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PTC cops ID man taking photos of kids, seek warrant

UPDATED Monday, 7:15 p.m. — Peachtree City Police have identified the probable would-be photographer whose approach to some children playing near the Braelinn ballfields Saturday afternoon upset some parents.

A magistrate judge is reviewing the matter to determine if probable cause exists to issue a warrant, said Police department spokesperson Rosanna Dove Monday afternoon.

Dove said that on March 5 between 4:50-5:20 p.m. a suspicious male approached several juveniles and asked if he could take their pictures.

Dove said the report by parents on March 5 noted that the man proceeded to take pictures with what is described as a “nice digital camera.”

Dove said the mothers of the juveniles were nearby and saw what was happening. As they walked towards the male to confront him, they stated that he quickly walked away, Dove said.

The man was described as white, in his late 50s to 60 years of age, approximately 5-feet-8-inches to 5-feet-10-inches in height. He was also described as heavy set with a protruding stomach, with a white or gray beard that is well kept and approximately three inches in length. Dove said the subject is bald on top, with shoulder length white/gray hair that is curling upwards on the ends beginning around his ears.

Dove said the man was wearing a white t-shirt with blue lettering on the front, blue jeans and a bright red jacket.

Dove said police were notified and responded to the location. Immediately after the incident, officers searched the area, but were unable to locate a subject fitting the description, she said.

Additionally, residents in the area were interviewed and none could remember seeing a man meeting this description in the Mark Style area, Dove said.

From the time of the incident through the evening of March 6 officers were directed to patrol the cart paths and roadways of the Braelinn area in an attempt to locate the subject or locate a resident who may have witnessed someone fitting the description. The man was not located during these saturated patrols, said Dove.

Dove said officers identified the man and met Monday with a Fayette County magistrate judge to explore the potential for charges to be filed.

“The judge has taken the information under advisement and is currently conducting research into the law and actions taken by the suspect. When a decision has been reached by the judge, investigators with the department will be notified and an update will be released,” Dove said.

If anyone has information that would assist the Police Department in this or other incidents, please contact the Peachtree City Criminal Investigations Division at 770-631-2510, or the Crime and Narcotics Information Hotline at 770-487-6010. You may remain anonymous.



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Scary to saya the least. So glad the Mom's were outside and were able to put a halt to what could have been nasty.Was this clown on foot,as stated, but then ran or his ride nearby? Hope someone recognizes the description of the man and calls the P.D. As a parent and grandparent, you've always got to be aware.


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but all of it ceases to be funny when you live in that subdivison and on that street

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While you're at it pick out something nice for yourself Clark.

the Mark Style area?

Its across from Braelin elementary school on Robinson rd.

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Police said they have identified a suspicious man who took several pictures of children playing in a Peachtree City neighborhood.

The department is "in the process of meeting with a Fayette County Magistrate Judge to determine if probable cause exists to issue a warrant for his arrest," said Peachtree City Police Capt. Rosanna Dove.

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[quote=MajorMike]Police said they have identified a suspicious man who took several pictures of children playing in a Peachtree City neighborhood.

The department is "in the process of meeting with a Fayette County Magistrate Judge to determine if probable cause exists to issue a warrant for his arrest," said Peachtree City Police Capt. Rosanna Dove.[/quote]

The sad thing is that while what he did was unethical, in my opinion, he may not have done anything "illegal" according to the law.

No real photographer would just start taking photos of children without first asking permission from the parents first, especially if they are around. Myself and every real photojournalist/photographer I know, NEVER photograph children without first asking the parents unless it is maybe at a public event, baseball, football, etc. where the media is covering the event.

If the children were in a public area, and he was shooting from a public area, he is probably within his legal rights to do so. If he and the children were on private property, he can probably still shoot the photos, but if asked to stop, he must stop immediately and leave if asked, which it appears that he did.

People like this creep me out. We had a similar event with our son a couple of years ago in local park where three "older" gentlemen, were photographing several boys playing sports.

Just another reason why must keep a close watch over our children!


he's local, too.

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I think by your actions you likely have removed another sick freak from society who won't be preying on anyone else for a long time. I salute you for your courage to get involved, not that anyone should ever doubt what lengths Moms will go to in order to protect their children from harm, but it still needs to be noted and applauded.

Nuk, I agree. Nor can it be understated the tenacity of the PTC PD in following up on this and bringing it to the court to decide how to proceed. Thank you Chief Clark and all the PD, again, for keeping this city safe.

A bit off subject, but we need to take notice of the Citizen's decision to not name the individual. Some cases--even with the absence of charges--need the accused to be named for the public's safety. This is not one of those cases. The Citizen did the right thing by withholding this man's name and potentially damaging his reputation beyond repair on the off chance that this is all a misunderstanding. It's very important to let these individuals have their days in court or, in this man's case, a full investigation before crucifying him.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

--Edmund Burke

Be more parenting and quit letting your kids run wild, especially at the strip malls and very especially at the Target parking lot. The golf carts full of unescorted kids/teens and general drop offs at stores, while they run errands. Keep your own children close and not let the rest of the world baby sit.

I think the parents of PTC do a great job with their kids. I know I see them overload a golf cart from time to time but they are teenagers. Do you think they left home with 6 kids on the golf cart and their parents said be crazy,I think not. I remember doing things my parents did not know about or would have approved of and I would not approve of my kids doing some of the things I did. Those are the teenage years. My wife often reminds me when I say "Look at those stupid kids" of some of the things I have told her I did as a teen. I then just smile and look back. I was not a bad teenager just a teenager. When I get really tired of seeing the kids I will move to The Villages in Florida. Pumpkin I understand property is really cheap down there now. Might be a good time for you to relocate.

Im just sayin

What do you want. Kids have to grow up, Just like pushing a bird out of the nest. And whats wrong with the target parking lot. Or any other place in town that is so public. Much better to hang there than in the back woods smoking dope. Or behind publix (whilshire) where the kids like to smoke. Have faith in the kids. If you raised them correctly they will be ok. If not they will be just like they were raised. And by the way a lot of parents act that is scary.

The kids were in their OWN backyard, with the moms watching. As soon as he walked up to them with his camera, the moms walked up to him. He walked quickly off. Don't be so quick to judge.

I don't know why the news article said it was near the Braelinn ballfields. They are on the other side of the neighborhood, several streets away.

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Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

Didn't know that was illegal...

Sounds like we should need a permit or something to take photos on city property....

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This creeper actually went in someone's backyard to take these photos. It was nowhere near the ballfields of Braelinn Rec. He did not have consent to enter the property and IMHO younger than juvenile kids can not legally give permission for this anyway. If they get a warrant for his computer, oh what a sicko we would see most likely see. Do a google map search of Bookman Point/Garamond in the Marks and see how close that is to the Braelinn Rec. It is a 12 minute brisk walk on the paths to get there

......the playing fields!

I think the probability is that he was up to no good, but I didn't know one couldn't take pictures of anything as they walked along--there are people in my yard all of the time without "permission!" Tradesmen, kids, parents, etc. The fact that he didn't explain does look bad.
Even house salespeople take pictures, Also, contractors!

I kind of doubt the police can invade this fellow's computer for snapping a picture of kids playing!

I think we print things a little too soon sometimes that isn't clear. Appeals to machos!

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And Peachtree City is near Atlanta as well. Probably the same scale to consider them near. This will be interesting as he was soliciting kids younger than 10 and on their property. What a creeper

One form or another of government owns more land in the USA than people do!

Just brilliant...

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That should help find him. Lives at Twiggs, I think.

Live free or die!

This guy was not "just taking photos" you jackwagon! He tried to get the children to come out of their own back yard, while he stood on the edge of the yard. Its obvious who has children here...

This isnt about rights. This about common sense!!! Common sense says, If you are a male, by yourself on a cartpath, you dont ask young children to come over here so I can take a photo of you, and then run off when the parents come out of the house asking questions.

This guy is a predator and should be treated as such.

He deserves NOTHING!

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