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$250K winning ticket sold at PTC Kroger

An Atlanta man is celebrating a tremendous windfall from an instant ticket he received as a gift. Arnold Brown received the Georgia Lottery instant ticket “Gold” as an early birthday gift and won a $250,000 top prize.

The lottery ticket was purchased at the Kedron Kroger store in Peachtree City, lottery officials said. 

“I immediately scratched it off,” said Brown, 55, upon receiving the ticket. “It was on the last line, and I saw $250.”

Then, he saw the zeros that followed and was overwhelmed with joy.

“I’m going to let it soak in. It’s still too unreal,” he said.



it is illegal to buy winning tickets in PTC and give them away to people who live in Atlanta...right????

I guess he can now afford his AARP membership.

Happy b-day, Arnie. You winner, you.

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