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Paschall cart tunnel OK'd

A $346,000 bid to construct approach paths to the cart path tunnel under Ga. Highway 74 at Paschall Road has been approved by the City Council.

The project will be performed in two phases, with the first being the approach paths themselves and the second phase being a path leading northward on the western side of the highway toward the post office and The Avenue shopping center, officials said.

The second phase of the project may be delayed somewhat due to issues with acquiring rights of way, officials said.

The tunnel has been in place since last year’s completion of the widening of Ga. Highway 74 from two to six lanes between Ga. Highway 54 and Cooper Circle. The tunnel was installed as part of the road widening and the city has committed $150,000 in funding for the tunnel.

If no further change orders are necessary, the project could realize a savings of $380,000 in transportation sales tax revenues that can be used for other such projects. A portion of the project also is being funded by the city’s public improvement program.

The city has spent approximately $94,000 on design and right of way acquisition and must also chip in up to $150,000 to the Department of Transportation for the tunnel installation.

In other business, council approved a $145,000 bid to resurface parking lots at City Hall. The low bidder was On-Site Paving.

The project includes all parking lots surrounding City Hall including the Drake Field parking lot, but excluding the newest parking area built as a part of the recent library expansion.

Funds for the project will come from a low interest loan program offered by the Georgia Municipal Association.



and possibly Frank Cawood & Assoc. are the ones who haven't come to agreement with PTC on these paths yet. And, pray tell, what could be the issue now? Do they need a sign from the Almighty himself saying that it's the right thing to do?

Were there not cart paths in those locations before all of the construction? OK, so maybe the paths were not in the EXACT same locations (maybe a bit east before the widening), but never the less the paths were there and the land holders were OK with it then. Why would the business park or the post office have a problem with cart paths going by their properties? It would only bring in more customers. Ridiculous.


From what I heard, Frank Cawood already came to an agreement with the City. It's the others they are waiting on.

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