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5 plead guilty in PTC Target robbery

Five men involved in the Aug. 30 armed robbery of the Target store in Peachtree City will serve prison time after entering guilty pleas in Fayette County Superior Court.

Two of the defendants, Kyle Alexander Cornell and Bradford Jay Gibbs Jr., also entered guilty pleas Thursday associated with the Sept. 12 robbery of the Pit Stop on Petrol Point in Peachtree City and the attempted armed robbery of the Sonic restaurant in Tyrone earlier that same day, according to Fayette County Assistant District Attorney David Younker.

Cornell, 21, of Harbor Loop in Peachtree City, and Gibbs, 21, of Tom Bridges Road, Newnan were both sentenced to 15 years in prison by Fayette County Superior Court Judge Tommy Hankinson, Younker said.

Gibbs, 21, was the gunman and Cornell was the driver in the Pit Stop and Sonic incidents, Younker said, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The other three defendants entering guilty pleas were involved only in the Target robbery. Jeramie Paul Ruiz, 18, was identified as the gunman in the incident and was sentenced to 11 years in prison, Younker said. Surveillance video showed Ruiz forcing one customer to get on the ground, he added.

Jimmy Bernard Nash, 20, of Garden Lake Drive, Riverdale, was sentenced to 12 years in prison followed by eight years probation. Nash entered the store with Ruiz to accost employees and take the money, Younker said.

Demetrius Antoine Tucker, of 100 Knight Way, Fayetteville, was the Target employee who gave the robbery crew the information on the best time to strike the store, Younker said.

Tucker, 22, of Sunrise Court, Union City, was sentenced to three years in prison followed by seven years probation. The reason for the smaller sentence on Tucker was because he was the first to take a plea deal in the case, and he also agreed to testify against the other co-defendants, Younker said.

Surveillance video showed Tucker was on a cash register and put his hands up when Ruiz and Nash entered the store, Younker said. The video showed Tucker initially taking money out of the cash register drawer, almost closing it, and then taking more cash out after he spotted it underneath some paper, Younker said.

That was one of the first clues that led to the arrests in the case, Younker said, adding that the co-defendants all met at the same residence to split the proceeds from the robbery.

Younker credited the police work of detectives Heather Jones of the Peachtree City Police Department and Phillip Nelson of the Tyrone Police Department, noting that they were able to secure confessions from most of the defendants.

“There’s no way the citizens of Fayette County would have secured a conviction in this case without their efforts,” Younker said.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office was also involved as it processed the crime scene at the Tyrone Sonic, Younker said.

Younker said the case was also notable because most of the defendants went to high school in Fayette County, whereas crimes of this magnitude typically involve residents who live outside the county.



specific, that's 415 Harbor Loop, PTC.

Maybe, just maybe, these 5 will feel similar terror those female cashiers felt that night with those guns in their faces when they get in with the big boyz and learn what real terror is all about. Say, 10 to 15 years worth of terror.

This is how the system is supposed to work. Flawless. From excellent police work, detectives who are relentless in getting the facts, securing a guilty plea, and stores who properly use security equipment. PTC PD, Tyrone PD and FCSO all working together.

Fayette County ADA David Younker, never heard of you, but excellent prosecution and Judge Hankinson great work in your oversight of these cases. From August to March, 7 months to close the books and ship 'em out of our community.

Excellent and thank you all.

Thanks to all involved.

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We originally planned to ignore your ignorant racist statements but sometimes even ignorant people need to be addressed. Since you insist on identifying our home address not once but twice, I'm sure you are one of our neighbors who waves at us and smiles at us when we drive in or out of our driveway....So why not be a real man and stop hiding behind your alias' and white sheets and come up to the door and share your hate to our face. You know where we are so bring it on........We have lived here for over 14 years and have not bothered anyone. We do not plan on leaving because this is our home. We don't wish any bad carma on anyone but really moelarrycurly (Drake/Charles) and joe you all need to slow your role because you really don't even have all of the facts in the case straight, do you honestly think all of the details would be printed? Oh yea, our know who we are, we do not hide. James (NOT JIM), Leslie and James Jr.....

scarab lover

You misspelled "karma".

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Thanks Joe. And.......YOU misspelled scarab. Have a great day.

scarab lover

5 more thugs/Obama supporters off of the street. Great job by the police, prosecuters, and the judge.


Do some of you people come to the Citizen website to celebrate every time someone gets arrested in PTC? To the guy who posted one of the defendants' address - get off your high horse. And to the inevitable ranter against the "thugs/Obama supporters", do you honestly think we can't see that you are using codewords for a racial slur?

You bet.

Don't like it? Tough. Don't read it.

fiber in your diet. Sit down, have yourself a double latte with caramel topping and a Moon Pie and take a chill pill. I am afraid your blood pressure or bile pressure will cause both of you to explode and then where would we be? Try a little tenderness. Hmm, sounds like a good title for a song or book....

fiber-rich, no bp is berry berry good..and you?

And yet you take to the Internet to insult and disclose the personal information of people you've never even met.

and I don't even mind a few pits.

We celebrate when thugs/Obama supporters get arrested because it accomplishes 2 things:

1. It takes dangerous people off of the street.
2. It takes another bedwetting liberal out of the voter pool.

Do you get upset when these low-lifes are put away because it means that there will be fewer people out there voting for Barry Obumbles?

Everything is a 'codeword' to the race pimps in the democrat party. Hey, I've got a codeword for idiot: MikePatton.

Why do you assume these people are Obama supporters?

Why do you assume these people are Obama supporters?

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