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Water customers to pay $896K for Lake McIntosh park

The Fayette County Commission meets Thursday night and is expected to approve an $894,980 bid to build the Lake McIntosh park and boat ramp for the new reservoir that is currently under construction in west Peachtree City.

County staff is recommending approval of that bid from Headley Construction, which was the lowest bidder for the project. Three other companies bid on the project with Johnson Landscapes at $907,872, Massana Construction at $964,705 and Southeastern Site Development at $1.113 million.

The money for the project is coming from the county water system, which is funded by fees charged to water customers. The matter is on the consent agenda, which means most likely that the commission won’t have additional discussion on the matter.

The commission meeting starts at 7 p.m. Thursday at the county’s Stonewall government complex in downtown Fayetteville.

The park will include boat ramps, two walking trails, a picnic pavilion, a playground, a gazebo and restrooms. In addition to parking for boat trailers, there will also be parking for automobiles and golf carts.

The plan is similar to the recreation amenities at Lake Horton, the county reservoir in south Fayette County.

The contract does not include the installation of landscaping or the paving of the road outside the park, according to county staff.

The 650-acre lake will stretch just south of Ga. Highway 54 West southward toward Falcon Field Airport. It will be located along Line Creek though most of the land is in the jurisdiction of Coweta County. The land was purchased back in the 1970s and is owned by Fayette County.

Once full, the lake will be capable of producing more than 10 million gallons a day of drinking water. But it could take a year or more for rainfall to bring the lake up to full capacity, officials have said.

The county must maintain the existing flows of Line Creek through construction and beyond. The lake will be filled by rainfall, not by the creek itself.

The lake construction project, awarded to Brad Cole Construction, will cost some $8.23 million. Additionally, the county has spent more than $7 million in land purchases, mitigation sites, wetland credits, studies and consultants for Lake McIntosh.

The county commission approved issuance of a $16.5 million bond to pay for the dam, reservoir, a pump station, mitigation site construction and wetland credits.

Lake McIntosh was supposed to be the county’s first reservoir back in the 1970s, but regulatory hurdles and other issues put it on the back burner as Lake Kedron and Lake Horton were built instead.

The county owns the entire property encircling the lake, so there will be no private boat ramps for lake access, officials have said.

Construction on the lake began in January 2010.



Why boat ramps? I have a boat I'm not interested in driving it on Lake PTC. However, I pay for that lake and ti would be nice if I could do a lap around it once a year when I bring my boat home to change the impeller (water pump) and oil. I don't want to pay taxes to build ramps on another lake I'm not allowed to use. Ramps for everyone or no one.

So exactly how much do you think this boat ramp that you will never use is going to cost you? yaayaayaa. It is your choice not to have an electric motor or wind or human powered vessel. What about the other 99% of us?

ptctaxpayer's picture

Tony Parrott sounds just like President Obama. Parrott's $1 million boat ramp sounds like Obama's 3/4 million soccer field at Gitmo. Go figure.

You folks amaze me--first, sounds like more than 1 ramp to me and next, if there were NO ramps proposed, there would be howling from many about no planning to allow citizens to launch their boats. Any of you been to Lake Horton and checked out the facilities there? If the new recreation park will be similar, you're lucky! Some folks just can't be satisfied.

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Sounds like the bubble to me, I'll bet a beer that it won't come in at the bid price but something higher.....a lot higher.

is now open. Shut down your keyboard and take a ride over there. The road getting in there is in various stages of construction, but otherwise it is a thing of beauty. Like being out on the frontier, never would guess this was here.

Forget all the lousy press about the Water Dept. lately, this park is a huge asset to this county and will be a wonderful place to visit. I won't say more, you need to experience it yourself.

It is open till 8:30PM in the summer and there is no entry fee to Fayette Countians, $10.00 for all out of county.

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Where is the entrance to the park?

Go west on TDK Blvd. from Dividend, drive past Southpark Dr. on your right, the Crosstown Water plant is next on your left, keep going straight onto the gravel road (it used to be gated off right there at the water plant-no more, though). This is the new access road to the park. Just keep going, it is a bit of a ride but it is worth it. Enjoy.

Also, if you want a map of the park, go to the county web site to Departments to Water System and on the left side, click on Recreation. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to find a PDF version map of the park.

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