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Dog attack on PTC cart path sparks concern

A Peachtree City family is warning path users about a “large black lab-like dog” that attacked their family dog, Patches, on the cart path near the Waterford Green subdivision last week.

Kevin Ellis said Patches needed over 37 stitches to close a dinner plate-sized wound on his side. The dog that attacked Patches was on a leash, but lunged forward with such force that it knocked its owner to the ground and got loose, he said.

“If a dog could do this while on a leash with its owner, I seriously do not believe it should be in an area where there are so many children,” Ellis said. “... Thankfully my son was on our golf cart because the attack was so vicious that he could have easily been killed.”

Patches was walking on a leash while Nancy Ellis and 2-year-old Joshua were on a golf cart when the attack occurred Feb. 22 around 1 p.m. on the path next to the pond by Waterford Green, just behind Kensington Drive.

Ellis printed and posted flyers in the area to warn others of the attack so they will use caution, particularly with children on the paths.

On the flyers, Ellis urges other path users to call him or the police department with information on the attacking dog’s owner. The owner was described as a middle-aged woman with shoulder length dark hair.

While that isn’t much to go on, other path users in the area have told Ellis they also have had “run-ins” with a “large, mean black dog in the area.”

“What really started gnawing at me is: what if I’m out there with the kids and our fishing poles, and the dogs got into it and the kids were in the middle of it?” Ellis said.

Ellis noted that someone took down his flyers, but he put them back up.

Peachtree City police have taken a report on the case, Ellis said, and he is hopeful the owner can be identified so the issue can be dealt with. Ellis was very complimentary of the police response, noting that an officer who happened to be in the area at the time was on the scene within a minute.

Police were also very responsive to the family’s concerns, he added.

Patches ended up spending the night at the Braelinn Animal Hospital after surgery, but the family is thankful he will recover, Ellis said.



Did the woman run off? What did she do? Thank God the child was on the golf cart!

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"Did the woman run off? What did she do? Thank God the child was on the golf cart!"

I was wondering about this also. Did she run off and leave her dog there attacking Patches? Well lady that owns this black dog let me warn you. I walk my dog sometimes and I have a CCW and carry. If I have to I will shoot your dog if you don't control him and he attacks mine.

This may be why "carrying" is dangerous for a lot of people.

[quote=roundabout]This may be why "carrying" is dangerous for a lot of people.[/quote]

Armed law abiding citizens are especially dangerous to the thugs that try to inflict harm on our families or steal our property.

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What does "carrying" mean? I have never hear this expression.

Debbie W. Casey

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Never mind, I figured it out. :)

Debbie W. Casey

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Roundie out of respect for your point of view I hereby promise that if I ever come upon you, your family, your pets while under attack I will not intervene. Better?

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I was wondering the same thing. What did she do during and after the attack on Patches. I however do not think the child was ever in danger. It was obvious the dog was solely focused on the Patches.

Debbie W. Casey

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Thank you for the warning.

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I'm glad that you are staying vigilant about this, no matter if some think "it's no big deal." It is a BIG deal when someone's out-of-control dog attacks other animals or people in public and this doesn't sound like it was an isolated incident either.

It is also a real help on this issue that you complimented the PTC's very prompt response instead of saying what a bunch of bums they are or how they should be out with every resource on cart paths 24/7 to make sure nothing "bad" ever happens. You are a credit to the whole concept of "community policing" that relies on A) above-average law enforcement that actually cares about the community, and ,B) Citizens who show that they care also and do more than sit around and whine about everything.

I live in this area. This woman and dog are someone's next door neighbor. I hope someone reports a similarity and this dog can be removed. No dog that lunges away from its owner to attack and maime should still be living. What if this woman has a young toddler visit her home? I love animals and have two dogs of my own, but they are subject to high expectations of behavior and we provide intense training. An animal known to attack is NOT acceptable.

I'm also curious as to what the woman did when she witnessed her dog tearing into your dog's side. Did she grab his leash and leave the scene quickly? I wonder if there was a law broken by her doing this. I know over the years, I have seen a large black lab looking dog roaming free in this area. I hope it hasn't been the same dog.

This falls under the category which I call 'what-would-John-Wayne-do'.

If State Rep. Matt Ramsey reads your post, I'm sure he'll be willing to help craft legislation regarding dog attacks.

Unfortunately, though, he'll restrict the legislation criminalizing dog fights to only cover Mexican chihuahuas, and white dogs will be specifically exempted from the legislation.

But, hey, it's a start, right?

If this happened to me. There would be one less dog running around. DRT

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I am so sorry this happened to the Elis family and Patches. While this is a horrible situation, I don't think it is fair to say the "aggressive dog" that attacked Patches might have harmed the child. It is obvious 'in this particular case' the dog in question was solely focused on Patches - not people.

The owner of the "aggressive dog" should be responsible for all of Patches vet bills and her dog taken from her. She obviously cannot control her dog and according to others this is not the first time.

When a dog gets in a fight with another dog; the natural instinct for the owner is to separate the dogs while the dogs natural instinct is to protect its owner. This is when most people get bitten, even by their own dog.
Most of the time it is best to stay out of it and let the dogs determine who is the alpha and who will submit. However; the problem with this particular situation is the dog who's owners are close by is also the dog who should submit - but won’t. This is was most likely what happened in Patches attack.
There is no reason for this type of thing to ever happen. People who own dogs should be responsible for controlling them. If they are unable to do this, they should take their pet to an obedient class or give it to someone who can. The classes should be one that makes the owner work with the dog, not one where they leave the dog. The owner needs to be trained more so than the dog.

Places like Peachtree City where the cart paths are used by carts, bikes, joggers, people of all ages, and families walking their dogs, should make it mandatory for pet owners who have a dog weighing 25 lbs or more to attend an obedient class.
I am saying this as a pet owner myself. I own two large dogs and have enrolled all of us three times before I felt confident I could control them at all times. Everyone as well as our pets should be able to feel save and be carefree while being outdoors.

Please people, if you want to own a pet; be a responsible pet owner.

Debbie W. Casey

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