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19 year-old arrested in high school robbery

A 19 year-old Fayetteville man has been charged with robbery in a March 3 incident at the ball fields at Fayette County High School.

Zach Austin Quinn faces robbery charges after allegedly taking money from a Fayette County high school student who gave Quinn his wallet, believing he had a weapon, according to Fayetteville Police Det. Jeff Harris.

Harris said the incident occurred between 3:30-4:00 p.m. at the baseball complex at Fayette County High School. The victim was in the locker room and was told that someome wanted to see him outside, Harris said.

The victim went outside, finding Quinn and two females. Quinn asked the victim why he had been making fun of his girlfriend and then told the victim to apologize and to give him his necklace, Harris said. Upon being told he had no necklace, Quinn told the victim to hand over his wallet and the victim complied, Harris said. Quinn then took money from the wallet, returned it to the victim and left the area, Harris added.

When interviewed later by officers the victim said that during the exchange Quinn kept putting his hands in his pockets, leading the victim to believe he had some type of weapon, Haris said.

Harris said officers spoke with the females and subsequently identified Quinn.



RKS's picture

Throw the book at him!

RKS, how quickly you are to judge a fellow human being with only having read a short article on the incident. Clearly, you have never been in a situation where something so minuscule was blown way out of proportion. Yes, I do concede that his actions were rash, but it was merely to stand up for his girlfriend, whom he obviously cares about dearly. I implore you to think objectively when it comes to any situation. It will help to make you look less like an arrogant, small-minded individual.

And it might interest you to know that no, he did not move here from Riverdale, nor has he ever resided there.

And again, you are in no place to assume that all crimes are committed by citizens of Riverdale.

I hope you aren't promoting this kind of action by everyone!
Sounds like just simple showing off with threats! Not civil!
He won't get much in court if it ever goes there.

Of course I'm not promoting his actions. As I've said, his actions were rash, but consider the fact that he's young and evidently foolish. Also, no one ever said anything about Zach Quinn threatening anyone.

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