell their contempt for the WFB are strangely silent now that they have all been proven wrong.

I have no problem with Mr. Sexton's request for bicycle lanes, but please finish this road to alleviate traffic in downtown Fayetteville and to advance county prosperity.

There was a new road and lots of farm land. There was no sewer or power until recently.

They liked the land and the quietness.

Just wait until the real traffic comes along.

The Pinewood Atlanta Studios complex is located on what used to be called Sandy Creek Rd. Sandy Creek Rd. got morphed into the West Bypass by adding a new set if connecting roads. Downtown Fayettville lies three miles to the East of this area.

The previous commissioners, while all in favor of the WFB, also claimed that it would reduce traffic in Fayetteville. But when the public asked how this would happen, the commissioners did not respond. Finally, the former mayor of Fayetteville admitted at a public forum that the WFB would not reduce traffic in Fayetteville.

In fact, these same commissioners who had touted the WFB as a bypass ultimately realized that the WFB was not a bypass, so they renamed it "Veterans Parkway."

I would welcome your explaining how folks driving through the downtown Fayetteville area on highways 54. 85, and 92 will be reduced in number by using Veterans Parkway.

This project was so hated by the public that the commissioners who supported the project were ousted. While the road now bears a new name, the WFB name has been forever branded onto this project through years of controversy. It is truly the "road to nowhere."

As a Fayette County business owner, I strongly support the growth of economic activities in Fayette County by Pinewood Studios (or any other employer) for the betterment of all citizens.

The West Fayetteville Bypass was never completed; thus, there is no opportunity to alleviate traffic in Fayetteville as planned. The current commissioners have thwarted the completion of the WFB so that it does not connect with Georgia 85 south of Fayetteville. Arguments that the WFB does not alleviate Fayetteville traffic are ridiculous since the entire bypass was not completed. In case you haven't noticed, with the advent of Pinewood, the current commissioners have been unusually silent about the "Road to nowhere." The current commissioners owe a resounding apology to their predecessors for criticisms of their adroit planning, but don't hold your breath. These Lilliputians will never admit their short-sightedness.

For all the anti-developers that ran and won...Brown being the biggest phony of all...

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Veterans Parkway will be completed when the D.O.T. approves the Phase III intersection with Ga. highway 92. The point is that not everyone is going to Coleman's Store or for a ride out to the sticks.

The purpose of a real bypass is to enable motorists to avoid congestion by skirting congested areas. To that end, the road is a total failure.

Even when finished, the road won't save significant time from Pinewood to the ATL airport. Look at the maze of turns and traffic signals that are required between the North end and ATL.

If you would take a look at the Griffin, Ga. bypass, I'm sure you'll see a difference.

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There wasn't any infrastructure where Pinewood stands before Pinewood bought the property.

Fayetteville had to annex the property and provide infrastructure. That was part of the deal.

You talk about the WFB being "GOLDEN," alleviating traffic in downtown Fayetteville and advancing county prosperity. You have said that comments here are "short-sighted."

I guess we better broaden our outlook a little bit and see into the future. Pinewood is going to need housing for all the new employees they are supposed to bring to the county. Therefore, we are going to have a new urban development called "Seaside on Steroids?" I would say that the residents who will live in "Seaside on Steroids" will have approximately two vehicles per household. I assume from the article pertaining to the new development, the community will also have their own grocery stores, dry cleaners, churches, schools, post office, gas stations, etc. However, I can imagine that some of those folks will also wander their way into Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and other parts of the county. Don't you think that will add traffic to the Fayette County area? Or, do you think they are all just going to stay right there within their own steroid community and/or travel the WFB?

Who is going to get the gold that will be generated by the WFB and Pinewood? Obviously, Home Depot, Arthur Blank, and Bernie Marcus have and will most certainly continue to derive gold from Pinewood's business. The Truet Cathy family, and the family that sold their land to Pinewood have also received gold.

The builders and contractors who will be building all of the new communities will surely get some of the gold. Will some of those folks be from Fayette? Probably.

What will the average Fayette taxpayer get? More traffic and a lessor lifestyle.


He is not even a major stockholder in Home Depot, as far as I know. Not listed as a major stockholder anyways..neither is Marcus as far as I can tell.

Where is your buddy Steve Brown on all of this growth you don't seem to care for? I thought he was going to save us all.

I for one hope it helps give my favorite restaurants in Peachtree City a little more business. I can see the positives and the negatives of this growth. IT will be years before we know the whole story.

The only way Arthur or Marcus will benefit will be if any of these folks go to the Aquarim or to a Falcons game.

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Go grind it some where else.

Most of us like the buzz, the publicity and the traffic. Get over it babe.

And if you wanted some of the "Gold" you sold have sold your property to some of the devils you mentioned in your missive,

Live free or die!

I expect it will be completed. It was funded by splost right ? You cannot reallocate splost moeny because it is voted on as a convenant with the voter.

It has tobe that way right ? Because if I make a splost, it gets voted on and passed, then you change it, that means the voters can be scammed at any time or even worse, a splot constructed and voted on with the authors knowing it was BS.

So it looks to me like there is no alternative but to finish construction of the WFB - especially if there is to be hope of passing another splost in Fayette county ever again.

Right ?


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There have been several problems associated with completion of the final section of the WFB.

Just one of the obstacles associated with completion of the WFB is the HWY. 92 intersection approval by the GDOT.

I'm sure we all know that the wheels turn very slowly, when it comes to some governmental agencies. Right?

However, when it suits their purposes, government officials just snap their fingers, and it is full speed ahead. Right?

SPLOST or no-SPLOST some government officials get ahead of themselves, cut corners, and find that unforeseen problems cause projects to come to a grinding halt.

Sidewalks and bike lanes only benefit a few folks. Build a multi-use path that can be used by all. It is so irritating that the GDOT built sidewalks along 74 which are rarely used but a cart path would have been cheaper and used more often. I hate the bike lanes because the bikers don't stay in them anyway, many ride side by side and make cars shift over to the left lane.

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And the ditch.

Let me also say that bikers have a right to use the road too...get on a bike sometime, it is fun and good for you.

Wait till you see what GDOT is going to put in during the widening of Hwy 54 over at McDonough Rd. at the ballfields which are on county land. BOC said add it and GDOT said we got ya. Talk about paths to nowhere. This will write the book on it, by far.

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