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Barlow explains his race for commission

I’ve decided to run against one of the incumbents on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.

My name is David Barlow and I have written a few letters in the local newspapers and I have uploaded a large number of video clips to the Internet from commission meetings and local candidate debates.

Like most people in Fayette County, I moved to here from another state. Hurricane Katrina battered my business in Mississippi.

As a certified legal video specialist I provided videotaping services for the legal profession, but most of my client attorneys had an extremely difficult time recovering after the disaster, so my beautiful wife Cherie and I eventually decided to move to Fayette County to be near our daughter and grandchildren, who reside in Newnan.

I will occasionally take my video equipment to local government meetings and post clips from the issues of concern onto the Internet. I have done this as a service to the working moms and dads as well as our senior citizens who can’t make it to the meetings.

I have attended most of the Board of Commissioners meetings over the last two years. I can’t honestly say I appreciate what I have seen.

Lacking a third vote, Commissioner Allen McCarty and Commissioner Steve Brown have done their best to stem the tide of wasteful spending and wrongful actions of the other three commissioners.

If you give me the opportunity, I will be the crucial third vote to put things back on course. I know McCarty and Brown well and they will attest to my stance on numerous positions.

For those of us attending the meetings, no issue stands out more than the outrageous road projects called the West Fayetteville Bypass. This colossal waste of our tax dollars is like nothing I have ever seen at the local level.

The county had an opportunity with HB 240 to use the tens of millions of dollars from the bypass and save a faltering budget, but McCarty and Brown were voted down 3-2.

Transparency is another obvious problem. Many of our neighbors have come to the meetings to speak out on the way things are performed in secret. I promise to take things in the other direction.

If I had to put a label on my approach to government, I would best describe it as Christian conservative. I believe in preserving the good things in our community and giving the credit where it belongs.

You can rest assured that I have no long-time business partners or relatives locally who would gain financially by my actions. My desire is to lead by example. Every citizen of Fayette County deserves to be recognized by our commission.

It might sound a bit corny, but I really do stand for faith, family and freedom.

My opposition, incumbent Commission Chairman Herb Frady, is a veteran politician with 20 years on the board. I disagree with his attitude and his actions.

I could sure use some help with my campaign and I would enjoy hearing from you.

David L. Barlow

Candidate for Post 2

Tyrone, Ga.


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