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Left-lane laggards, new law coming up on your rear

A bill in the Georgia House of Representatives would give law enforcement officers more power to ticket drivers who travel in the left lane, obstructing the flow of faster vehicles approaching from behind.

House Bill 459 would only apply to controlled access highways such as the Interstate highway system. All other roads, streets and highways with two or more lanes would continue to be regulated by the current law which forbids traveling under the maximum speed limit in the left hand lane if a vehicle approaches from the rear “traveling at a higher rate of speed.”

HB 459 would forbid drivers from operating their vehicle in the left lane on controlled access highways “except when overtaking and passing another vehicle” unless there is no other vehicle directly behind them.

There are exceptions to the law of course, as vehicles would be allowed to travel in the left hand lane due to traffic conditions and congestion; when there are obstructions or hazards in the right lane; and when driving in the left lane is required to comply with a traffic control device or when a vehicle is preparing to turn left.

To be considered by the Senate, the bill must pass the House by the close of business on Thursday, often called “Crossover Day,” the moniker for day 30 of the 40-day legislative session.


it's the law now. Page 50 of the current GA Drivers Manual.

Just enforce the current need for more laws.

"Driving Too Slowly

When there are two or more lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, slower vehicles should use the right lane except when passing or making a left turn. Driving too slowly on certain highways can be dangerous because it impedes the regular flow of traffic. "

Spyglass I agree no new laws. That is the problem they make us think they "the lawmakers" are doing something when they are doing nothing at all. I fell for it. I stand corrected..We should fine them when they pass a law we already have or do not need..maybe it would stop.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

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all know that the solution to all problems is just a new law away!

What do you mean "no new laws"?

Clearly, you are just out of touch with how it all works.

BTW, if I am traveling 70 miles an hour down Hwy 74, must I move over for someone that wants to do 80?

Slower traffic keep right.....

What is the point in holding up traffic?

FWIW, i cruise at 63-65 going up 74 and stay right when not passing.

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OK I have no problem doing that, now we should pass another law making it illegal to pass on the right.

What do you say Spy, one more law to make it equitable?

There would be no need for your proposed law...

I believe that's also illegal! (excessive speed).

To be completely honest I would rather have someone driving the posted speed limit or even a few miles below it than having to deal with someone who is in a hurry.

75-85% of the observed speed, correct?

All depends on how the law is written.
In Arizona, we had a similar law which stated you could not impede the flow of traffic thus if the flow was doing 80 you could not impede it by doing 55 (the posted speed limit). I remember getting that wrong on my drivers test and questioning the lady at the DMV counter and being surprised you can get a ticket for obeying the law.

Especially on the interstates, for revenue purposes.

But yeah, clogging the left just causes traffic jams....

This should apply to state highways as well. Hwy 74 is awash with these folks. On cell phones driving 45 in the passing lane clogging it up. While they are at it stop local cops from running radar on Interstates they are a safety hazard as well.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

So if two cars are traveling side by side going at or above the speed limit - the left lane must either speed up or slow down to get in the right lane????? How stupid!!

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If you're not passing anyone, get the hell out of there. It doesn't matter if you're going 100mph or what the "posted speed limit" may be.

This was considered common sense not that long ago ago until this country started creating a whole lot of idiot drivers who have a sense of "lane entitlement" and the mentality of a slug.

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passing on the right. I agree that no matter how fast you are going in the left lane, if there is a car approaching from the rear, you should get to the right.

The problem, unlike Europe where it is illegal to pass on the right, if you attempt to get to the right, some idiot will attempt to go around you to the right. The skill levels of drivers are different. Some older drivers are simply intimidated by going right to get out of the "left passing lane". I have seen this repeatedly, that drivers in the left lane simply think it's easier and safer to stay in the left lane than to risk getting hit from the rear going to the right lane.

I always ride in the right lane until about a mile before I want to turn left, inevitably in that one mile stretch there is a car on my bumper wanting me to get over to the right. I turn my signal on to turn left and the idiot usually whips out to the right to go around me.

So for that brief moment in time when I want to turn left, I am the one holding up the traffic to my rear for those behind me that want to go 90 miles per hour around me.

Pass a law that makes it illegal to pass on the right, keep it illegal to not get over to the right, enforce it and much of the problem will be solved as it is in Europe. The bottom line is that no one has any common sense and everyone is too much in a hurry to gain any.

To handle driving, well, you inow.

I will say that interstates and roads like 74 are a good bit different, due as you say to left turns, but common sense should prevail.


You, Mam/sir, are the problem! If you are not passing, or about to turn left, stay in the right lane. How fast someone else is driving is not your concern. The police are always ready to issue a speeding tax, er ticket to drivers not obeying the posted spedd limit.

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Multiple lanes. Slow to the right. Fast to the left. Don't spitefully block the left lane. Don't ride somebody's ass in the right. It's that simple...


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Multiple lanes. Slow to the right. Fast to the left. Don't spitefully block the left lane. Don't ride somebody's ass in the right. It's that simple...


So its o.k. to speed if you are in the left lane but if someone is speeding more than you - get over????

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DUH. What is so difficult to understand about that? I guess I come from a different generation and also have experience driving in Europe where they will go 130mph or more in the left lane, but that's what I was taught. "Slower traffic keep right" doesn't mean "unless I'm speeding or I don't give a damn about who is behind me."

Obviously, if you need to make a left turn you're going to have to get over into the left lane, a situation that exists on a lot of state highways and some interstates. Besides that reality, what the hell are u doing over there if you're not passing cars? Eating a hamburger? Texting on the cell phone? Putting on some make-up?

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Then you know it's illegal to pass on the right, that's why when someone in the left lane sees a car approach from the rear, they have no fear in getting to the right. In fact, even when you are driving at 140 mph, you know exactly what the other driver is going to do. There are reasons that the Germans can drive at such speeds, they have the right cars, best roads and rules of the road that everyone follows.

Pass a road law that makes passing on the right illegal and a lot of these left lane drivers will get right or get a ticket. BTW, as you know flashing lights behind you in Europe mean a whole lot more than just get over.

If you are ever in the Dresden area, take the E40 to the Polish border, this is quite an experience, do it at night and it's even more thrilling.

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And they still have Trabants on the road. Oh, I've never seen one in the left lane.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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You know when I started going to East Germany, through Check Point Charlie in Berlin, the road from Berlin to Dresden and on to Poland was only Trabants and Russian trucks. Of course, they were perfect for their time, you couldn't go very fast on the old Nazi built Autobahns, the cobblestone construction wouldn't allow for it.

Now, modern high speed highways abound and Trabants are collector cars for old Communists that pine for the "good old days". Don't see many on the autobahns and certainly not in the left lane!

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