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PTC police awarded re-accreditation

The Peachtree City Police Department was presented with its formal international re-accreditation certificate Thursday night.

The achievement is recognition of the department’s “commitment to professional police services,” said LaGrange Police Chief Lou M. Dekmar, who is also a commissioner with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Dekmar noted that accredited agencies must meet 463 standards covering all aspects of law enforcement from the equipment police use, “protection of constitutional rights,” use of force and internal affairs.

Less than 700 of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States have earned the CALEA accreditation, Dekmar said.

Dekmar said to be successful, the police department must foster support from the citizens it serves. The CALEA assessment team that reviewed the department found that it “enjoys a tremendous amount of confidence and trust from the city administrator and its residents,” Dekmar said.

The accreditation process has also been recognized as reducing the city’s liability in regard to police matters.

Peachtree City has also been recognized as a “flagship” agency by CALEA, meaning that it was in the top 10 percent of accredited agencies, Dekmar noted.

Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark said that the award is a significant recognition for the “men and women of the police department.”

“It’s really their award. They’re the ones who work hard for it each and every day and they are the ones who make us proud,” Clark said.

Clark also acknowledged accreditation manager Capt. Rosanna Dove for her guidance and leadership through the process.

Mayor Don Haddix said many residents in the city take the police force for granted.

“The reason we can take them for granted is because they are so great,” Haddix said.



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Good job on the accreditation award. Keep up the good work.

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